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Clear digital watchface. Developed for my own use but in order for settings to work it needs to be here, so here it is.</p><p>It appears that a fair few people like and use this watchface other than me. Thanks for your feedback. I try to include as many enhancement requests as I can.</p><p></p><p>Shows Time (12 / 24 depending on device setting).</p><p>Optionally shows seconds when device is awake or if device supports partial update.</p>


1.6</p><p>Added ability to set the date separators. Max 2 characters, default is a space.</p><p>Added small battery level icon.</p><p>Changed to allow easier setting of inverse colour scheme and to work / look better when inverse colour scheme is used.</p><p>Added ability to set the colour of the Alarm and Notification icons.</p><p></p><p>1.5</p><p>Added ability to set the colour for Hours, Minutes, Seconds and the time separator.</p>

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Valutazione media: (46 valutazioni)

Benjamin Kruck
13 aprile 2019 | Versione 1.6-upd7

Sehr schön und übersichtlich. Auch ohne Brille gut ablesbar.

31 marzo 2019 | Versione 1.6-upd7

Great watch face. Only request would be the ability to change time separator. On my forerunner 230 it uses am/pm. Would rather see colon. And the am/pm on the side.

Marlon Meese
24 novembre 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd7

*Datum Element 4 für das Jahr hinzufügen: 2018 *"Leading Zeros" / Führende Null entfernbar machen *Anderes Benachrichtigungssymbol hinzufügen, statt einer "Sprechblase", ein "gelber Briefumschlag" mit schwarzem Rand.

25 ottobre 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd7

Very nice wf. It will be nice to be able to have distance in the lower bottom space

Kevin Reed
15 giugno 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd7

This is my favorite watch face design, thank you for your work. I think it would be cool to have an option for the "Lower field" to show active calories or a split active/total.

Caro S.
15 maggio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd5

Leider zeigt es nicht ständig die Sekunden an...deshalb kann ich es nicht nutzen, ansonsten, sehr übersichtlich...

Ricardo Valdés Extremeño
13 maggio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd5

sencillo, claro y eficaz

9 aprile 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd5

Love the overall readability, clarity and layout as well as the fact that seconds are always 'on' for my Forerunner 645

Andrew Fielden
8 aprile 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd5

Excellent watch face. Does exactly what I want, without looking cluttered. One thing I notice though, is that for some reason the display format keeps getting reset to 12 hour. I want 24 hour format. Any idea why? I set the format on the watch itself as there's no option I can see in the app settings for this.

Nina Haugen
15 febbraio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd3

Everything I wanted. Would be nice to have Day Long in Norwegian! :-)

29 gennaio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd1

Great watch face, the only issue j see is the heart rate monitor doesn't match the Garmin installed heart rate app. It's usually about 10 off. Otherwise it is my go to watch face!

Risposta sviluppatore
30 gennaio 2018, PixieMcC

Glad you like it. The HR shown in the Garmin HR App is updated each second to the actual current value. These Apps run in "High Power" mode. The HR shown on the Watch face is the max value from the last recorded minute and is updated once per minute. Watch faces run in low power mode (most of the time) and only get to do a full update once per minute.

אבי מזור
20 gennaio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd1

best for me.but i want that max daily steps will be 10000 as doctors recomend

Risposta sviluppatore
22 gennaio 2018, PixieMcC

Hi there. Glad you like the Watchface. The step target is independent of the Watchface. The Watchface just displays your setting. By default I believe most devices will set your target based an recent history. You should be able to override this and set a specific limit. This would be done through your device settings or by changing it in your account profile (online or with Connect Mobile app)

Rebecca Curran
14 gennaio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd1

I love this watch face, but PLEASE make the seconds stay on all the time! They disappear when the backlight goes off. The seconds display doesn’t show up again when the backlight is re-activated unless I go to another screen first. I need the seconds display for work! Thank you!

Risposta sviluppatore
22 gennaio 2018, PixieMcC

A Watchface is limited w.r.t the frequency of update depending on the device. Some devices, that support partial update, allow 1 sec frequency all the time (Fenix for example). Others only allow 1 sec update when in high power mode and it depends on the device again as to when high power mode is enabled (some go into high power mode for a short time when the wearer lifts their wrist to look at the display). This watch face supports seconds display in high power mode and for partial updates.

11 gennaio 2018 | Versione 1.6-upd1

Best watch face out there. Everything you want, battery level, date, time, steps, and heart rate, all on 1 screen thats easy to read.

6 dicembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd1

Great App......nice and simple to use and setup. One glitch however , Bluetooth Icon( phone connected ) suddenly disappeared when I connected to a second device....and cannot seem to get it back. Tried no avail. Maybe just a minor tweak to re-program the icon as " bluetooth on"...rather than " phone connected". In this case data can only be sent to one device at a only 1 is connected.

Ted Guinane
26 novembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd1

The Digiclear watch face has everything I could ask for. It is perfect. When I first looked at it I though it would be great to have seconds showing. When you flick your wrist, the seconds appear! Congratulations, you have done a great job

19 novembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd1

Very nice watchface :) Works very well for "forerunner 235" ! ^_^ Thank you

Hanjo Kwon
11 novembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd1

It doesn’t fit for S60

Risposta sviluppatore
11 novembre 2017, PixieMcC

May I ask what doesn't fit. It appears to display OK in the simulator. Thanks

Adam Barnes
23 settembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

Best so far. Simple and clean.

18 settembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

Great watchface with a plethora of information and nice customization. Unfortunately, there seems to be a glitch that, when the face is active, causes the watch to restart repeatedly at seemingly random intervals, resulting in a loss of step count data.

Heather Burns
16 settembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

really like it but wish I could change the Step Goal color

12 settembre 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

Gives me an error when I try to uninstall! How do I get rid of this?

Risposta sviluppatore
14 settembre 2017, PixieMcC

I've found uninstalling Watchfaces to be glitchy especially if they are the active Watchface at the time of uninstalling. I've found that turning the device off and restarting sorts things out.

Tommi Lindström
25 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

I like this. All the information I need is displayed.

18 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

Muy buen reloj, y con una faz bastante clara

Zsolt Tóth
14 agosto 2017 | Versione 1.6-upd

Nice, clean watch face, great job! Would be great to have some decent movebar to make it more complete - at least from my point of view.

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