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Star Trek Face for Fenix 5, 5X, 935, Vivoactive 3


Hi All,</p><p>Due to the numerous requests I've received, I've ported over to Fenix 5 series even though I don't have one :)</p><p></p><p>Please, leave your comments, bug reports and ideas on this forum:</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>If you like my work, do buy me a beer @ Ten-Forward :)</p><p></p><p...


1.07</p><p>Added support for Vivoactive 3</p><p></p><p>1.06</p><p>Removed further border noises</p><p>Now you can change the Time color</p><p></p><p>1.05</p><p>Support for Fenix 935</p><p></p><p>1.04</p><p>Fixed the watch face "noise". Should be right this time! :)</p><p>Changed the steps bar to "Orange" to match the background color.</p><p></p><p>1.03</p><p>Fixed the colors to use one of Fenix...

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Saman Sadeghi
27 maggio 2018 | Versione 1.07-upd3

The watch face is clean, easy to read, and looks like it belongs on a Federation ship! Does anyone know what the decimal number to the right of the pedometer is for?

28 marzo 2018 | Versione 1.07-upd3

Ich finde es klasse..Daumenhoch

19 marzo 2018 | Versione 1.07-upd3

The calories stays on calories and does not read HR? The calories also shows up where the altimeter should be showing? Re-loaded twice. Fenix5X. Next to the steps is a /4.0 WHAT is that? Thanks

3 marzo 2018 | Versione 1.07-upd1

Can't display the Month, Week in vivoactive 3 Traditional Chinese version.

22 gennaio 2018 | Versione 1.07

This has all the fields I find useful in a watch face. And in LCARS form. I don't really like the background on heart-rate though.

Jennifer Wilson
20 gennaio 2018 | Versione 1.07

A nice, well-designed watch face. The sunset/rise field never shows up on my vivoactive 3. A weather would be fantastic!

22 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.02

Now its better, but not perfect...

Risposta sviluppatore
26 agosto 2017, paullim29

Hi, Can test it again?

21 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.01

Great watch face! And, yes, your fix worked. No 25-minute disappearance of sunrise/sunset on Fenix 5x (unlike another watch faces I unfortunately paid for).

21 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.01

Great one... but optimizations are needed -

Risposta sviluppatore
22 agosto 2017, paullim29

Thanks for your feedback. I've adjusted the graphics resolution to occupy the entire screen.

Rod R Knight
21 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.01

Update to my review, developer got back to me about problem, gave more details, sent me email to try it. It is fixed! Also just a really cool Trek designed WF.

Rod R Knight
16 agosto 2017 | Versione v1.00

Great WF, beautiful artwork. Nicest Trek WF yet. Minor problem, sunset/sunrise disappeared after 10 minutes. Load GPS again, same problem. Rebooted watch, all the usual. Sent developer email. Other than that, a 5 star WF. High res.

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