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If you like it and think it's worth to support me:</p><p></p><p>*** Development on hold. I broke my watch and am not able to replace it yet ***</p><p></p><p>I love the watch by I was too impressed by the UI compared to what the display could do. Therefore instead of complaining I wrote some own watchfaces.</p><p></p><p>This watchface comes with quite some options to change:</p>


*** Development on hold. I broke my watch and am not able to replace it yet ***

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  • Posizione GPS
  • Cronologia frequenza cardiaca, barometro, temperatura e quota
  • D2™ Air D2™ Air
  • Mercedes-Benz Venu® Mercedes-Benz Venu®
  • Venu® Venu®
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Bryant West
1 settembre 2020 | Versione 4.9.9

Awesome watch face, love the customization. Would love to see options for weather, and multiple time zones (UTC) to be added.

Harry Thomas
4 agosto 2020 | Versione 4.9.9

Brilliant watch face and very customisable, I commend you sir! However I think it’d be pretty cool if you added some preset watchfaces/settings, as I’m sure you know trying to change individual settings and saving to watch each time to see what it looks like on the Watch is really time consuming and awkward- through daily of Garmin, not yours! So it’d be great if we could choose from a bunch of preset options to save this time and hassle :) other than, top work.

20 luglio 2020 | Versione 4.9.9

Very nice and smooth watchface. It reminds me a little bit the appel Watch 5 default one. I really like it. Would it be possible for you to make a color gradient (green to red) for Pulse (the big heart Red) and Battery depending on the level of each of ones ? Thanks !

alberto de la haba
5 maggio 2020 | Versione 4.9.5

Fantastic. A great face with lots of options. Even AOD is customizable, not as sharp as the garmin AOD, due to the burn protection. This makes me guess...garmin is not using burn protection for AOD? For sure the best third party watchface and better than most of the garmin ones (or even the best one in the iqstore!).

Risposta sviluppatore
5 maggio 2020, MitchT

Thank you so much for your review. I would assume Garmin just implemented their AOD differently. I have not found a better idea yet but was pretty satisfied with the interim result. :)

Hashim Alhussaini
3 aprile 2020 | Versione 4.9.5

Thank you very much for this update.

Hashim Alhussaini
24 marzo 2020 | Versione 4.9.1

Hi great watch face. Can you please add Pastel Lila to the colors of the hour and minute hands?

Risposta sviluppatore
24 marzo 2020, MitchT

That was already implemented in the Dev version. Therefore verstion 4.9.5 should inherit loads of new colors (including Pastel - Lila) as well as multi-color dial options. :)

28 febbraio 2020 | Versione 4.8.2

An amazing watchfaces where the screenshot do not do justice to it. It can really replicate many famous chronographs and it is free!!!

Risposta sviluppatore
1 marzo 2020, MitchT

Thanks for your feedback. I won't charge anybody for using it - if you feel you would like to support me feel free too. However - most "cool" watchfaces (in my opinion) out there for different vendor watches share the same kind of widgets and designs - this is why it's so easy to build something that can easily transform between different looks. If you want to be able to quickly change between two designs - feel free to also use the "Dev" version of this watchface. With that I can quickly change between two designs.

Dagmar Asmus
27 febbraio 2020 | Versione 4.8.1

Der Mensch ist ein Gewohnheitstier... ich war etwas enttäuscht, auf das lieb gewonnene Äußere meiner Vorgängerwatch verzichten zu müssen - bis ich dieses Watchface entdeckt habe. Jetzt fehlen mir nur noch der Loading Arc bei den Intensitätsminuten und ein schönes sattes gelb bei den Datenfeldern (so wie die Sterne hier). Das ist jetzt jammern auf hohem Niveau, wäre aber trotzdem schön. Auf alle Fälle supertolle Arbeit!

Risposta sviluppatore
27 febbraio 2020, MitchT

Hi - schreib mir doch bitte mal über Feedback, wie der Loading-Arc aussehen sollte. Oder meinst du das Move-Meter (das wäre ein vorhandener Loading-Arc für die Bewegung...). Die Farbe bekomme ich auch schnell noch rein.

Sofia Tudela
27 febbraio 2020 | Versione 4.8.1

Lovely detailed face but I’m having a hard time setting up the temperature. It continues to say 85degrees but I don’t know how to reflect the current temperature outside for my location in NY

Risposta sviluppatore
27 febbraio 2020, MitchT

Please see the description. The temperature is the watch-internal sensor which is competing with your body temperature. I do not read any web-sourced data from the web to keep to only things Garmin offers over the API.

