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Uber ETA by Garmin

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Once you have ordered your Uber ride, leave your phone in your pocket and keep track of your Uber ETA directly from your wrist. No more going back and forth to your phone to see the status of the ride or key information about your driver. Keep doing whatever you need to do while keeping track of your ride on your wrist. Uber ETA by Garmin provides an ETA for your ride to pick you up, then an...


- Added new device support

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Átlagos értékelés: (19 értékelés)

2017. március 22. | Verziószám: 1.0.3-upd

Can't tell if it's the instructions or try he app. Tried loading twice and followed directions and can't even see the app on my Forerunner 235

2017. március 1. | Verziószám: 1.0.3

where in the garmin connect should i link my uber account? pls help

2017. február 16. | Verziószám: 1.0.3

Just what i need!!! Works great... one you logged in normally (facebook doesnt work at this moment)... The arrow pointer is an awesome idea!!

2017. február 12. | Verziószám: 1.0.3

Worked great for me on fenix 3hr. Directon inficator is tremendously useful.

2017. február 9. | Verziószám: 1.0.3

downloaded the app but nothing happened after that. cant see where i should link my uber account. i have an iphone

2017. január 29. | Verziószám: v 1.0.2

Won't download to my Forerunner 235. Happy to update review if/when this issue is fixed.

2017. január 25. | Verziószám: v 1.0.2

Nothing happens on mine. Windows Mobile

2017. január 24. | Verziószám: v 1.0.2


2017. január 23. | Verziószám: v 1.0.2

Useless. Facebook login didn't work.

2017. január 22. | Verziószám: v 1.0.2

Not functioning as advertised. I've had an Uber on its way for the past 10 minutes but the App provides no information. It says "you're not currently on trip"

2017. január 21. | Verziószám: v 1.0.2

This is my favorite Garmin app! I get ETA and Driver info on my watch as I wait for my Uber, and ETA updates while I'm in the Uber. Very nicely designed as well. Can't wait to see what else they build for this app!

2017. január 13. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

Works fine, thanks. Feature requests: - display some simple map, - display fare after ride complete - ability to add rating after ride

2017. január 11. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

No se puede vincular con el teléfono a través de garmin connect mobile

2017. január 10. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

Missing Google authentication therefore I can't use it

2017. január 8. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

Nice..Hope same apps for GRAB is in the pipeline!

2017. január 5. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

Facebook login doesnt work. Cant re login under a different login. Even if i reinstsll app

2017. január 5. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

Awesome! Thanks Garmin for keeping the apps up to date !

2017. január 5. | Verziószám: v. 1.0.1

Can't connect with Facebook. After I entering login and password it shows me white screen (URL with FB 'oauth'). Nothing happens then.

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