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Garmin Hydration Tracking


It’s no secret that drinking enough fluid daily has enormous benefits. This app lets you easily log your daily water intake and set reminders, so you can make sure you’re getting all you need to stay hydrated.

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Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 237)

Ricardo Baptista
2020. veljače 27

Muito simples e cumpre na perfeição.

Wioleta Fedeczko
2020. veljače 27

Thanks for the update, Garmin. The widget now syncs fine with Garmin Connect--quickly, too.

2020. veljače 26

Finally works fine after that night's Garmin update. Thanks

Michal Elis
2020. veljače 26

Great app, but its reset watch face to default every time.

2020. veljače 26

Slow to load, doesn't sync well and if you press a button (or swipe the screen) before it's loaded, your watch is reset to the default watch face.

2020. veljače 25

Bad sync with garmin connect if the first water intake was recorded on the device

2020. veljače 25

synchronization with Garmin Connect

Marianne Baumann
2020. veljače 25

Simpel und praktisches App. Genau das was ich brauch. Leider funktioniert das Synchronisieren nicht zuverlässig und die Erinnerung ist komisch. Er fragt mich ob ich es ins Trinkprotokoll aufnehmen will, wenn ich ja klicke kommt dann "Verbindung zu IQ" und es geht nicht weiter... Bitte hier noch nachbessern!!

Johannes Wagner
2020. veljače 25

Sync ist absolut nicht zuverlässig. Mittlerweile lassen sich auch die Einstellungen für die Trinkmenge nicht mehr anpassen.

Gherghina Ionut-Valentin
2020. veljače 20

Hi. For me the widget does not start the reminder from a while. From install date worked fine for a month or so but now does not remind me to add water even i set properly (frequent alerts). If i do not enter manually the water amount the widget stay silent all day even it must remind me to add water. When i enter in the widget to add water the reminder pop up even it should do automatically long time ago. Watch Fenix 6X Sapphire

Nichita Misin
2020. veljače 20

Worked fine a month ago but now when a reminder comes up clicking the green tick generates an IQ! icon. Watch is Venu.

Roushdy Al-Shawwa
2020. veljače 20

The reminder didn't work!

2020. veljače 20

My widget went just went crazy. I've been adding my hydration throughout the day and I've reached 1900ml while my goal was 2000ml. I was chilling and NOT drinking any water when my watched vibrated and showed I've completed my hydration goal. I was confused as I definitely had not met the goal yet. I then saw my hydration was at 5700ml. I don't know what happened.

2020. veljače 19

There are three things to improve and this Widget would be great: • Reliable Sync • Reliable Reminder • Daily Chart (24h/ml)

Brian Delahunty
2020. veljače 17

Unfortunately the widget doesn’t sync with the garmin connect app.

2020. veljače 16

Nette Idee, aber sehr Fehler behaftet. Hauptproblem die Synchronisation! Morgens wird bei mir immer der Stand vom Vortag noch angezeigt.

2020. veljače 14

Permanentny problem z synchronizacją z telefonem!

🤙🏼 Carlos SabaS 🇪🇸
2020. veljače 13

No sincroniza con Garmin connect y no me da las alertas

Niels Nijens
2020. veljače 13

Would be a great app to track hydration without the distraction of other things on your phone, but: 1. Synchonization is messy. For instance, deduction isn't synchronized. 2. I've had days where the hydration of the previous day was still showing. 3. Alerts are totally random, although I've set it to an hourly alert.

Łukasz Tatys
2020. veljače 12

Synchronize is terrible. When you add in the watch is not always visible in the watch

2020. veljače 12

Bitte auch für Fenix 5s Plus.

Nathanael Dyke
2020. veljače 12

Doesn't sync watch hydration log with Connect app. (Fenix 6)

2020. veljače 11

logs ok but no reminders even when set to do so

2020. veljače 10

Take time to load

2020. veljače 09

It hasn't let me change my containers, units of measurement, or my intake goal.

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