21 febbraio 2020 | Versione 4.8.1

Beautiful watch face! I highly recommend it! A battery percentage would be great in the AOD.

Risposta sviluppatore
1 marzo 2020, MitchT

I'll add an option in 4.9.1 for you.

Roger Mackay
20 febbraio 2020 | Versione 4.8.1

Great watch face, great customisation and looks brilliant. Would love more weather data available - wind speed/direction, current weather and temp? Great work.

Dusan Mitana
19 febbraio 2020 | Versione 4.8.1

Anybody else notice large battery drain when using the watch face?

Risposta sviluppatore
19 febbraio 2020, MitchT

I am at 12% - 16% battery usage on an average day without training with the watch face. However I received two Garmin updates since my last update on the watch face and had to reset to factory defaults because one impacted my battery life.

Jeff Hudnut
28 gennaio 2020 | Versione 4.8.1

so many options and very attractive. nice to see the AOD options

Dusan Mitana
7 dicembre 2019 | Versione 4.2.5

Love it!

1 dicembre 2019 | Versione 2.8.7

Great job on this watch face! LOVE the big circles with easy to read information, because my eyes stink. Doesn't cause any battery drain. Quick response time from the developer. This is my new favorite :)

28 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.8.0

Updated review - have been using this watch face exclusively for more than a week now. And developer just keeps making it better and better and better. Lots of good updates. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great face. Some are just so cluttered and busy looking, this has all the info I need that is easy to see. Good color choices to make the circles "pop". Still thinking some pastel colors would look good against the black background.

Risposta sviluppatore
28 novembre 2019, MitchT

A little bit more precise please... I added three Pastel color themes. If you need more colors on the hands/dial just send me a note with color wishes (RGB hex codes prefereed).

Jacky 🐕🐕
27 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.7.0

Sehr schick und vielseitig. Nur eins ist komisch. Die Distanz zeigt mir einen komischen Wert. Zum Beispiel 10,414000km Soviel schafft doch kein Mensch am Tag. :D

Risposta sviluppatore
27 novembre 2019, MitchT

10,x km sind machbar. Einfach weiter trainieren.... ;) Werde den Fehler beheben und auf 2 Stellen nach dem Komma runden. Fix kommt bald

26 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.7.0


BJ Dillewaard
26 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.7.0

Love this face!!

24 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.6.4

Wird immer besser. Hoffe da kommen noch mehr Watchfaces von dir ;)

22 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.3.4

Sehr schönes Watchface. Bei der Etagen Anzeige stimmt was nicht. Balken ist voll obwohl noch 0 Etagen.

Risposta sviluppatore
23 novembre 2019, MitchT

Danke. Im aktuellen Release gefixt

22 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.3.4

Bugs: 1. cannot change main dial - still new circle option.. should be noted as beta version or so .. 2. battery no 1 with several decimal points? Hints: 1. possible to have red heart symbol similar to red ticks in steps/battery infofield? I'm using grey colors with yellow hour/min hands and red sec hand.. 2. main dial hour/secs should have only half of sec dots/lines as the sec hand allways moves over two lines every second.. Still the best face for Venu so far ;)

Risposta sviluppatore
22 novembre 2019, MitchT

In next release: Bug 1: Fixed. Bug 2: Fixed. Heart rate in read: under consideration - thinking about how to do it best. Dials: Not a bug - added an option with your preferred design.

20 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.2.0

Downloaded this last night, really like it so far. I love the purple, but it's a bit dark and hard to read the heart rate for example in brighter light. Might be nice if it were a lilac/lavender purple - lighter color. Like the wheels with several things included. Would like to see battery percentage that could be configured. I always have BT on, like to see that alarms are set or I have a message. Clean and easy to read.

Risposta sviluppatore
20 novembre 2019, MitchT

Thanks for your feedback. Due to last changes (I worked a lot on colors today) you may find options to either set different color scheme to each field or you may be happier with the new color schemes. I re-worked most of them because of the contrasts. My favorites for the moment are the Gray theme on gray background - as well as Lime or Red on Black. :)

20 novembre 2019 | Versione 2.1.7

Great job! Tried different faces on my Venu.. this one beats it! Hint: Would be great to be able to change the color of each infofield separately..

Risposta sviluppatore
20 novembre 2019, MitchT

Thanks. I'll consider the Input. Overall I thought I end up with too many options but this should be an easy request.

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