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HR Runner is an all in one data field that displays relevant information on a single screen, and use color to allow a quick view of your current HR and Pace information.</p><p></p><p>Forum thread here:</p><p></p><p>Uses Joe Freil for Running formula from TrainingPeaks to calculate HR and Pace Zones.</p><p></p><p>Features:</p>

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Version 4.4.6</p><p>- Added rTSS - More accurate than hrTSS</p><p></p><p>-Added Configurable Energy Fields:</p><p> * hrTSS (Heart Rate Training Stress Score) -</p><p> * RRE (Relative Running Economy) -</p><p> * Heart Rate (For When the main field is set to Power)</p>

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2018. travnja 26 | Verzija 2.5.1

2337 (vivoactive HR) SW ver: 290 Build Type: RELEASE Commit:a5a0fd33d53fa716b1d581f0a4d41e9bafcd94d2 ESN: 3928864806 12/11/17 04:13:17 Fatal CD line #: 481 Dir index: 0 Dir Sector: 62 After sync app does not appear. See errorlog

2018. travnja 22 | Verzija 2.5.1

We need the cadence please

2018. veljače 04 | Verzija 2.5.1

Very nice data field. But I can't display the cadence. I can only choose from hrTSS, RRE, Heart Rate, TRIMP, Intensity Factor and rTSS for the energy fields. Would you please add again the cadence like it is shown on the pics? Then you gonna get my 5 stars :-)

趙元 Yuan Chao
2017. studenoga 08 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Workout crashes after watch updated to 4.0. Would be great if this could be fixed.

2017. kolovoza 05 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Pleaseeeeee Fix the bug with the iq logo The workout dose not fonction Thank you

2017. srpnja 27 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Fantastic app to get interval training on my Vivoactive HR! Waiting for a companion app to set intervals quicker :)

2017. srpnja 21 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Since the last update I have been having issues when the training option is on (same as previous comments). It is one of the main reasons why I use this data field and that I loved about it. Please fix it...

2017. srpnja 17 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Same issue with the workout : only the iq logo :(

2017. srpnja 05 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Hi I really like this data field. I have the same issue as the previous commenter, I get the IQ connect logo with exclamation error. Please suggest a fix/recommendation to fix it

2017. srpnja 05 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Excellent App, but whenever I enable the strucutre workout the app (beta) it stops working and only displays the IQ logo screen.

2017. lipnja 24 | Verzija 1.5.0b

Hi: I´m not see the app in my Vivoactive HR. How install it?.

Nick Hollis
2017. lipnja 14 | Verzija 1.5.0

I think Garmin have broken it with their latest update. Was perfect :o(

Odgovor programera
2017. lipnja 20, Paul.Stevens

It should be fixed now.

Henk Siemer
2017. travnja 16 | Verzija 1.3.3c

The best Data Field for Vivoactive HR. Love it!!!!!

2017. ožujka 24 | Verzija 1.3.3c

I would love to rate this however this app ill not display on my Gamin HR, it is downloaded in the Garmin Express but will not sync on my watch. I have had no problem adding and deleting other apps this is the first. Please help because this is exactly what I have been looking for.. And the forum was not a quick solution at the moment. I do NOT think too many other people have had any issues downloading it. I really wish it would sync!

Odgovor programera
2017. ožujka 31, Paul.Stevens

Hi Nicole, That's really strange, could you possibly check if there is an error log file on the watch, I'm not sure if this is an issue with the app or not.

2017. veljače 24 | Verzija 1.3.3c

Great app ! Only thing is that it doesn't seem to support au "pause/resume", which would be very convenient, especially when running in town. When I pause, the chrono continue working... Anyway this is one of my favorites, ove the training possibility !

Luca Buniotto
2017. veljače 17 | Verzija 1.3.3c

Purtroppo sarebbe bellissima, ma con il mio vivoactive hr funziona per poco tempo o pochi km poi si blocca e scompare la schermata. Mi dispiace tantissimo

2017. veljače 17 | Verzija 1.3.3c

This app is my favorite! Really useful overview data field app with all the data I need at one glance. On top it is great that the developer created a workout feature, which works also great even though it is still in beta. The only useful additional feature could be to have a selection opportunity, which heart rate zones the app uses as it is currently displaying zones differently from the Garmin default 5 zones. Besides this I can very warmly recommend this data field and thank me a lot for the developer for such a useful additional feature for my device.

Salerno Antonino
2017. siječnja 26 | Verzija 1.3.3c

Il migliore per il momento

Mike Loween
2017. siječnja 23 | Verzija 1.3.3c

For some reason the app doesn't transfer to my phone. It's in my garmin express, I set all the data fields and "saved" it, and synced my watch...then nothing happens. Any thoughts? I have the Vivoactive HR.

Radek Vácha
2017. siječnja 20 | Verzija 1.3.3c


2017. siječnja 10 | Verzija 1.3.3c

Fantastic app. Configured a weekly workout where I can push myself harder everytime. Works really well and relatively easy to setup based on instructions provided.

Cedric GAROU
2017. siječnja 10 | Verzija 1.3.3c

Thanks for the update. Good work

Cedric GAROU
2017. siječnja 09 | Verzija 1.3.0c

j adore mais ne fonctionne plus depuis aujourd hui

Odgovor programera
2017. siječnja 09, Paul.Stevens

Thank you for the feedback, I've found a few bugs, and I'm working to fix them, I should have a new version out in the next day or so that will hopefully resolve get it working for you again.

2017. siječnja 03 | Verzija 1.3.0b

I am putting five stars because I am positive this is a great data field, but as of right now it would considered one star due to the fact it pulls up on my VivoActive connect iQ list and it says it is compatible with the VivoActive... And when I go to the add connect iQ place to add data fuels in my run app, I click on this data field and my VivoActive just restarts and the field is not added when I open the run app. Is it supposed to compatible with the regular VivoActive? If not please take it off the VivoActive search, and if it is compatible please finish the coding to make it work! Thanks for (hopefully) a superior running data field!

Odgovor programera
2017. siječnja 04, Paul.Stevens

Thanks for letting me know, I don't own a regular VivoActive. so have not been able to test, I'll see if I can find out what's causing the crash and see If I can resolve it.

2017. siječnja 03 | Verzija 1.3.0b

Très lisible et le gros + pour le workout!!!

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