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Take a PHOTO or VIDEO on your phone through your Garmin watch!</p><p></p><p>Attention! </p><p>1. Before installation, check the Garmin Connetc Mobile version at the phone, it must be or more.</p><p>2. If the Android app is not worked - just delete it within 15 minutes, the money will be returned automatically, or let me know Transaction ID and I'll cancel the purchase. I can not fix this error, because it is the fault of the developers Garmin Connect IQ SDK.</p>

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1.8.5 Bug fixes; Added support for new watches.</p><p>1.8.0 Added support for new watches</p><p>1.7.0 Added support for Connect IQ SDK v2.2.1</p><p>1.6.0 Added support for Connect IQ SDK v2.1.2</p><p>1.5.0 Added support for Connect IQ SDK v1.2.6</p><p>1.2.0 Added support for the new 1.2.1 firmware</p><p>1.1.4 Added message about the need to select the device in the application on the phone.</p><p>1.1.3 Improved stability.</p>


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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 230)

Lagarde Philippe
2019. travnja 16 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Fonctionne bien sûr garmin fenix 5 plus.

Narunat K
2019. travnja 15 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

work perfectly ....but sometime app. unstable I'm used...instruction. 1. open app. in phone..and connected watch o.k. 2. restart watch (off to on watch) again 3. open app. in watch's worked I'm used garmin epix + Samsung note fe

2019. ožujka 24 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Working nicely on my Fenix 5 plus and Galaxy 9s. I downloaded this in the past, with no luck, but current app and hardware are working. This will be excellent for cutting down on editing videos with the wasted rolling of the camera while I'm getting into position.

2019. ožujka 24 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

It is doesn't work!!! My devices: vivoactive 3 watch + android huawei p9 plus

Luboš Najmr
2019. veljače 27 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

vivoactive3 and samsung galaxy a8 - works well. It is unfortunate that during the activities (eg Cycling) you can not start the camera without ending the activity :-(.

Brînzaș Florin
2019. veljače 22 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

How can i erase this app? Is not working

2019. veljače 14 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Fenix 5 plus + samsung Galaxy s8

Varo Tafriend
2019. veljače 13 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

How to uninstal??

2019. veljače 10 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

vorsicht! app kann nicht deinstalliert werden!

Wayne Horsfall
2019. veljače 06 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

works ok ... but I have to relaunch the app on my fenix 5 plus each time I take a photo ... video works .... picture quality seems average ... but that maybe because it's indoors ... it's like the phone camera does not have time to focus correctly ???

2019. siječnja 27 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Cant be deleted even after restart

2019. siječnja 25 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Perfect with F5 and Galaxy S7. Can you add a timer? Also, is there a way to make this usable while registering an activity?

2019. siječnja 20 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Doesn't work with LeEco LePro3 on Lineage zl1 8.1.0 Android 8.1, on standart system camera and Google Camera. Garmin Fenix 5x firmware ver 12.00

2019. siječnja 17 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Não funcionou no 735 XT infelizmente. Poderia ser muito útil.

Arkadiusz Kulik
2019. siječnja 16 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

can not be uninstalled with Fenix ​​3 HR - no synchronization with the oneplus phone

Antonio Baieli
2019. siječnja 14 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Installato su un orologio vivoactive 3 collegato ad un Wiko Fever .......non funziona!

2019. siječnja 14 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

The app is correctly installed on the watch, but, once connected to the phone, the watch cannot take a picture. Nothing happens on the phone and the watch keeps showing the "processing " animation, until I have to force the app to stop by quitting

2018. prosinca 30 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Do not work witg samsung s7

2018. prosinca 27 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

It's not working. Someone else reviewed that you need to pay for it to work? Where do you pay for it? I don't see that option. Does it work for MAC IOS?

Alfredo Zárate
2018. prosinca 26 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

You must download camera remote for garmin, at a cost it is not free, less than 2 dollars, then before taking pictures activate it from the phone to the watch.

Holger Fritze
2018. prosinca 25 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Doesn't work. Can't uninstall.

Javier Guevara
2018. prosinca 23 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

I cannot uninstall the app. It restarts my Garmin vivoactive. What can I do?

Rhys o
2018. prosinca 04 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

It says error

2018. studenoga 28 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Con s9+ e vivoactive 3 funziona. Da migliorare le istruzioni perché non si capisce cosa è come fare per farlo funzionare correttamente. 1. Installare su Garmin 2. Installare su Phone 3. Lanciare app da Phone 4. Selezionare il Garmin sulla app 5. Provare a scattare foto In quasi tutti i passaggi dovrete accettare i classici avvisi e richieste di android.. . Verificate di non avere delle richieste nascoste

Jesse Junior
2018. studenoga 11 | Verzija 1.8.6-upd5

Hice todos los pasos y nada. Por favor, necesito saber qué se puede hacer.

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