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A dashboard is the collection of information condensed and presented in a way that can be easily understood, and this watch face is no different.</p><p></p><p>Packed into the round screen are all the essential information you need, easily readable at a glance.</p><p></p><p>The time is displayed most prominently near the center, with the date right underneath. Below these is a graph of your 7-day steps history. A battery bar showing the remaining battery level is at the top left, while the move bar is at the top right. At the top are the status and notification icons. Around the circumference of the screen are two radial bars showing your progress toward your daily step goal in blue and floor goal in purple.

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Átlagos értékelés: (25 értékelés)

2019. június 23. | Verziószám: 1.2.0

Dirthering and anti-aliasing just doesn't work on the low-saturation and narrow-gamut screen of Fenix 5X. It looks passable without the backlight but quite messy with the backlight on.

2019. június 16. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

Поебень. На Fenix 3 HR зверски тормозит.

2019. május 16. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

Ужаснейший интерфейс. Все элементы нечёткие. Автор, похоже, не проверял, как он будет выглядеть в часах

Radek Polášek
2019. május 15. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

Useless ... very bad and not responsible and not readable

Andrei V
2019. május 11. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

Ugly graphics Cannot uninstall...

Σάββας Σ.
2019. május 10. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

Awful graphics. No settings.

Carl McDermott
2019. május 5. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

I have just downloaded the app on to the 645 Music and it looks ok

2019. május 4. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

The colors are horrible. What you see in the app store is not what’s displayed on your watch. To make matters worst, I cannot delete this app....ugh, do not waste your time...not worth it!

2019. május 1. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

Sorry, but I do not understand, who can create such a, sorry, crap. The design is nice, but not usable on my fenix 3 HR.

Joe Tortorici
2019. április 29. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

I suggest brighter colors. The photos of the watch face look great but after installing, it appears grey and doesn’t pop out at you like I wish it would. I really like the layout though.

2019. április 28. | Verziószám: 1.1.0

ok garmin i use a tactix charlie. HOW your designer could make this shit and put it in download ! its one of the most ugly and difficult to read face that i dowload. even free it doesnt worse the 2 seconds needed to download it.

Aleksandra Ivić 🥋 🇭🇷
2019. április 26. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

It doesn't work on VA3

Radek Polášek
2019. április 24. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

Not working on F3 HR.

gonza1977 🔻
2019. április 24. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

The resolution seems to be made for a Casio calculador clock. Looks really horrible on a Fenix 5.

2019. április 23. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

Garmin! Please stop making watch faces with gray pixelated backgrounds! Unreadable.

2019. április 23. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

Keeps Crashing on my 5X?

2019. április 23. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

Does not work on Fenix 3HR

2019. április 22. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

Comes up blank on fenix hr 3. Has tons of potential. Please fix

2019. április 22. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

On fenix3hr I can't see anything.

Jorge Rocha
2019. április 22. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

On a FR945 is VERY small; the colours are ugly and very tinny!!!

2019. április 22. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

All faces from garmin has this small time you need a magnifying glass to read it. Looks stupid on a 5x

Niels Hageman
2019. április 22. | Verziószám: 1.0.0

Nice design but unreadable. Bad

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