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Sports: Windsurf and Kitesurf or other (Water-) sports.</p><p></p><p>Idea: show most important (8) values on ONE data field with 4 values in BigFont for easy reading under bad conditions (and for my old eyes).</p><p>WRITES TO FIT file, so you can see a graph minimal speed of each jibe an maximum speed between jibes on the Garmin Connect</p><p></p><p>Shows on Top:</p><p> - Time and ElapsedTime</p>


2019-05-24: FIT Graphique of "Jibes Planed". (instead of ElapsedTime, which was only for debugging)</p><p>2019-05-22: crash because of not initialized variable</p><p>2019-05-05: change color of horizontal lines (bug)</p><p>2019-04-28: Lower line in yellow if GPS not available. Changed implementation of "count planing jibes". (will it be better?) </p><p>2018-12-17: Bugs: no Speed when use Knots. JibeCount always 0 in FIT</p>

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