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Download and installation are not part of SPHGraWH. Regardless of this, here are some hints how to bring a datafield app onto the screen.</p><p>SPHGraWH is a datafield. After downloading the app please create a data screen with one field. Then you have to assign SPHGraWH to this field the same way you assign i.e. speed or distance. For further details please have a look at</p>

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Short description:</p><p></p><p>V3.61</p><p>fixed gear info missing despite of paired electronic shifting</p><p></p><p>V3.60</p><p>added screen lock - activate/deactivate lock by tapping to the upper edge of the screen</p><p>hid gear info in middle and lower graph if no cadence sensor and no electronic shifting is paired</p>

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  • GPS lokacija
  • podaci senzora (npr. ANT+, puls, kompas)
  • Vaš Garmin Connect™ fitness profil
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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 258)

Giampaolo Conti 🇮🇹
2022. rujna 18 | Verzija 3.61.0

3.1 data field not editable

2022. rujna 14 | Verzija 3.61.0

Impossible de changer la barre de fréquence cardiaque en puissance...

Simon Harding
2022. kolovoza 27 | Verzija 3.61.0

Successfully installed on the Edge 530. This is a great additional data field for my rides.

Edward van Beek
2022. kolovoza 26 | Verzija 3.61.0

Using it for of more than a year on a Edge 530 without any issues. Great app, looks nice, clear presentation of data.

2022. kolovoza 18 | Verzija 3.61.0

Perfekt, alles wichtige auf einem Schirm. Einzig, was ich mir noch wünschen würde, wenn ich einen zusätzliche Trainingsseite mit SPHGrawH konfigurieren könnte, welche mir Rundenzeit und die Durchschnittswerte der jeweiligen Runde anzeigt.

Quang Tram
2022. kolovoza 14 | Verzija 3.61.0

Soweit ok. Leider Datenfeld 2.3 zeigt immer Temperatur an, egal wie man in der Konfiguration eingestellt hat

Eric M
2022. kolovoza 13 | Verzija 3.61.0

An option to have the same hr zone as the garmin app will be wonderfull. Thanks

Georg Art
2022. kolovoza 12 | Verzija 3.61.0

nicht kompatibel mit 1040 solar…leider…

2022. kolovoza 06 | Verzija 3.60.0

Great app, but switching the middle heart rate graph to something else only goes to weather. Same with the bottom portion on Garmin 1040. I would love to have the power meter instead of heart rate meter in the middle graph.

Eric Odmyr
2022. srpnja 30 | Verzija 3.60.0

Fantastic datafield. The only complaint I have is the HR zone colors. I would love to see an option to have the HR zone colors be the same as they are in the Connect app: grey, blue, green, orange, red. I use other datafields that have those colors (like 'BPM Zones') and it can get a little confusing when switching back and forth.

2022. srpnja 25 | Verzija 3.60.0

best datafield till now

Gianluca Storione
2022. srpnja 15 | Verzija 3.55.0

I have problems with the gradient (real-time %). It continuously change without any logical. I asked to others 1030 owner and they have the same problem. Please check this issue! I give you 4 stars to incentivize.

2022. srpnja 15 | Verzija 3.55.0

La última versión es horrible

Iwan P.
2022. srpnja 11 | Verzija 3.55.0

Best desktop view. Without question.

Leszek Zwolak
2022. srpnja 10 | Verzija 3.55.0

It seems to display predefined data but cannot change the configuration (heart rate and speed range, FTP, etc). Save settings button does not work.

2022. srpnja 09 | Verzija 3.55.0

Perfekt! Besser geht es nicht.

Victor Almeida
2022. srpnja 08 | Verzija 3.55.0

Tenho garmin 520 plus e não consigo instalar

2022. srpnja 07 | Verzija 3.55.0

Ottimo ben fatto

2022. srpnja 05 | Verzija 3.55.0

Comments (Optional)

Flemming Wilton Hansen
2022. lipnja 23 | Verzija 3.55.0

THE BEST, period !! You can pick almost what ever you want displayed and it just works.

Nilson Alves do Carmo
2022. lipnja 20 | Verzija 3.55.0

Bem completo e funciona muito bem a marcaçao dos cog...gostei

畠山 忠之
2022. lipnja 19 | Verzija 3.55.0

2年前から愛用しています 新しいギヤにすぐに対応して素晴らしいアプリです EDGE1030で使っていますが、無機質な数字が並ぶ表示にはもう戻れません! まるでスーパーカーのコックピットの様なディスプレイにはライドに出かけたいという気持ちをかき立てられます

Luigi Cristallo
2022. lipnja 04 | Verzija 3.50.0

Purtroppo dopo l'aggiornamento dell'applicazione non mi è più possibile configurare il colore e le scale per la velocita, non mi compare nelle impostazioni il riquadro . mi dispiace perchè è un'applicazione che uso da tempo ed era tra le migliori.

2022. svibnja 28 | Verzija 3.50.0

Simply the best :-)

Greg Stoad
2022. svibnja 14 | Verzija 3.40.0

Wonderful design. Everything I need is on one screen (G530 / No power meter)