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Comrades Up Race Predictor


Predicts your estimated Comrades "Up" (87.72 km) finish time while you are running the race. No longer do you need to manually calculate your finish you will know 30 seconds into your race if you are on pace to crush your old PR or not. </p><p></p><p>Version History</p><p>[1.0.0] - initial version</p><p>[1.1.0] - updated distance to 87720 meters and updated prediction algorithm.

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13 agosto 2015 | Versione 1.1.0-upd

This worked great on the up-run for me in 2015. I used it on my Fenix 3. No battery issues. The only thing that didn't work - and I don't think this is the fault of the developer - is that you never run the tangents, so always run longer than the 'official' distance. This app was predicting sub 8.30 the whole way for me - and I reached the 'official distance' in just under sub 8.30 - but I still had a few hundred yards to run... Not sure if some extra 'wiggle' room can be built in to account for this. Otherwise - I'd recommend you factor this in yourself and try to set it for 2-3 mins faster than the time you're actually trying to run.

Stuart Miles
31 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.1.0

My 920xt ran out of battery after 10h27, 20 mins before i finished. Can only think was to do with this app as i deleted all other connect iq's beforehand in case of battery issues. Also predictor seemed to vary enormously based on current pace ie. Goind downhill would predict 9h20 or so. Great idea for an app just needs some work!

28 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.1.0

I have a Forerunner 920XT and have downloaded this app, but cannot find the Comrades predictor in the data fields. (Actually cannot find the ConnectIQ as recommended). Please help.

26 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.1.0

Would like to test this before a big day like Comrades. Any idea if the battery life will last 12 hours on the Fenix 3?

Garth Armstrong
25 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.1.0

I've not tested it yet. Just wanted to respond to a previous review. You need to go into the watch menu. Settings, apps, run, data screens. (choose which screen you want the predicted time then select which field you want it in) then select connectIQ fields, the select Comrades Up race. Press start. Then back until you are out of the menu. When you do your run, it should give your predicted completion based on your current(or average) pace.

Graham Tottey
24 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.1.0

Fantastic, thanks for the update.

21 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.1.0

I have downloaded the app but cant seem to find it on my watch ,or will it only start working the day of comrades ? please help !!!!!!!

Graham Tottey
17 maggio 2015 | Versione 1.0.0

Great idea, any chance you can post an update to the predictor now that the official course distance been increased to 87.72km please? It may not seem like much extra but to a back of the packer like myself, it could mean the predictor could be 5-8 minutes out. Thanks