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Garmin Hydration Tracking


It’s no secret that drinking enough fluid daily has enormous benefits. This app lets you easily log your daily water intake and set reminders, so you can make sure you’re getting all you need to stay hydrated.


Minor bug fixes and improvements

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  • Esegui in background quando non è attivato (influisce potenzialmente sulla durata della batteria)
  • Invia/ricevi informazioni a/da Internet
  • Informazioni salvate come i percorsi, le rotte i waypoint, le tracce o gli allenamenti
  • Consenti ai servizi di inviare informazioni push a questa app
  • Il tuo profilo fitness Garmin Connect™
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Valutazione media: (369 valutazioni)

31 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

J'adore la mise à jour automatique de la quantité d'eau a boire

Gherghina Ionut-Valentin
30 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

On later version a good thing is synchronization but it does not popup to alert you to drink (add water) even is set correctly on settings (every 2 hours). Sometimes it pop up on evening, sometimes not show at all. If you access a widget (any widget) it remember you to add water else....stay in sleep even it must pop up. Fenix6X Sapphire with latest SW.

30 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Doesn't run on my vivoactive 4s :( Reinstall a few time, no change. Hope it will be fixed...

30 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Alerts never worked. I have a Vivoactive 4. Tried reinstall everything and reset the watch, still no alerts from this widget only. For €380 I expected higher app quality and stability than this. Poor experience.

28 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

The app doesn't seem to have any sync capability whatsoever. It has also never shown any alerts. Also, it would be better to have alerts timings categorised as Hourly, 2 hour, 3 hour, etc. The "Frequently" doesn't really tell you anything. Not that there has ever been a reminder anyway.

John M
28 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

A big improvement now that the widget has sync capabilities. Working fine on my Tactix, but could be better if the sync back to the watch after making a change on the phone app was integrated. Currently it seems that the widget sync is independent.

Joison Mathews
26 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Very poor, the watch data does not sync with garmin connect, nor it saves the hydration data. I still have to use garmin connect to log hydration.

Nicola B.
26 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

It doesn't work! You can set the alerts as you want, but they don't work. And the widget tries to sync endlessly.

Dmitry Melnik
25 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

That syncing, syncing, syncing... just drives my nuts!

24 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Very slow widget, laggs the watch performance

Mari Hamman
24 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Keep trying to sync as soon as you open the widget on your watch. It also doesn’t sync to the Garmin connect app properly. If I change my hydration on my watch it doesn’t update on the app after a sync. I have to update my water intake on the app every time which defeats the purpose of having it on my watch

24 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

All good. Quite straight forward. Just a little thing for improvement, avoid the sync screen when opening the widget. It's OK to have the figures updated few seconds after opening the app.

Miles Zeorlin
23 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Works just fine, syncs properly, etc. Lots of whiney negative reviews which is surprising for a perfectly functional widget.

23 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Synchronisierte gestern nicht mit Garmin Connect, heute läßt das Widget sich gar micht mehr öffnen. Vielleicht sind die Garnin-Server überlastet (Corona, Brückentag...). Ich versuch‘s vllt in ein pasr Wochen noch mal, jetzt deinstalliere ich es.

23 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Says installed but can’t even open. App constantly says something went wrong after sitting and spinning for about 10 minutes. Souvenir nice if could even open it up to test out.

23 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Has issues with syncing across to Garmin Connect, often seeming to be out of sync or missing data I logged on the watch. It shows the syncing screen for a few seconds when opening which reduces the convenience also.

Sergio Liz
22 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

La voy a desinstalar porque, aunque la utilizaba con frecuencia, funciona muy mal. Le cuesta sincronizarse y se sincroniza con gran error

21 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

I’m surprised by the other reviews, I have a Fenix 6S and it seems to be alerting me every 2 hours or so. Serving as a great reminder to drink up.

Gerry Viloria
21 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

alerts dont work. erasing this app for now

20 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Needs to be (manually) synced every day before midnight. Losing data otherwise. If it could remember the past few days worth of hydration logging and sync along with everything else this would be a superb handy widget. As it is, it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth. I hope it will be improved.

20 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Used to work fine for its simple purpose but now it says "syncing" almost every time I swipe up to register a glass of water... Makes it take sometimes up to 6-7 seconds even to flip past it. I'm erasing it for now, hope they fix this soon.

harris iliadis
19 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

nach dem update läuft die sync. sehr schlecht, die daten gehen allmälich verloren... nicht verlässlich.

Francisco Rubio
18 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Alerts never worked Sync hangs the watch for 5 secs.

Lionel Abraham
18 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Since last update, sync fails randomly and data is lost. Used to work way better on previous versions.

Chris Rebbel
17 maggio 2020 | Versione 1.11.0

Sync funktioniert nie, nur wenn ich auf der Uhr Sync drücke überträgt es die Daten in die App... der scheiß Akkufresser wird gelöscht... null zu empfehlen

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