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Featuring Texas flag background in honor of the law enforcement officers who recently gave their lives and the others who were injured in the line of duty.</p><p></p><p>Michael Smith</p><p>Michael Krol</p><p>Patrick Zamarripa</p><p>Brent Thompson</p><p>Lorne Ahrens</p><p></p><p>A simple digital display with a fully configurable American flag background. Perfect for the true patriot.</p><p>Seconds can be displayed in high-power mode ONLY. This is activated on gesture when you look at your watch.</p>

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Valutazione media: (69 valutazioni)

Angel Rivera
10 luglio 2020

Would it be possible to add the Puertorican flag? Just wondering!

Stone Naylor
3 giugno 2020

Love to show off my American Pride with this watch face! Thanks so much!

6 maggio 2020

Works great and looks even better!

Tyler Beggs
7 settembre 2019

It would be nice to see a three letter day of the week under the date and battery indicator or next to the date and put the battery indicator under the date.

31 luglio 2019

had this face for my fenix 3hr but now have the 5x and was disappointed to see that this was not upgraded yet.

Daniel Pigage
20 marzo 2019

A simple watch face. So far so good. Just wish the day, date and battery were displayed a little bigger.

29 novembre 2018

Love the watch face but noticed on the Lone Star option that the star is misaligned.

Ryan Craig
1 ottobre 2018

Looks great; simple and clean. Currently run it on a 735XT, but upgrading to a Febix 5 Plus. Any way to make it compatible with the 5+?

Eric Flores
8 marzo 2018

overall looks great, on the Texas flag the star is not in the correct orientation.

Joshua Bryce
20 febbraio 2018

Very upset that the punisher watch face is missing!! This app is great but no Australian Flag with thin blue line. Please add if possible

21 gennaio 2018

Anyone know what happened to the punisher watch face?

28 dicembre 2017

Awesome watch face. A suitable replacement for the punisher watchface that is no longer available.

Mario Acuna
25 dicembre 2017

Not a bad app after going through all versions to test them out for the Tactix Bravo. I like the traditional flag but wish it had the blue LE bar through it. The colored flag sets it off well. So I stuck with the LE (1). But I would like to see the seconds displayed all the time. Only con for me. I would also like to see US military branch flags to choose from. Although it's USMC all the way for me. Thanks for your work. I am sure updates will improve this app.

24 novembre 2017

I wanted to change the flag to the blue line version but the field to change the appearance does not appear in my Garmin Connect. Also, would like the option to make the font bigger like the GNX watchface. The colored American flag is cool though.

11 novembre 2017

I loved this on my Fenix 3. Just purchased the Fenix 5X and its not compatible. And word on when it might be available?

5 novembre 2017

I actually love this watch face. As a working FF, who lost fellow brother and sisters in the job and being patriotic I love this watch face. I had it for my Fenix 3 in the past.I always enjoy representing our flag. I just wish this app would work for the 5x. I upgraded my device and would still like to show my American pride. That’s for your patriotism sir!

Quicchote Saavedra
4 novembre 2017

i wish there’s option for the size of the font, please!

Jason Giordano
21 ottobre 2017

Would love to see an option for UTC, steps and other options!

Samuel Medina
6 ottobre 2017

So many great options it's hard to stick to one! Very well thought out and executed! Hat off to you Mr. Adam! Keep them coming

19 settembre 2017

I really like it. Is it possible to straighten the star? I like that you can change colors. Step counter, and other notifications would be nice also. Keep up the good work.

7 settembre 2017

Old Glory! Great watch face. Can you please add options for steps and HR? Many thanks for your work!

Marcos Frias
6 agosto 2017

Love it.

Marlon Meese
10 luglio 2017

* Immer Sekunden anzeigen

Jason R
9 luglio 2017

Awesome addition to my Fenix 3 hr! I really love the thin blue line option as well!

24 aprile 2017

I love this, as a former Marine I am always looking for ways to show American Pride in a time when it's loosing popularity. Thanks for making it a little easier.

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