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Heart Rate Threshold


This data field shows the heart rate as percent of maximum. The background color is changing depending on how much the heart rate is above a defined treshold. </p><p>To aid when doing intervals, when the heart rate has been above the defined threshold, and drops back below another defined threshold, the background color turns green to show you are recovered and ready for the next interval. Since color is a lot easier to notice than a small change in a number, the idea is that a quick glance at the watch should be enough to tell you if you are inside or outside your defined zones. </p>

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Matt Bridges
2015. július 24. | Verziószám: 0.5-upd

App will be perfect when it's able to read personal heart rate zones! I'm a big Hiit person and I'm really interested in reflecting the colors to the corresponding hr zones from the "Time in Zones." Any thoughts of a spin off app?