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Update 20 March 2018: Hi. I have switched to a new tracker and won't be using the Vivoactive HR anymore. Hence I won't be updating this watch face. But I will leave it up here for those who still want to use it but won't be able to assist in any queries. Thanks for your support.</p><p>*****************************</p><p>This is my first watch face project. I am a non-coder and non-techie so this is very new to me.</p>


Version 1.0.2.a: minor clean up.</p><p></p><p>Versions 1.0.1 & 1.0.2 is the same as 1.0.0 just that I cleaned up the status icon to the best of my very limited ability. The previous ones look horrid.

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Jim Manan
2018. március 16.

how to change the date?

2018. január 30.

Just downloaded the face and when I put it on the face froze. need help

Thom Korol
2018. január 22.

Just downloaded. Appreciate the symplicity. As long as it keeps working this will be my face.

Wayne Richter
2017. december 21.

I like it, a lot. It's quick & simple to read, especially on the fly. Not like a lot of other watch faces that tries to cram too much on the screen with such tiny text which makes things very difficult to discern and very not functional at all.

Tom-Roger Selø
2017. július 21.

Nice job! Can you make it work on the s60?

Lehninger Gerald
2017. május 8.

Alles wichtige Drauf, und gut lesbar...

2017. április 27.

Great! Can you add the heart rate display?

John Georges
2017. április 16.

I like it a lot. The only thing I'd add to it is being able to change the color of the time. But nonetheless great work

Marion & Maxi🚴‍♀️🚶‍♀️🇩🇪
2017. április 3.

5 sterne wenn noch eine farb auswahl kommt für zeit

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