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Sports: Ski Tour; SkiTour; Skiing; Hike, MTB, Bike, Moving Time, MovingTime</p><p>Tags: Vertical Speed; VerticalSpeed</p><p></p><p>!!! IT IS THE ONLY? DATA FIELD WITH VERTICAL SPEED [UpHill meters/hour] !!!</p><p>Idea: show most important (8) values on ONE data display with 4 values in BigFont for easy reading under bad conditions (and for my old eyes).</p><p>WRITES TO FIT file, so you can see a graph of vertical speed on the Garmin Connect!!</p>


2020-10-11: Bug in MovingTime on Resume(Later). Now MovingTime is set when Application is started again.</p><p>2020-10-01: Added Moving Time in Green on Top field. Minimal Speed Time can be changed via Settings. Default = 1 kmh. (Moving Time is usually calculated after an activity is loaded UP via Garmin Connect with their algorithm. To show it on the watch, I had to determine it myself.</p><p>2020-04-10: when Vertical speed is more than 1000 or less than -1000, show it in Purple and divided by 10; For better readability.</p>

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Marco Grossi
10 luglio 2020 | Versione 2020-04-10 R3

Very well done, useful and handly when you need all the info on a single screen. Now it's my default data field for all my mountain activities. Just a suggestion, It Will be perfect with the top field showing both the elapsed and the "in movement" time.

Risposta sviluppatore
1 ottobre 2020, Seli17

Hi Marco, Try this new function please. See also in description about it.

22 febbraio 2020 | Versione 2020-02-14

How the hell can I get this app started on my Forerunner 645 Music? When connecting the watch to the PC it shows that the app is on the watch. But it cannot be found on the watch at all or even started...

Risposta sviluppatore
22 febbraio 2020, Seli17

It is a data field. So you have to add it to an app.

Eivind Rinde
4 maggio 2018 | Versione 2018-04-26

The data field is perfect for vertical skiing where vertical speed is the most valuable meassure for physical load next to HR. The correlation with HR is very strong. In addition to vertical speed and HR you got all necessary values in one screen. The graph with vertical speed is nice in combination with the other parameters. The first version crashed some times, but the current version is very stable.

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