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This is the most simple countdown timer. You just need to press up or down to change the countdown and then press Start. At the end of the countdown, the number at the top increments to see where you are in your series. Reset to 1 by pressing Back.


- Adding more recovery time (15'', 45'', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10')</p><p>- The app only exit when workout series counter is at 1 and push the back button

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Yan Deslongchamps
1 maggio 2018

Cannot train anymore without this app. It is very close to perfection for me. It counts my series and my rest time. Very simple to use.

Riccardo Bertoglio
23 aprile 2018

Could you please fix the graphic bug that happens sometimes when you go up and down?

Luis Martins
30 gennaio 2018

Good. But if it had a normal font type, it was great.

23 gennaio 2018

BEST gym app ever! Thx !

Luca B.
30 ottobre 2017

Please, could you add 1'45" it's a good time for Bodybuilding. Thanks very much. Good Job. Luca

16 settembre 2017

plz 45 min.

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