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Gli artisti più famosi del mondo. Ora a portata di polso.</p><p>Accedi e scarica le tue playlist, gli album e i podcast per l'ascolto ovunque. Ascolta le playlist Create per te o per i tuoi Allenamenti e scopri nuovi brani per migliorare le tue prestazioni atletiche.</p><p></p><p>Nota: Spotify su Garmin richiede un account Spotify Premium


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Valutazione media: (953 valutazioni)

David King
14 novembre 2019

Garmin 245 Music. Works without any dramas for me

Maciej Bogucki
14 novembre 2019

Garmin Venu: I have coversgraphic art at all podcasts but at music albums only gray squre :(

Anett Stadsnes
14 novembre 2019

Does not work... Get the failmessenger 0200 not connecting to wife, but the watch is connecting to wifi..

Rob Rosier
14 novembre 2019

Het werkt niet en gaat niet werken. Ook geprobeerd op andere wifi netwerken maar blijft dezelfde foutcode geven. Heel teleurstellend. en de leuke link die de ontwikkelaar geeft lost het ook niet op. ze moeten hun toestel updaten of deze dienst niet aanbieden.

13 novembre 2019

Worked for a while on my fenix 5s plus, but I am now now getting the IQ! error. Deleted and reinstalled Spotify to no avail.

Taimur Ahmed
13 novembre 2019

barely works... the main reason to bought this watch was to use spotify. Most of the times the music is not getting synced properly and i receive errors. please fix this..

Jenna Sue-Wong
13 novembre 2019

Just downloaded this app on my FR645M as recently got Spotify Premium. Connects to WiFi ok, but every time I try to download music to my watch I get the "failed to syc" error. Therefore not usable so I guess I'll just go back to downloading music to my watch via Garmin Express... A shame

13 novembre 2019

Was working fine on my vivoactive 3 music. Lost that one while surfing and bought a vivoactive 4. Now I’m getting the error ‘unable to connect to WiFi error code 0200’. Tried with different networks.

12 novembre 2019

Why my garmin 245 does not syc Spotify. İt shows IQ! Symbol on screen. Does it because off update. How can fix it or do you have any plan to fix by it is terrible to have musicwatch does not play music. I am waiting explanation for it. :(

Colin Amason
12 novembre 2019

Forerunner 945 - not good - program is slow and doesn’t load half of the time. You can’t switch between music during your workout, you have to listen to what you selected at the beginning. Updates are required 24/7 and it won’t actually update. I’d like to see these features fixed and add the function that the Apple Watch does with changing songs through your watch to your phone. You’d think that with a top of the line watch you’d get everything you ask for, but no.

11 novembre 2019

Nie działa na Oregon 650t

Lars Hoppe
11 novembre 2019

Funktioniert leider nicht mit der Venu. Nach einem Download einer Playlist funktioniert nichts mehr. Hab die App neu installiert aber keine Verbesserung. Jetzt kann ich gar nicht auf Playlists zugreif

Chris Bakke
10 novembre 2019

This Garmin Forerunner 645 music was a total waste of money. All the Spotify playlists fail to load. I’d give this crap watch negative stars if possible. Doesn’t work.

Yabriel Aviles Marrero
10 novembre 2019

Working well on 945 up to this date (NOV19).

9 novembre 2019

Works well on my vivoactive 3.

Tanner Reeves
9 novembre 2019

Rarely works

Connie Teunissen
9 novembre 2019

Spotify not working - Forerunner 245 Music - November 2019 - Tried to install this Spotify app Version: 1.3.19 on a Forerunner 245 Music, Version 370. According to Garmin Marketing, Connect IQ and the manual this should be possible. - The forerunner tells me that the app is installed correctly. But when i press the UP button, nothing happens. Also tried to install from another smartphone - same result. Tried the same with the Deezer app, works instantaneously. - All connections are present: Bluetooth and Wifi.

Andreas Dittl
9 novembre 2019

funktioniert auf meiner neuen forerunner 645 music nicht. Ich soll mich zum anmelden das Spotify Garmin Connect Mobile auf dem Telefon öffnen, was ich mehrmals ausgeführt hatte... Sehr enttäuschend, und so bringt mir die Music-Version der Forerunner Reihe 0,0!

8 novembre 2019

Auf der fenix 5x Plus funktioniert die App nicht. Alles korrekt installiert aber er sagt immer „Keine Internetverbindung“ beim Playlist runterladen obwohl die WLAN Verbindung gegeben ist durch vorherigen Test.

Maartje Smit
8 novembre 2019

Please fix Wi-Fi 0200 error when syncing Spotify

Nguyen Minh
8 novembre 2019

Sync was hang!!!

Andy Kiel
8 novembre 2019

Auf der Vivoactive 3 music funktioniert sie nicht. Alles korrekt installiert aber er sagt immer „Keine Internetverbindung“ beim Playlist runterladen

8 novembre 2019

No funciona.

Ruben Hiddink
7 novembre 2019

Why spend 50 euro's extra on a watch with Spotify when the Spotify app won't work at all? I keep getting those "IQ!" interface warnings whenever I start up the Spotify app on the watch, and on rare occasions when the watch does display my playlists, it refuses to open them. Completely worthless, a true waste of money. Fix it!!!!

Henny Holtman
7 novembre 2019

Finally WiFi issues are resolved in firmware version 3.52 (beta). Spotify is working fine now!

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