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Configurable data field for vivoactive HR. </p><p></p><p>Do you like it? You can donate me a beer - go to the web and click to "Donate" button. 1USD = 25CZK = 1 BEER</p><p></p><p>V 0.3 - added "Climb" calculation</p><p>V 0.4 - bug fix</p><p>V 0.50 - Added support for 1 data field layout - it requires FW 2.80

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26 Maret 2017

Hi. Would be great if you can add stride length. At the moment in my runs I focus on 4 things- HR/ Pace/ Cadence / Stride.

25 Maret 2017

It works very good. In 4 field i have all what i need during race. it Would be nice if it had also lap pace

11 Februari 2017

Wish it had average pace.

24 Januari 2017

Works well with Vivoactive HR. Would be nice to have available all the possible Data Fields. For those having problems, make sure your app is configured for the Data Screen to only have 1 Field.

21 Januari 2017

It doesn't work on my vivoactive hr. I need 4 field for cycling

25 November 2016

Great app. Can we get an average pace (total not just 3, 5,or 10 seconds) and avg heart rate as a percentage in stead of BPM. Thank you.

19 Oktober 2016

Did not work on Vivoactive HR!!!

17 Oktober 2016

Quit good App, but average Pace is missing.

15 Oktober 2016

Contrary to earlier reviews, I got it to work with my Vivoactive HR. Gives me back the familiar feel of my Forerunner 310XT. Thanks.

20 Agustus 2016

This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you.

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