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Always ***Free*** and never 'crippled'ware.</p><p>Now with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for IQ2.x+ devices.</p><p>Dozen Cycle is 12 data display. Being a Software engineer, sponsored runner and Cycle enthusiast, I combined my engineering and Athletic knowledge to bring you this streamline Cycle data field.</p><p>If you have a problem installing or for more info, Click the "More" link to exp...

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Donations (help keep my effort going):</p><p>In Development: </p><p></p><p>Current Release:</p><p>v5.7 adds Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and graph and max FTP, corrections to Edge Line font overruns. (ride 20 minutes for FTP values)</p><p>v5.6 Resume Later correction</p><p>v5.5.1 (SDK 2.x) minor adjustments, working good.</p><p>v5.5 (SDK 2.x) correction to initial %Gr...


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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 156)

Yi-Kai Huang
2018. studenoga 20 | Verzija 5.7

Please help My Fenix 5X plus still has crash issue with "Resume Later" during activity. After I use Resume Later during the break, Dozen cycle will crash and unable to function. Rest of the function are still function as normal. (only Dozen cycle is unable to function.) My firmware is 5.10 & Dozen cycle is v5.7

2018. studenoga 05 | Verzija 5.6

Unfortunately Max. Speed is not working on my Vivoactive HR.

2018. listopada 23 | Verzija v5.5.1

can we have the best 20 min power on the garmin connect page please?

Odgovor programera
2018. listopada 23, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, I think you are asking for a 20 minutes average power. I can add to the IQ 2.x watches and ePwr. contact me directly.

2018. listopada 17 | Verzija v5.4.1

the new updates are just for 3.0 sdk devices??

Odgovor programera
2018. listopada 17, fbbbrown

Thanks for the review, yes i updated the power calculation. I updated ePower for IQ1.x watches.

Heiko Lange
2018. listopada 06 | Verzija 5.3

My favorite App for all cycling activities - Great!!

Odgovor programera
2018. listopada 09, fbbbrown

Thanks! Cycle safe

2018. listopada 03 | Verzija 5.3

Hi, First thanks for the app. It is great. Even if I don't use all the features on my Fenix 3. The comment is maybe not new. For me the best readability is to put the background colour white and figures in black, but in this case the cells aHR/cadence and HR are not so readable anymore overall when going on the high figures. Is it possible to change for these 2 cells and put the figures in white or make them more readable by another mean? Cheers

Nick Darlington
2018. rujna 28 | Verzija 5.3

Trainingpeaks is importing the erroneous Dozen Cycle ConnectIQ data (3,033 max watts and other stuff that is screwing with the calcs). Please tell me how to remove from the FIT file and I'll change the rating. Thanks

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 28, fbbbrown

Nick sorry Training Peaks is having an issue with the Garmin FIT data. The DozenCycle data appears in Garmin correctly. However, as a workaround, I do provide a Graphing Enable switch to turn off the extra data. The Graph Disable switch is in the configuration settings.

Jan Ryneš
2018. rujna 27 | Verzija 5.3

Very, very nice and usable DF. Thanks for all.

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 28, fbbbrown


2018. rujna 10 | Verzija 5.2


Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 28, fbbbrown


Pete the Geek
2018. rujna 07 | Verzija 5.2

I love this almost as much as Dozen Run. Worth using on every ride.

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 08, fbbbrown

Thanks, keep safe!

Малюгин Дмитрий
2018. kolovoza 23 | Verzija 5.1

очень хорошо, так держать!

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 08, fbbbrown

Thanks! Cycle safe

2018. kolovoza 22 | Verzija 5.1

The best estimated power by now, there ara some cosmetical isues, on 520 the title max invades the number, it sitll under estimate on flat terrain and i just discover that the settings adjustment does not work with garmin express, the green of the hr it´s to dark, it has to be done with the garmin connect app on the iphone thanks a lot

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 08, fbbbrown

Thanks, I still looking to replace the ePwr

2018. kolovoza 20 | Verzija 5.1

Per me... veramente ottima... tutto in una schermata e ben leggibile. Complimenti allo sviluppatore.

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 08, fbbbrown


Nuno Gião
2018. srpnja 30 | Verzija 5

Very useful and the data layout is very well done. No more panning through screens. As an improvement on the Garmin F3HR, I suggest that the lower right corner allow setting the color. In my particular case I use the "% grade" field and I think it would be interesting to go from green to red depending on the slope level.

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, I can add for IQ 2.x watches.

Paul Hearty
2018. srpnja 17 | Verzija 5

Seems great, is there any way to change fields about?

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, the Iq 2.0 watches are more configurable than the IQ 1.x watches due to memory constraints.

2018. srpnja 10 | Verzija 5

Exactly what I needed. No more panning through screens. A quick look and I know my cadence and HR zone.

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks, Ride :)

2018. srpnja 09 | Verzija 4.9.1

Best 3rd party bike dashboard EVER, gave my Forerunner 920xt new life as bike computer. It even adds custom field with slope! Only thing I wish is Tempe support - as Garmin decided not to give 920xt tempe support out of the box to force upgrade to Fenix or 935.

2018. srpnja 07 | Verzija 4.9.1

The estimated power on flat is still under estimated check this formula there is a cosmetic error on hr and cad the max title invades the numbers on 520 calculate cadence always is automatic now on other power apps example vpower

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, I will correct the 520 issue and planning to replace the ePwr formula.

Michael Tihon
2018. srpnja 05 | Verzija 4.9.1

Best cycling data display in my opinion. Complete and configurable !

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks, Ride :)

Малюгин Дмитрий
2018. lipnja 29 | Verzija 4.9.1

вы лучшие! так держать!!!!

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown


2018. lipnja 21 | Verzija 4.8

how to show power data?can i custom the screen?

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks for the review, yes in configuration settings with IQ 2.0 watches. if you have an IQ 1.x use ePower with DozenCycle.

2018. lipnja 18 | Verzija 4.8

Excellent app.. it has all the base info. that I needed on one screen

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown


2018. lipnja 05 | Verzija 4.8

Hello i just want to use the data field e power, is that the same computational formula for performance? Thank you

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

yes, both dozen cycle and ePower use the same formula. I will be changing the ePwr formula for both soon.

2018. lipnja 05 | Verzija 4.8


Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown


Zsolt Tóth
2018. lipnja 04 | Verzija 4.8

Hi Brian, Thanks for maintaining this great data field. I was so existed when I saw that v4.8 was about screen improvement, among others, to my F5. I am a bit mix up now, frankly speaking I do not see the difference. I though it was about the bottom row readability, but I seems I was wrong. Can I expect some improvements on that area?

Odgovor programera
2018. kolovoza 13, fbbbrown

thanks for the review The update corrected overlapping text and I will look into improving the font sizes for the 240x240 watches, but there is not much space.

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