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If you like it and think it's worth to support me:</p><p></p><p></p><p>*** Development on hold. My Venu broke and I was not yet willing to afford to replace it. Therefore I do not currently work on watchfaces. *** </p><p></p><p>vDash watchface for Garmin Venu (currently exclusive). This watchface comes with quite some options to change color theme individually for the different components on the display - so a lot to discover. If you have special requests on colors please contact me...</p>


*** Development on hold ***

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Valutazione media: (47 valutazioni)

31 luglio 2020 | Versione 1.10.2

I only just picked up a Venu and after being stuck on the default watchfaces due to the Garmin hack, I was desperate for something new. vDash topped them all. Clean, easy to configure, very configurable and looks great on the Venu. I've now deleted the other 20 odd watchfaces I had installed to try out.

Norbert Brincat
8 giugno 2020 | Versione 1.9.10

Cool watch face

Joey Baumgartner
4 giugno 2020 | Versione 1.9.10

I like the look and the functionality of the watch face very much, but as with all of the faces I've tried on my Venu, there is about a 2-second delay in the watch face displaying when you turn your wrist to view the watch. Perhaps this is an underlying problem with the Venu, but I wish Garmin would fix it or give developers guidance on how to correct it. The Garmin stock watch faces don't have this delay.

2 giugno 2020 | Versione 1.9.10

The best watch face by far, it's vibrant and extremely customisable. The black background does suit the Venu due to the 3mm black boarder (wish the venu had an edge to edge screen). It would be great if we could change the temperature from F to C and maybe the option to have upload a custom background. Thank you Mr Developer

William Brigham
13 marzo 2020 | Versione 1.9.9

The presentation on the watch face is perfect; it's my absolute favorite of all watch faces. The ONLY drawback is that, for whatever reasons, it takes quite some time for the face to display after raising your wrist. Additionally, I can't get the watch face to display at all on my Venu when I raise my wrist while sleeping. I actually have to press a button to see what time it is which is very frustrating - I don't want to have to wake-up enough to push a button. This is not a random issue as it's reproducible every time. If the long delays could be fixed, this is the watch face to use if your sport-orientated.

20 febbraio 2020 | Versione 1.9.9

The dev was super quick to add my requests and fix bugs. Highly recommended for people looking for a clean and highly customizable digital watchface!

18 febbraio 2020 | Versione 1.9.5

Thanks for the update. I see that the AOD color only uses TIME main color. My setup is like this: TIME: WHITE/MINUTES(override): GREEN/DATE: BLUE. Is it possible for AOD to keep these colors?

Risposta sviluppatore
19 febbraio 2020, MitchT

Ok. I tried to add all settings now. :)

17 febbraio 2020 | Versione 1.9.2

Nice and clean. Good customization options. One thing I wish (dunno if it's possible) is for the AOD time and date to keep their colors as the full watchface. I know the stock venu watchfaces can do this but I'm not sure if 3rd ones can.

Risposta sviluppatore
17 febbraio 2020, MitchT

There is a new switch in the config to use the color from Time in the AOD. Note: Update might take up to 1 minute when it is configured (since AOD only updates every minute) ;)

23 gennaio 2020 | Versione 1.9.2

Gros job et i have a problème with the température, it s diplayed fahrenheit whit the celcuis symbole. Ican t get the température in Celsius.

19 gennaio 2020 | Versione 1.9.2

Best watch face available for my Venu

Stefan Silbermann
19 gennaio 2020 | Versione 1.9.2

Real great design. Works very well.

12 gennaio 2020 | Versione 1.9.2

Could use full date exercise time bars to show progress... Fitbit faces way better

Risposta sviluppatore
12 gennaio 2020, MitchT

Thank you for your feedback which more feels like complain. Since you do not like it feel free to not use it.

Kurt Moore
11 gennaio 2020 | Versione 1.9.2

Been using this watch face for about a week now. Nicely done. Very configurable. Looks great on the Venu. Thanks Mitch. Good work.

Colleen Mondello
8 gennaio 2020 | Versione

Would love to see the date on the face.

Risposta sviluppatore
8 gennaio 2020, MitchT

Please review the options in your Garmin Connect App for this Watchface. You can show date in either the center field or any surrounding field using the Watch Face configurartion options. :)

7 gennaio 2020 | Versione

Very pleased with this watchface. Dual time option would’ve been great.

Risposta sviluppatore
8 gennaio 2020, MitchT

How about 5 timezones? Center field shows your local timezone and you can now configure up to 4 timezones in the surrounding fields. I hope it suits your requirements.

Berit Skar
5 gennaio 2020 | Versione

Is it possible to change so you can decide how many info fields you want to show? And if you for example choose just two info field, can they get centered? Otherwise a great watch face!

Risposta sviluppatore
7 gennaio 2020, MitchT

It's already possible to decide to hide a field. Centering is not planned.

3 gennaio 2020 | Versione

Vielen Dank. Hoffe kommen bald schöne neue Watchfaces.

Risposta sviluppatore
7 gennaio 2020, MitchT

Danke. Aktuell ist nichts in der Pipeline. Aber vielleicht überkommt mich irgendwann eine gute Idee. :)

Philippe Mulot
29 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.10

Excellent Watch face, well done. Having an option to configure the AOD to remove the date and changing font type (standard vs bold) would be great to minimize battery drain.

Risposta sviluppatore
7 gennaio 2020, MitchT

I'll put in on my list to optionally hide the AOD date. Maybe in the next release.

Craigy.J ™
22 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.10

My favourite watchface for Venu, customisable with regular updates making the face better and better everytime. Amazing work Mitch

Risposta sviluppatore
7 gennaio 2020, MitchT

Thank you very much!

20 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.9

My favorite watchface from IQ store. Almost everything I want to see from glance in well-organized manner. Lots of customization options. Ideas: Altimeter value, bg image opts, orange color opt(s)

Risposta sviluppatore
21 dicembre 2019, MitchT

Next release will include Altitude as well as Yellow/Orange color options. Background images is tricky - basically I don't want them in this watchface - however I do not have an idea on how to include the stock images or even add a custom image yet. If I see a possibility I'll consider it.

20 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.9

Absolutely love this watch face on my Venu. If you could get correct temperature from current location it would be perfect.

Risposta sviluppatore
21 dicembre 2019, MitchT

Thanks for your comment. I do not want to include background services and web requests in the watch-face therefore the temperature is as inacurate as the build-in sensor and weather can not be called over web-request. When Garmin adds these features I'll include them for sure - however for the moment I recommend using the weather widget.

16 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.5

Date of week, does it use UTF-8 fonts? Because "úterý" (Tuesday) in Czech language is messed up.

Risposta sviluppatore
16 dicembre 2019, MitchT

The "Font thing" is something special in the watch faces. Every letter has to be selected by hand. Thanks for your feedback - I'll add the missing letters. :)

15 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.5

Best Watchface for Venu. Great job Mitch. Thank you!

12 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.1

May I ask you to consider adding Date of week to show together with current DD/MM? Sometimes I'm lost lost what day it is, and I guess I'm not alone.

Risposta sviluppatore
12 dicembre 2019, MitchT

Will put it on my list. Due to space limitations it will be just in the center field.

Hank Hill
9 dicembre 2019 | Versione 1.7.1

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