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Deezer is the world of music, made personal. It is an endless supply of tracks across every conceivable genre, crafted into an experience just for you. You can take all your music with you on your Garmin watch when you take up a Deezer Premium subscription! Just download the app and follow the steps.</p><p></p><p>• Before you begin, make sure you've configured WiFi in Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile</p>


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Peringkat Rata-rata: (142 Peringkat)

18 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Je ne mettrai pas plus d'une étoile tant que Deezer n'aura pas ajouté le mode Deezer Famille ! Impossible d'utiliser l'application car impossible de changer le compte Deezer...

Rolland Hoffman
17 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Why i can’t uninstall the app?????someone please tell me how

Ralf Berkvens
17 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Didn't want to install at first (kept saying Queued). I didn't want it in the first place, and now I cannot uninstall it because of 'Error occurred'. Can't use it without a premium subscription either.

15 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Fonctionne bien (vivoactive 3 music). Peut-être un peu fastidieux à installer (bien suivre les instructions). Merci !

15 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Приложение на один месяц, потом удаляет все с часов и просит приобрести премиум акаунт с запросом банковской карты паспорта, прописки и второго документа Инн снилс. Удалил приложение с телефона с часов не удаляется....

13 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Dreadful, won't read app. Just get 'IQ!' symbol. Would never have bought this watch if I knew how difficult it would be.

04 September 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Thanks good app. Working nice! Best run with this.

31 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Waste of my life. Never did work. Even when I was supposed to be working.

Alex XE1EE
30 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

just a little problem at the beginning, now i have Deezer and Spotify working on my 645 Music :)

29 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

After having a lot of troubles with the app, it’s now working perfectly on my Forerunner 945. For those who do have issues, uninstall the app and reinstall by using Garmin Express on your computer.

Razvan Vizitiu
24 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

I can't get it out and the battery leaks a lot faster even if it doesn't work

Anthony Antoine
22 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Works wonderful, installed and updates with no problems

Renato Morais
17 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Demora muito para sincronizar.

17 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Can't get it to work after spending 40 mins :/ now I want to uninstall it so I can use Spotify! But it won't uninstall!

Stéphane Marlier
17 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Ne mérite même pas une étoile. Rien ne fonctionne. Scandaleux! Quand les développeurs Deezer vont-ils se bouger et faire quelque chose qui fonctionne?! Je ne suis pas le seul à me plaindre!!!!!

Gary Gilberthorp
14 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Can't get it to work, i think im returning $800 Garmin watch to much time involved getting music

12 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Nice and done to sycn

10 Agustus 2019 | Versi 1.0.21

Horrible, have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I have the correct subscription, everything has been done per instructions and it still doesn’t work. Done with Deezer app and Garmin watch

27 Juli 2019 | Versi 1.0.20

Unbrauchbar und user-unfriendly

Jason Leuschner
25 Juli 2019 | Versi 1.0.20

you can also download your own flow. the songs in your cache.

Jamen Martin
14 Juli 2019 | Versi 1.0.18

Garmin introduced me to this music service and now it is the only one I use. Amazing application and recommend to anyone

Janusz Internetov
30 Juni 2019 | Versi 1.0.18

I cannot uninstall the app. It says "Error occured" when I try.

27 Juni 2019 | Versi 1.0.17

Очень доволен. Все работает гладко, как ожидаешь. Даже не телефоне перешёл с гугла на Deezer, но поскольку здесь нет радио от песни и в гугле семейная подписка - гугл тоже держу

27 Juni 2019 | Versi 1.0.17

Perfect. Worked first-time. To those struggling, I'd suggest using a laptop to setup.

Orest Karpiak
21 Juni 2019 | Versi 1.0.17

Doesn't work, no tutorial appliable

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