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Artis terbesar di dunia. Kini diputar di pergelangan tangan Anda.</p><p>Akses dan Unduh daftar putar, album, dan podcast Anda untuk mendengarkan dari mana saja. Ambil musik Khusus untuk Anda atau untuk Latihan untuk menemukan lagu-lagu yang dapat menambah semangat Anda.</p><p></p><p>Catatan: Spotify di Garmin memerlukan Akun Premium Spotify


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Peringkat Rata-rata: (827 Peringkat)

Gavin Scruby
11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

On Venu. Synch a Spotify playlist that's too 'big' (though much smaller than the stated max) and the watch reboots every time you try to play music. Then you have to uninstall/reinstall Spotify all over again to play another round of playlist roulette.

11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

I had the same issues. just erase garmin connect and garmin IQ. get them back again, the apps will walk you trough. piece of cake. :-)

11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Cannot get my to my Spotify account on my vivosport 4s no matter what I do. Literally down to last step & this app doesn’t have an option to log into my account to sync with the watch.

Rodrigo De Oliveira Pires
11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Disappointed. Since the last update does not work. This new update continued without access to the app. I'm almost 2 months without using Spotify on Garmin 645....disappointed.

11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

I don't know if it is my vivoactive 3 music or the spotify app, but this is just useless. I just bought the watch to listen to music during workouts a few months ago and since the last two updates I just can't use it anymore at all. It always wasn't the best working app (failure to connect to the internet, failure to synchronize quite often, not able to forward songs or podcasts etc. ) but now it won't synchronize at all anymore, even if I delete and reinstall everything. Can it be so hard to create something working at least half of the time???

Agnetha Lundström
11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Vad händer...Spotify går inte att installera på min Garmin o urtavla me egen bild har fastnat, inget funkar nu!!!!

Nos Gnoh
11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Got the issue with latest version. Not working on fenix 6s

11 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Lack function to control music play on other device.

10 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Can someone help me? I can't connect spotify with my venu :(

10 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

I cannot get my venu to download spotify. Is there anyone able to assist?

09 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.29

Connection is always a hassle and since the last update it’s stopped working completely

09 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Music does not work. Watch is useless if Spotify doesn’t work

David Söderlund
09 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Works like a charm. Fast and easy download. Using a Fenix.

Paul Jeremy
09 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Used to work, but still after having gone through Garmin support the Bluetooth doesn't work, so no way to update my Spotify credentials on my Vivoactive 3 Music. Not even a way to update via Garmin Express. Very disappointed.

09 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Llevo 2 horas y no puedo descargar ni música ni podcast

Alexander Torstling
08 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

I've used it for podcasts only so far. I can only download one podcast at a time, with manual intervention between each episode. Very annoying. It will also only play on episode at a time, requiring a lot of button presses to move on to another episode; extremely inconvenient and distracting during trail running. It's also very spotty when it comes to remembering progress. More often than not it will forget which episodes have been played, and restart from the beginning when resuming, even from pause! This is extra infuriating when the only way to fast-forward is to press "forward 15s" one gazillion times without a key buffer. There are also no easily accessible buttons to adjust volume with. All in all, one of the worst UXs I've had. Looking for some sort of flat file player now to replace this one.

Alison Biggs
08 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Have just bought the Garmin Venu. I managed to get one playlist downloaded but now every time I try to access Spotify on the watch, the watch restarts. Rubbish. Amazon Music is exactly the same.

Gary brown
08 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

This app was working fine till this week now has stopped tried to reinstall and will not work now it will install on the watch but won’t work

Jose Manuel Gonzalez
07 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

It does not work with my Forerunner 245 Music. I have one week trying to play my playlist and nothing works. The only way I can play music is with the music I downloaded from the computer. Help please.

07 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Absolute shite. Bought the forerunner 645 music so i could run without taking my phone with me. But apparently it won't evem let me put my playlists on the watch. And when i do get them on there tbey disappear. Do not bother.

Olgeir Karl
07 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

When i got the vivoactive 4 i had A LOT of troubke downloading it, but the other day i found out how to make it work.. I hope this will help: What you have to do is download it then sync with the watch, after that go to your watch menu on your watch and select spotify. What should happen is that your watch syncs with your phone automatically when you open garmin connect it opens a tab where you log in to spotify. Then on your watch you can select albums and download any playlist you have on your phone

07 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Works fine on my Garmin 245 Music, syncs even faster than the reviews suggest. Connection to the JBL headphones unstable at times but I blame that on JBL, because they do the same on other devices. One feature I really miss is the option to crossfade tracks like in the normal mobile app. Please add that!

Deborah Williams
07 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

The one big problem I have had with my Fenix5s Plus is Garmin periodically deleting all music downloaded on my watch, it then takes hours to troubleshoot and get it back. Particularly frustrating when you're about to head out on 10k and find out there will be no music to accompany you. Considering it is one of the main selling points of a Garmin watch they need to fix it ASAP or start losing customers as I certainly won't be buying another one in the future.

06 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Does not work! Just bought the vivo active 4S because it can connect with Spotify. Turns out it can’t. Even though I’m connected to WiFi and have a Spotify premium subscription.

Adrian De Recacoechea
06 Juli 2020 | Versi 1.3.28

Just bought forerunner 245 music,to allow Connect to spotify and it doesn t allow me...Shit

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