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Vietnam Impression

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Whether you are from Vietnam and miss your hometown, visited Vietnam but didn't get enough of it, or have never been to Vietnam but want to get a taste of it, you are going to love this watch face.</p><p></p><p>The watch face is designed with 4 beautiful backgrounds capturing the impression of Vietnam, and cycles through them each time you wake up your watch.</p><p></p><p>Please configure your ...

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amērBASAH® 5X
4 luglio 2018 | Versione 1.0.0

1 stars for idea and 4 star for Vietnam. Thanks for your watchface!

1 luglio 2018 | Versione 1.0.0

4 stars for idea and 1 star for Vietnam. Thanks for your watchface!

Vũ Xuân Định
30 giugno 2018 | Versione 1.0.0

Thanks four impresion of Vietnam

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