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Gli artisti più famosi del mondo. Ora a portata di polso.</p><p>Accedi e scarica le tue playlist, gli album e i podcast per l'ascolto ovunque. Ascolta le playlist Create per te o per i tuoi Allenamenti e scopri nuovi brani per migliorare le tue prestazioni atletiche.</p><p></p><p>Nota: Spotify su Garmin richiede un account Spotify Premium


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  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
Valutazione media: (321 valutazioni)

23 giugno 2019

The app does not work with the Forerunner 245 despite it having the latest software.

23 giugno 2019

To everyone having problems, it is just like when you have an hardware and software update pushed to a device that once started has to be completed for it to work again. Save yourself some pain by expecting to have to switch on and off settings and allow an upgrade to take place that will roll over the problems with appears to be an initial failed upgrade that has now been superseded. Switch off phone. Switch off watch. download a new version in effect of spotify using your IQ app for spotify. this will overwrite the failed version and install the version of software that will now work. ensure that your phone is fully charged as it is a battery drainer. make sure that your playlists are what you want on spotify. you will end up having to reconfirm you are a premium user and resign in on the phone app of spotify when you have successfully updated and downloaded the new version on your watch. it will ensure that the end device has access to all your playlists on your premium account on other devices and in effect ensure it is you using your account, which may be one of the purposes. I would urge spotify garmin to update the solution into plain speak for all of us to save frustration and time resolving it, as it will work in the end.. ensure that your wifi is recognised as to replace your playlists with what was in before will need everything to be communicating together effectively. expect to switch off devices and switch back on so that cache is in effect cleared and allow time for the download onto your phone working in the background with no visible updating going on. hope this helps. Mark

Philip Cotterill
23 giugno 2019

Podcasts still don’t work - very disappointing

22 giugno 2019

So, with the update, the app works better, but in all fairness all of these people including myself lost hours of their time trying to figure this out at first. Thank you for fixing it.

22 giugno 2019

Stopped working. Bad.

22 giugno 2019

Had some trouble to install it and niw a few weeks later it's again not functioning without any helpful error messages.

22 giugno 2019

Since recent updates it works well with my vivoactive music. However looking forward to more updates which allows streams more seamless from watch to stereo. Not just stereo to watch.

22 giugno 2019

Will not connect to WiFi or IQ error a music watch that is not fit for purpose...With no hope for a fix then I shall send this watch back

Rene Clausen
21 giugno 2019

I am joining the que of completely disappointed people. After spend quite a few dollars on a garmin Marq in the hopes of that watch would actually work with music when I work out etc, I am now joining the que of unhappy people that get only frustration out of it. after spending money on two full account - Deezer and Spotify which both I really did not want and then figure out it doesn't work. I get to the point where it supposedly should synchronise but it never does on Spotify. The Deezer app is completely unusable and I have had their techs to help out as well...... Garmin fix this or the watch goes back to where it came from - my Apple Watch works perfectly - sorry to say....... gave you one star, but tis doesn't deserve any

Terrence Taylor
21 giugno 2019

When is Garmin going to start answering questions on all these poor reviews with third party connectivity? I have given up on trying to sync music content from Spotify to my watch. I think it’s a myth

Joan Miquel
21 giugno 2019

No funciona. Al descargar la aplicación me pide actualizar mi Vivoactive 3 Music desde Garmin express; lo cual ya está hecho! No ha habido manera... Y ese ha sido el principal motivo por el cual he comprado este reloj.

Rubén Sánchez Verdeguer
21 giugno 2019

No funciona!! No conecta a la red WIFI

20 giugno 2019

Downloaded Spotify playlist but every time I try to play music with headphones I get IQ error connect or it only connects to my 55 inch Android TV...The update did not fix issue!!!!

James Airth
20 giugno 2019

Have had syncing problems last few Days with my Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. Kept telling me “unable to get content” Not sure if this will work for everyone but I just signed out of Spotify on my watch. Turned off the Bluetooth on my phone then turned it back on. Signed back into Spotify and I am now able to sync my music again and can play music off my watch. Not a great solution but it seems to work

Glenna Giese
20 giugno 2019

For anyone having issues with it updating/downloading stuff, try signing out on the watch and signing back in on your phone. It's worked for me twice now

Chris McCallum
20 giugno 2019

Works perfect. The firmware has to be updated on the watch to use.

Justin Cheung
19 giugno 2019

Why would you even offer this and it doesn’t even work? After all the hype. Come on, who tested it and said, “we are good to go”? You should be ashamed.

Debbie Lake
19 giugno 2019

I was so disappointed 2 see how many bad reviews garmin got. I have vivoactive music 3...bought this w.using Spotify in.mind. are you going to fix this or should I bring this smartwatch back.

Tobias K.
19 giugno 2019

Could download a playlist but can‘t play it. error says content needs to be updated but update fails. Please fix this. Would love to take some spotify playlists with me.

Ian Landy
19 giugno 2019

Music plays fine but Fenix 5 plus locks up and won’t play podcast! Try to play something directly from library it will say that it is playing and progress bar moves but no audio/controls! Frustrated!

Myc Pakula
19 giugno 2019

Works alright but volume control doesn’t work at all!!! My ears hurt! Oh and it doesn’t stay on the music widget while using it, instead of having to scroll back to it every time u want to change the music.

18 giugno 2019

Works well, except volume control which doesn't work at all.

18 giugno 2019

Unable to download podcasts... :(

Candace Winchell
17 giugno 2019

App doesn't work. I get "Transfer already in progress", "searching for Wi-Fi network" or the IQ! error. Fix this! Spotify is the only reason I bought this watch!

Jennifer Rodgers
17 giugno 2019

Sync fails 100% of the time even with amazing WiFi connectivity. I have the 645M and I have had nothing but glitchy problems with it!

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