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sensors graphic for vivoactive hr


optional 0-8 data fields , data selected from heart rate,temperature,elevation,step goal,calories,distance,pressure,steps,latitude,longitude,sunrise,sunset and local time.</p><p>colors can be set separately.</p><p>optional 0-4 graphic curves select from heart rate, temperature, elevation, and pressure. each curve has a bold option。</p><p>option graphic shadow select from heart rate, temperature, elevation, and pressure.</p>

Što je novo

Anti-aliasing</p><p>configurable background-color</p><p>draw all shadows</p><p>added next sunset/sunrise , which may save one data field</p><p>Upgraded the algorithm for calculating sunrise and sunset</p><p>added min/max/rang for heartrate temperature elevation and pressure in the graphic to the data field. the range of pressure may be useful, If pressure decreased 4 hPa in 3 hours, there may come a storm.</p>

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 16)

Thomas Schilling
26. siječnja 2022. | Verzija

Es wäre schön wenn es eine deutsche Übersetzung geben würde, vor allem auch in der Anzeige (°C und Km), oder wenigsten eine Beschreibung zu den Einstellungen. Irgendwie bekomme ich die Grafikfunktionen nicht hin, es werden zu viele Grafiken angezeigt.

Giovanni Rodríguez
27. lipnja 2020. | Verzija

In vivoactive hr when a change is made to the settings the clock display is deconfigured

9. listopada 2019. | Verzija

the Setting doesn't save at all. I click back into Setting after changed and there is no change has been done. swap another watch face and back, Manual Sync, turn off and on swatch. all doesn't work.

Odgovor programera
9. listopada 2019., WangZhengmao

Check your internet connection or try using connect IQ on PC, It's not the problem of the watch face.

4. rujna 2019. | Verzija

Yes, the new version still has the same problem on the vivoactive HR. When I make a change to the settings, it reverts back to the stock watch face.

Odgovor programera
4. rujna 2019., WangZhengmao

what's your settings

HGK 柯浩天
19. kolovoza 2019. | Verzija

An intriguing watch face (with screen saver, who'd a thunk). Densely displayed info.

18. kolovoza 2019. | Verzija

This watch is getting better with each new update. The problem is when I try to change settings on my Vivoactive HR. It just goes back to the stock watch face. I've tried deleting and adding again, but it still doesn't work which is too bad. If you could fix this and add a few more customization options (e.g. Removing preceding zero, showing what shows on the graph or not, etc.) it would be a really good face. Thanks!

Odgovor programera
20. kolovoza 2019., WangZhengmao

Does the new version have the same problem?

14. kolovoza 2019. | Verzija

Entlich habe ich das perfekte Display für die Vivoactive HR gefunden. Es zeigt alles übersichtlich auf einem Blick. Es gibt sehr gute Einstellmöglichkeiten zum individuellen Anpassen.

5. kolovoza 2019. | Verzija

Doesn't work on vivoactive HR. Just reverts to stock phone face.