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Tampilan jam tangan analog yang dikombinasikan dengan data kebugaran. Termasuk daya baterai tersisa, jarak total, hitungan langkah, dan status koneksi Bluetooth.

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Peringkat Rata-rata: (12 Peringkat)

25 Maret 2019 | Versi 1.1

Neither the heart rate or distance counter works on my watch. The time face could be alot bigger and better customisation would go along way.

Pat D
20 Juni 2017 | Versi 1.1

Like other reviewers, clock could stand to be a bit bigger. Main problem though is sticker won't change to distance even after I save the setting. BPM also seems to have a lag, so I'd rather see my distance versus possibly incorrect heart rate.

04 Juni 2017 | Versi 1.1

The distance sticker doesn't work for my vivoactive hr thus only 3 stars.

27 November 2016 | Versi 1.1

Useless, ugly to look at. Uninstalled.

Darek N.
24 Agustus 2016 | Versi 1.1

Trochę za duża bateria, za duży bluethut... więc zegarek jest taki mały, że potrzebna lupa.... Nieczytelny. Szkoda, bo pomysł fajny, ale nie praktyczny.

17 Juli 2016 | Versi 1.1

Good be my default watch face if: The border was optional The HR actually displayed a HR The Bluetooth symbol was smaller I could make the clock bigger / the date displayed on the clock is too small to be useable on this watch.

15 Juli 2016 | Versi 1.1

Love this. Very organized, although it is a bit hard to see the time.

08 Juli 2016 | Versi 1.1

HR indicator is not work stable. By my vivoactiv HR (V2.60)

02 Juni 2016 | Versi 1.0

Exactly what I needed. Well done!

20 Mei 2016 | Versi 1.0

Would be good if it could show KM and not just miles.

Boog-A-De-Boom Barwick
14 Mei 2016 | Versi 1.0

get rid of the border and it would be a nice watch face.

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