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Datafield to support competitions. Because I like the design from Flexirunner, but none of the clones supporting FR645m, I decided to implement an own datafield, incl. extension with information I love:</p><p>- VP (virtual partner) is showing seconds leading or behind the VP</p><p>- Projected time is showing the calculated time based on elapsed time and current speed</p><p>- Pushing lap key at km marker will correct all calculations</p>


V 0.2.9:</p><p>- Optimized code</p><p>- Introduced 'pace eye'</p><p>- Correction FIT contribution VP negative values</p><p>- Added support for Fenix5 and Vivoactive3</p><p></p><p>V 0.1.9:</p><p>- Updated argorithm for calc virtual partner and projected time</p><p>- Updated managing of lap key pushed</p><p>- VP added to FIT file</p><p>- Showing target distance and target time if timer is stopped</p>

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  • Registra ulteriori informazioni nei file attività
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19 marzo 2019 | Versione 0.2.9

Very good app...

20 febbraio 2019 | Versione 0.2.9

Great data field for race and training. The Virtual Partner works very well and the field has a lot of configurations. I don't understand what the little blue and red dots are but it's the same :-)

Risposta sviluppatore
20 febbraio 2019, AK-AK

Hi, thanks for feedback. Target distance is indicated by 12h (one clock round). Red dot is own position, blue is the virtual partner. If same position, you are as fast as virtual partner :)

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