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FACEBOOK: (lots more photos available!)</p><p>VIDEO: INSTALL AND CONFIGURE:</p><p>TROUBLESHOOT:</p><p></p><p>If you have trouble installing or you don't see the new changes, please restart your watch by powering it off and on again.</p><p>If you still have issues, uninstall completely and reinstall a fresh ...


Fenix 5 support</p><p>More data options to display under clock: sunrise, sunset, altitude and temperature (only on supported devices)</p><p>Battery icon</p><p>Do not disturb icon (only on supported devices: 735xt, Chronos, Fenix 5 series, Vivoactive HR)

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Átlagos értékelés: (489 értékelés)

2017. július 23.

Nice watch face. Only problem on my 735XT is the HR isn't showing up on my display. Any idea on a fix?

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. július 23., HermoT

It is a bug on Garmin's side. Please see my forum post or my facebook page to see more details about it. There is a beta firmware out that fixes this bug. Links available on NoFrills page in the store.

2017. július 21.

Hi Developer, I have downloaded it a few times but after the sync is completed it doesn't change, only watch face that's not working for me.

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. július 22., HermoT

Contact me through channels provided in app description or contact developer button.

2017. július 21.

Excellent and complete. You don't need more info than whats showing. Very nice work!

2017. július 20.

Awesome. Heaps of configurable options, 2 font options, can pack almost every useful info into the single screen.

2017. július 17.

Me encanta! El color del reloj se cambia durante el día dependiendo de los pasos que haces

2017. július 16.

Best watch face available. Great options to personalise

2017. július 16.

Great watchface. I just don't get sunrise sunset data displayed. How can I fix it?

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. július 16., HermoT

Contact me through email or other means provided in app page.

2017. július 11.

Muy práctica y funcional

2017. július 11.

Li ho provati tutti. Questo è veramente ottimo. Ben leggibile e funzionante , veloce e non scarica batteria più del dovuto. Ottimo.

2017. július 9.

I love it. You have done a great job. Thanks a lot.

2017. július 9.

Really like the layout and visuals of this. Any chance of having an option to add the sunrise / sunset times? Maybe alongside where the steps count is? I find that info quite useful on the Gearmin face.

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. július 11., HermoT

It is already available. Just have to configure it. Due to limited space you cannot have all different kinds of data at the same time.

2017. július 6.

Com esta aplicação podemos facilmente perceber se estamos ou não próximo de finalizar o objetivo proposto

2017. július 5.

Gostei muito do visual, fácil identificação dos ícones

2017. július 5.

Great watch face! It would be perfect if, when heart rate display is set to off, the date field will be displayed bigger than actual...

2017. június 29.

I loved this watch face on my previous Vivoactive HR; however yesterday that device would not turn on, and I got a replacement today. When attempting to Download this watch face to the replacement VA HR, the Download indicated that the device software had to be updated via Express to the latest version even after I updated it to the latest version with Garmin Express. So, I cannot use this watch face now. :-(

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. június 30., HermoT

Thanks for contacting me via email. I am glad you managed to resolve the matter and that it didn't affect the rating you gave me. This is a common issue with the Garmin ecosystem and has nothing to do with the watch face. Hope others read this. ;-)

2017. június 28.

Je viens de tester, le paramétrage est simple!! parfait

2017. június 27.

Great watch face, but the time is off 7 minutes from my phone and the actual time. Anyway to fix this? Thanks!

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. június 28., HermoT

The time syncing issue has nothing to do with the watch face. Try syncing with GPS or pair again with your phone.

2017. június 26.

Love this watch face. But since Firmware 4.10 came out for the 5X, I can't get the seconds to show in High Power mode when I lift the watch to see the time. It's not just this watch face. It's all the others I have with this feature has been killed off by 4.10. So it's up to Garmin to fix this one......

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. június 28., HermoT

We are aware of this issue. Thank you for your support and understanding. It is highly appreciated when users can distinguish between issues caused by the app or Garmin themselves! Thank you!

2017. június 25.

Great watchface. Lots of options

2017. június 16.

Love it - best watchface out there, in my humble opinion. Love how the numerals fill up with water. Could this feature be made into a location-based configurable tide chart?

2017. június 16.

After latest update i miss the option to put the clock into 24hr style. How do i change the am/pm into 24hr style? (And the heart rate, but i already read that this is a well known problem)

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. június 16., HermoT

24 hour style is the watch settings. The watch fave just detect what your system setting for time format is. Consult your device manual to check how to set the 12 / 24 option. With heart rate we are all waiting for Garmin to fix their firmware.

2017. június 16.

Very nice Thx

2017. június 15.

The best אפליקציה פני שעון פצצה

2017. június 13.

Best watchface. Heart rate gone with latest update:(

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. június 13., HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

2017. június 11.

The best face watch ! For some reason, the heart rate data and the heart does not show anymore, even though it is still checked in my settings. I have restarted both the watch and Iphone but it still does not show. Any idea how to get it back?

A fejlesztő válasza
2017. június 13., HermoT

Known issue that is causes by Garmin's firmware update that affects 735xt. We will have to wait for Garmin to fix this.

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