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If you like this app, please leave a review, it helps a lot!</p><p></p><p>NEWS: System 5 firmware update is out for Instinct 2 watches. Use Garmin Express to get the update faster.</p><p>I updated the app to include System 5 metrics: Body Battery, Stress Level, Battery in Days, and more.</p><p></p><p>Payment:</p><p>The app is FREE. However, A LOT of work went into it. If you enjoy the app, please consider a donation to support the development:</p>

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Attention: the latest Garmin firmware update for Instinct 2 broke some internal functions. Now functions returning Month and Week Day return empty strings. It happens on watches with non-English localization (English still works fine). The bug was already reported to Garmin, please vote it up:</p><p></p>

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Aplikasi ini memerlukan akses ke:

  • Lokasi GPS
  • Riwayat detak jantung, barometer, suhu dan ketinggian
  • Profil kebugaran Garmin Connect™ Anda
  • Descent™ G1 Descent™ G1, Descent™ G1 Solar
  • Instinct® 2 Instinct® 2, Instinct® 2 - Camo Edition, Instinct® 2 Solar - Tactical Edition, Instinct® 2 Solar - Surf Edition, Instinct® 2 - dēzl™ Edition
  • Instinct® 2S Instinct® 2S, Instinct® 2S - Camo Edition, Instinct® 2S Solar - Tactical Edition, Instinct® 2S Solar - Surf Edition, Instinct® 2S - dēzl™ Edition
  • Instinct® Crossover Instinct® Crossover
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25 Maret 2023

Great watch face on my crossover. Bought you a beer on paypal, cheers.

Matthew Basel
23 Maret 2023

Thanks for making but my experience was pretty buggy…Looked cool. Downloaded it to my crossover. Looks completely different then the picture and I was unable customize the fields. When you go to customize all you can do is choose hands up or hands down.

21 Maret 2023

Works great on my Crossover! Thank you

Severn Švegelj
20 Maret 2023

It is great so far. I dont know what the white numbers are on the left of the time. Other than that great job

Balasan Pengembang
21 Maret 2023, MobileDriveway

Thanks. You probably mean on the right above seconds. It is notifications count ))

Cameron Gentry
6 Maret 2023

Amazing face! Love it so far. One question, what does the alien mean? Lolol

Balasan Pengembang
7 Maret 2023, MobileDriveway

Thanks! Alien means that there is an issue with Garmin Weather. Please follow instructions in the FAQ to fix it.

4 Maret 2023

Best watch face for crossover.

Tony Feng
25 Februari 2023

Hi - great face that I’ve been using for over half a year on my instinct 2 solar. I noticed after the most recent update that the active calories are showing way under what my Garmin connect app is showing. Any ideas how to fix?

Balasan Pengembang
25 Februari 2023, MobileDriveway

Garmin doesn't provide active calories directly to 3rd party apps. Some developers came up with a formula that matched Garmin value. If Garmin changed their formula now, there is nothing an app can do until Garmin discloses the new formula or provides the value directly. Thanks

23 Februari 2023

For a crossover, the dial is excellent. all information is visible. Please make the display of the date not only Feb 01, Fri 01, but in this format 01/01/23...

Joshua Barron
20 Februari 2023

It's great to be able to customize the watch face in this kind of way. Hands down the best face I have seen for this model. Great Job!

14 Februari 2023

Definitely heart rate freeze. In app is correct heart rate but only on Your watch face do not refresh properly. I do not have low power mode on. Fix it. If you can. On stock watch faces is ok. I notice this problem after update. Best regards.

Balasan Pengembang
14 Februari 2023, MobileDriveway

The heart rate does not "freeze" - it is not updated when the watchis sleeping (in low power mode). Low power IS NOT SOMETHING YOU DON'T HAVE - you do have it, there is no way to turn it off. As I explained before, watch face apps sleep most of the time and refreshed once per minute (except for seconds update). Some stock watch faces choose to update heart rate once per second even in sleep mode - I don't do it because it drastically increases power consuption. Apps (non watch face ones) also update data once per second, but they do not sleep at all.

13 Februari 2023

Great watchface, do you know what is an impact for battery life with this one versus one of the standard watchfaces?

Andrew Meakovski
10 Februari 2023

great watch face, tons of customization!

9 Februari 2023

Super cool

8 Februari 2023

Best readability of all. Totally adjustable. Just perfect.

Ray Chen
7 Februari 2023


Bob Metz
7 Februari 2023

Love this watch face. I have all the data I want and more. Easy to read

Paul Brown
28 Januari 2023

Very good, this is my fave and I only changed a couple of things to better suit the information I need. Thank you.

27 Januari 2023

Very nice! I'm glad that I can use stress level as data field in this watchface

25 Januari 2023

Great face, very legible. I found one issue related to watch alarm. When the alarm goes on, after turning him off the watch face disappear and turnong on first stock watchface. To get back this face I must restart the watch.

Balasan Pengembang
26 Januari 2023, MobileDriveway

Alarm is an acknowledged Garmin firmware bug - please check the app description "what's new" section for details.

23 Januari 2023

좋아요 ㅎ

Antti Siirtola
11 Januari 2023

Great! Much better than the stock faces! Highly customisable and can display lots of data without looking messy.

Dr Merész Márton
10 Januari 2023

It's a great looking customizable watchface. I would appreciate if the middle right position should be customizable too! With crossover, it would be great.

2 Januari 2023

Well thought out layout with multiple configurable fields that are easily viewed. Appreciated!

30 Desember 2022

Awesome face!! The customizations possible are just perfect! Thanks allot!

29 Desember 2022

This is a great watch face! Coming from a fenix, I was disappointed by how little data I could display with the stock faces, and especially the absence of a body battery field. This face solves all of that. The only minor issue is the middle right field on a Crossover is wasted space after disabling the options for showing the time. It would be nice if the existing data options could also be displayed there in place of the time, but isn’t a huge deal.

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