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Hydration Tracking

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It’s no secret that drinking enough fluid daily has enormous benefits. This app lets you easily log your daily fluid intake and set reminders, so you can make sure you’re getting all you need to stay hydrated.

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 95)

Nick Nastasi
2022. siječnja 24

Does not work at all. Constantly crashes and needs to be reinstalled. How can such a simple app be so poorly executed? When will this be fixed??

MIchael Ortmann
2022. siječnja 24

Many Bugs and instable. Very poor to see from Garmin.

Hidroilio Perez
2022. siječnja 23

This is a manual log of water intake nothing else, it is messing one important function remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals

2022. siječnja 18

Why do I need connection to the phone to save data about my hydration?

2022. siječnja 15

Shame. It has many errors and it is made by Garmin.

2022. siječnja 14

Thanks for the app. It's very help me to keep myself in a good condition

Silvester Š.
2022. siječnja 13

Šikovná aplikácia. Len škoda že nefunguje off line zadávanie do hodiniek.

Annie De Haller
2022. siječnja 09

Ça ne fonctionne que de façon aléatoire avec la garmin venu2s.

Matt East
2022. siječnja 06

Very buggy. I've updated 3 times now in about a week and each time the app seems to reset. I can now not adjust pre fined water levels via my watch, the values I enter seem to change from time to time. Overall it's not really functioning properly

Frank Himmelreich
2022. siječnja 03

Endlich funzt das Ding auf meiner Venu 2 richtig gut. Schnell Auto-Updates aus, damit es so bleibt.

2022. siječnja 03

it still doesn't work as it should. It often happens to me that I enter the amount of water in the watch ... the water is written and returns to its original value within a few seconds. This happens especially when the watch is disconnected from the phone

Dieu-Trang Vu
2021. prosinca 31

Didn't work. Sync very poorly. Especially in the Dec-2021 update, I couldn't add water in the watch if it's not being connected to the phone. For example, if the original amount was 400ml, and I added 600. Instead of showing 1000 it went back to 400. I uninstalled it.

2021. prosinca 21

It finally works again, never updating this app