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Flexirunner is a flexible all-in-one data field, for use in a single field layout. It is designed for running, with a native look and feel.</p><p>In addition to the usual metrics supplied by the watch, Flexirunner also records a measure of running economy during your run.</p><p></p><p>_____________________________________</p><p></p><p>Features:</p><p>• Three pace fields: the centre field shows current pace, the lower two are configurable (e.g. average pace, lap pace, etc.)</p>


Version 6.1:</p><p>• New force backlight to stay on feature, just like Timex watches! Push the start/stop button twice within 1 second to toggle setting the backlight permanently on, or adhering to whatever timeout is configured in the watch settings.</p><p></p><p>_____________________________________</p><p></p><p></p><p>Version 6.0:</p><p>• Running economy formula changed from being heartbeat-based to being derived from calorific expenditure. Units: cal/kg/km. If you want the old formula based on the Fellrnr example, see my other data field, Running Economy.</p>

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Valutazione media: (75 valutazioni)

Johan Thege
3 maggio 2021

After 4 years, still my favourite datafield.

16 giugno 2018

For me, the average for laps is not reliable

9 maggio 2018

Hello, can you please do a version of your excellent datafield for the Descent MK1. Thanks in advance and best regards

6 novembre 2017

The perfect one for me.

Flavio M. Rosa
9 ottobre 2017

simply perfect (could be a dream to have a small clock)

Yasuaki Abe
6 ottobre 2017

Great. Very visible. Hope to have configurable HR units.

2 ottobre 2017

Verry nice, all the information you need on one screen.

30 agosto 2017

Very nice Datafield. I wish more options are available: daytime, etc

28 agosto 2017

Great app. Using it on my FR 735XT. Well laid out with large easy to read fonts and color coded HR zone and Cadence. Love it.

Henry Yin
28 agosto 2017

As per Mehdi.L's comments. My 920XT works good but only bug is If I apply workout, the average pace is same as lap pace. it happens when I set the workout on computers or set on my watch. If this bug fixed, it will be perfect!

24 agosto 2017

Excelent data field, use it every time!

30 luglio 2017

I LOVE this data field. Being the data whore that I am, this gives me all the info I need at any given time. I only wish this existed for the bike as well.

Seb Ricciardi
15 giugno 2017

Almost perfect. If only there was HR% !

Mario Rossi
1 giugno 2017

Great App. I kindly ask to made it compatible with Fenix 5 and 5x. Thanking in advance!

Sander Verhaeghe
20 maggio 2017

I really like this app but could you also make it for my new fenix 5?

Fabio Oro
18 maggio 2017

Great datafield! Any chance to port it to the Fenix 5 and the Forerunner 935? Would be great... Thank you

17 maggio 2017

Great app. You can enter a field with the time of day!

Mehdi L
17 maggio 2017

Hi, the lap pace doesn't work when it comes to programed interval training, it shows total average ... It only works when my autolap is on. Would it be possible to correct this ? Thanks

14 maggio 2017

Works great on 920XT - PLEASE update for 935!!!

Tommy Tjahjono
5 maggio 2017

I used it in my fr920xt, and satidfied. Just wonder when will this apps be available for fenix 5x. Since I juat change my garmin

5 maggio 2017

Great on 920XT. If it only worked on F5x

5 maggio 2017

Great on 920XT. If it only worked on F5x

5 maggio 2017

Great on 920XT. If it only worked on F5x

5 maggio 2017

Great on 920XT. If it only worked on F5x

5 maggio 2017

Great on 920XT. If it only worked on F5x