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V 0.3 - added "Climb" calculation</p><p>V 0.4 - bug fix</p><p>V 0.50 - Added support for 1 data field layout - it requires FW 2.80</p><p>V 0.60 - added support for vivoactive 3</p><p>V 0.70 - added support for approach s60

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  • Podaci se šalju/primaju putem ANT radija na senzore treće strane i s njih
  • Vaš Garmin Connect™ fitness profil
  • Approach® S60 Approach® S60
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
  • vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 31)

Khrisna Darundono
2020. siječnja 09 | Verzija 0.80

Really nice. Really appreciate if could add HR zone as well.

2019. travnja 30 | Verzija 0.80

How do i use this?

Robert Ramsay
2019. travnja 13 | Verzija 0.80

Use this all the time but would really love to see "Average Pace" added. It would be a 5 star with average pace.

2018. studenoga 20 | Verzija 0.80

Missing timer and avg pace

2018. srpnja 28 | Verzija 0.80

En vivoactive hr, perfecto

Diego Bejarano
2018. srpnja 24 | Verzija 0.80

funciona perfecto vivoactive hr , gracias !

Lyu Lefterov
2018. siječnja 25 | Verzija 0.80

This is specifically made for the Garmin stock Run app. On the vivoactive HR you must select 1 data field only for your main screen and these four preselected fields will show up. The fields are pace in min/mile, distance in X.XX miles, heart rate and a stopwatch with time elapsed down to 1 second. This will be the main screen. You can add a second and third screen with additional fields, up to 3 as usual and a HR zone gauge. I only wish this 4 field setup applied to the bike app too, not just Run.

Jared Thompson
2017. prosinca 31 | Verzija 0.80

Can someone tell me how to set which four fields display?

Walter Gmeiner
2017. studenoga 12 | Verzija 0.70

I've no Idea how to start it on viviactive hr. Sorry

2017. ožujka 26 | Verzija 0.50

Hi. Would be great if you can add stride length. At the moment in my runs I focus on 4 things- HR/ Pace/ Cadence / Stride.

Carlo Rocca
2017. ožujka 25 | Verzija 0.50

It works very good. In 4 field i have all what i need during race. it Would be nice if it had also lap pace

2017. veljače 11 | Verzija 0.50

Wish it had average pace.

Jim Flagg
2017. siječnja 24 | Verzija 0.50

Works well with Vivoactive HR. Would be nice to have available all the possible Data Fields. For those having problems, make sure your app is configured for the Data Screen to only have 1 Field.

Erick Patrick Velarde Fuentes Rivera
2017. siječnja 21 | Verzija 0.50

It doesn't work on my vivoactive hr. I need 4 field for cycling

Jonathan Howard
2016. studenoga 25 | Verzija 0.50

Great app. Can we get an average pace (total not just 3, 5,or 10 seconds) and avg heart rate as a percentage in stead of BPM. Thank you.

2016. listopada 19 | Verzija 0.50

Did not work on Vivoactive HR!!!

Nico Neuhaus
2016. listopada 17 | Verzija 0.50

Quit good App, but average Pace is missing.

2016. listopada 15 | Verzija 0.50

Contrary to earlier reviews, I got it to work with my Vivoactive HR. Gives me back the familiar feel of my Forerunner 310XT. Thanks.

2016. kolovoza 20 | Verzija 0.50

This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you.

Bruce Lake
2016. kolovoza 08 | Verzija 0.4

Time and Elapsed Time is all that is missing

2016. srpnja 18 | Verzija 0.4

Hello to commanding your app with 4 fields is good and beautiful. However, after several attempts just crap! Why, a time field is not specified. I think you have the made but personally for you. I find alone 4 fields Herzfreqenz! No field of time. Unfortunately now for 3 times Deinstalls because the app does not work! Die App geht nicht 3mal Installiert und 3mal auf die Nase gefallen !

Nate Lucas
2016. srpnja 12 | Verzija 0.4

Does NOT work on Vivoactive HR!

Laurent ROBERT
2016. srpnja 02 | Verzija 0.4

exactly what i want. thanks

Alan Ashby
2016. lipnja 26 | Verzija 0.4

exactly what I have been looking for - thank you

2016. lipnja 17 | Verzija 0.4

Used this for the first time today and very happy. As per another user, I too noticed my pace being shown in min/mile instead of min/km. My distance was in KM. Please fix this bug.

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