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Average Pace Over Period


This data field continuously calculates the average pace over the last two minutes. Pace is shown in min/km or min/miles, depending on user settings.</p><p>Based on a request in the Connect IQ App Ideas forum:</p><p>.</p><p>Added filter to only use data from when timer is running. This is to prevent stopping at red lights and so on from interfering with the average pace. </p>

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Peringkat Rata-rata: (5 Peringkat)

12 Februari 2016 | Versi 0.7-upd_J-upd

By its nature it takes a couple of minutes to lock onto the pace but once that's done this is a very good data field and better than instant pace or lap pace. I did a run aiming for a steady pace today, and it worked well. The 2-minute timeframe means there are still some fluctuations if the watch drops gps or otherwise misses a beat but I doubt they can be eradicated altogether. And they pass quickly enough. I think I may try the 1-minute version. A simple but smart idea well executed. Thank you!

Valentin Deleau
18 April 2015 | Versi 0.7

I used this data field because F3 pace was unusable. I experienced it during Paris Marathon, It worked perfectly all along the run. Many Thanks for this.

01 April 2015 | Versi 0.7

Great field, really helpful!

Janis Olsson
31 Maret 2015 | Versi 0.7

Very well functioning data field, so far I have encountered no problems. The 2 min Average gives a very good indication of your current pace, without reacting to every little change you might have (short inclines/declines, people/bikes/rollerbladers blocking your path, and of course bad GPS data points). I use it on any and all steady runs (slow runs, long runs and tempo runs), and (after two minutes) mostly also for long intervals (3km+). I also look forward to the added functionality when they enable user input (trying out if mayby 1:30 would be as good), but until Garmin releases that I think that 2 minutes works very well. A whole-hearted recommendation.

Shane Adams
29 Maret 2015 | Versi 0.7

Nice field for pacing. I like it better than the garmin pace field. It would be good to have adjustable times rather than just a 2 minute avg, however I understand that's a current limitation that's beyond your control. Great job and thanks for your work in this. Would there be a way to date the revisions to the field? I assume after a rev is published we have to manually redownload the field so a date on each rev in the history would be helpful.

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