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Weather is NOT accessible for now!</p><p>=================================</p><p>Configurable Watch Face. ( )</p><p>=================================</p><p>You can support my work with a small donation. I would travel to Garmin Connect IQ Developer Summit 2018 in Kansas, but the journey is very expensive for me.


V 3.30 - rebuilded the source code, added support for fenix 5s, fix the font problem on the Fenix Chronos with FW 4.xx or later</p><p>V 3.40 - added support for Fenix 5/5X</p><p>V 4.00 - test new function for fenix 5 series</p><p>V 4.10 - recompiled with the new SDK 2.3.1</p><p>V 4.20 - added support for Approach S60</p><p>V 4.30 - added weather data for VVAHR, Fenix Chronos, Fenix 5 series, FR...

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Átlagos értékelés: (795 értékelés)

2018. március 15. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd4

Really would like to have a field option for the barometer readout. Great face, best one for the Fenix 5.

2018. március 6. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

My favorite!!

2018. március 6. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

I've only had my Garmin for a week, but this is by far the best looking watch face I've seen, with an easy to read layout and most of the relevant info just a glance away. Regarding the other questions about the bar indicators on the top and bottom....the bottom green one seems to correlate to steps relative to goal, but I can't figure out what the top red bar represents as sometimes it's there and sometimes not. In fact, as I've been typing, it's gone from a solid bar about 1/2 way across the screen with a dash to 2 additional dashes. At any rate this is a great watch face!

2018. március 6. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Great. Its my favourite watch-face. You had every information sleek and stylisch.

2018. március 5. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Love this watch face. Can you add 1hz heart rate to this like you did your new SC9 watch face? I would move the rating to 5 stars if you added that in the next update.

David Pfeffer
2018. március 5. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Love this watch face. Wish that all the colors for minutes were available for hours as well. Second Trevor's question, what are the lines on the top and bottom measuring?

Trevor Loh
2018. március 4. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

What does the line indicator on top and bottom indicate?

2018. március 2. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Still needs the weather working to make this a complete package.

2018. február 27. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

In older version everything worked ok. In newest sunrise and sunset are 6 (sic!) hours after they should be. Could you correct please?

2018. február 27. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Baro graph or the storm warning (trend arrow) would be awsome Otherwise great face

2018. február 25. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Cool WatcFace!

2018. február 23. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

I really like this watchface, has all of the features I track most frequently. Only issue is the bar graph does not show up in Field 2 on my Fenix 3 HR (it is a data field with the same options as the other fields).

Daryl Hermann
2018. február 20. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Love this watch face. But would like to see the ability for more data fields ie floors, activity, weather, etc... Also I'd like to see the ability to add the seconds to the time. And an option for military time for second time. I like to be able to use am/pm time as main and military time as time 2

Marlon Meese
2018. február 18. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

*Wetter hinzufügen: z.b. Bewölkt und in °C mit Wettersymbol, mehr nicht! *Datumsformat hinzufügen: So,18.Feb. 2018/So,18.02.2018 *Sekunden sollen niemals anhalten *Doppelpunkt (:) zwischen Stunden und Minuten hinzufügen *Sunrise/Sunset ins Deutsche Übersetzung: Sonnenaufgang/Sonnenuntergang

2018. február 15. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Like the customzation of the face, would be nice if we could get access to the weather feature.

2018. február 14. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Great, but please add "do not disturb" icon

Richard LaCerra
2018. február 13. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

This watch face is great. Like all the features. The sunrise and sunset data does not populate. I deleted the installed version and downloaded it again and it still does not work.

Terry Cahill
2018. február 11. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Great face. Easy to read, highly customizable.

2018. február 10. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Beautifully designed, highly customisable interface. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Inserted my weather underground API key but still no weather updates though.

2018. február 9. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

I like this watch face. The option to replace the bar graph with a graph history of baraometer (4h / 6h / 12h / 24h) would be great! Also it lags a little bit on my fenix 5. Thanks for this watch face and please could you add the barometer graph option?

2018. február 8. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

Übersichtlich, alle Infos auf einen Blick, Optik anpassbar - mein neues Standard watchface!

2018. február 7. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd2

My favourite!

Henrique Hiroshi Ogura
2018. február 4. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd1

Hi, for some reason my fenix 3HR doesn't have the history bar option, is that something I have done? Thank you!

2018. február 4. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd1

Weather is working on my Fenix 5X..just have to start a GPS activity and it'll update in a few minutes. This is my goto watchface for everyday use. Keep up the great work.

Dusan Ladecky
2018. február 2. | Verziószám: 4.40-upd1

Very good. I would welcome option to have week number.

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