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Welcome to smartTri - your smart multisport app for vivoactive!</p><p>If you are in Triathlon, Duathlon or any other multsport activity you may take a look at smartTri. You can easily set up your multisport activity with up to 5 different stages.</p><p>So you can setup a “normal” Triathlon with swim/bike/run or, if you want your transition times recorded too, setup an “advanced” Triathlon with swim/transition/bike/transition/run while using the "Dynamic-5-Sport" setup – it’s all up to you!</p>

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Version 0.5.0</p><p>Updated app for new SDK and operating system requirements to be compatible with newest versions of the vivoactive

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Aplikasi ini memerlukan akses ke:

  • File FIT (rekaman aktivitas)
  • Lokasi GPS
  • Data sensor (contoh, ANT+, detak jantung, kompas)
  • vívoactive® vívoactive®
Peringkat Rata-rata: (11 Peringkat)

Rodrigo Romano
20 Februari 2019 | Versi 0.5.0

Please upgrade to vivoactive 3, its my favorite app and i can´t use in my new garmin, please upgrade!

Neil Anderson
13 Juni 2018 | Versi 0.5.0

Didn’t record a swim for some reason, it’s showed it at the end of the event in summary, however the event was not saved into my recent activities. I have used this app a number of times and never had this issue, is this being caused by an update?

Balasan Pengembang
13 Juni 2018, SetupEchse

Hi, is your swim stage not saved at all (watch and web)? Or can you see it at least directly in your watch? I have never recognized such an issue, I will check.

27 Mei 2018 | Versi 0.5.0

hello, great app! Is there an option to add the ability to "pause" and set up an alert? eg every 20 minutes, thanks

Balasan Pengembang
27 Mei 2018, SetupEchse

Hi, thank your for your review. There is no option to pause because this isn't a use case (during a race the time will never stop). In training (e.g. bike and run) I set up an additional "transition" between the stages so I have time to store my bike, put on running shoes and so on and when I am ready I start the next stage (run) - the "transition" time can be deleted afterwards and I ge two "clean" times for my bike and run training. An addition alert function was not planned but I can think about it for future releases.

Sam Simkin
03 Agustus 2017 | Versi 0.4.0

I love that you have the option of saving transitions as their own activities to Garmin (and Strava etc.), that you can capture heart rate data, and that you can output an approximate map of your swim course. The developer is very responsive, explaining a couple of features that I didn't know about: 1) tapping the screen while in bike or run mode switches from heart rate and pace/speed to current activity's elapsed time and distance and 2) the heart rate and pace/speed on the left side of the screen are the instantaneous values, and the values on the right side of the screen are the average for the activity.

Sandra Crawford
03 Maret 2017 | Versi 0.3.2

Can't figure out how to include transitions.

19 November 2016 | Versi 0.3.2

Perhaps I missing something, but I don't see an option for transitions in tri mode?

Balasan Pengembang
06 Maret 2017, SetupEchse

Hi, the sport-type "Triathlon" only includes 3 stages. If you want to record your transitions too, you have to choose "dynamic-5-sport" and setup 1.swim 2.transition 3. bike, 4.transition, Now you can record your transition times too.

16 November 2016 | Versi 0.3.2

Very intuitive and easy to setup.

David Crosby
15 Oktober 2016 | Versi 0.3.2

Just downloaded it for a duo, bike transition and run. Took a few tries to get the configuration down and it wasn't intuitive that my set up was captured but it worked really well for my workout. Transitions showed up on Strava and Garmin as runs but they were easily fixed/corrected. Overall it is a good app and I'm looking forward to using it for a tri.

Brent Benware
17 Juli 2016 | Versi 0.2.0

It all works as described. One improvement could be an option to change the swim to meters.

Brent Benware
17 Juli 2016 | Versi 0.2.0

It all works as described. One improvement could be an option to change the swim to meters.

27 Juni 2016 | Versi 0.2.0

No marca transiciones. por lo demás funciona bien.