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Note: the new features "Show how much days in a row goals were reached" took me a fair amount of time to get it reliable. If there are any problems please report them via contact developer button.</p><p></p><p>The watchface features bands which show the information:</p><p>- The minutes band in the middle incl. seconds indicator. The scale of the minutes can be selected in the Bands settings. Note that there is also an automatic mode to select which adapts the scale around the quarters automatically. Furthermore inactivity is shown around the minutes area with the option to swich it off </p>

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Known Bugs: none</p><p></p><p>Planned features:</p><p>- Some options for seconds</p><p></p><p>v0.0.3: Sunrise and sunset implemented. Bug fixing: in case of no heartrate "null" was shown, now "-" is shown</p><p>v0.0.4: Show seconds, Bug fixing</p><p>v0.0.5: optionally automatic adaption of minutes scale</p><p>v0.0.6: bug fixing: sun events are depicted in 12 hours mode if this is set</p><p>v0.0.7: Optional: If phone is not connected: enlarge the other two bands</p>

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 18)

2018. lipnja 15 | Verzija v0.3.8b-upd

Great, great, GREAT face. Maybe the best ! Full options and color like any other.

2018. svibnja 26 | Verzija v0.3.5a

Nice..if it possible make the indicator color thicker!thanks

Odgovor programera
2018. lipnja 01, topcaser

Unfortunately not. 2 Pixels would be inaccurate and three Pixels are to much

2018. svibnja 24 | Verzija v0.3.4


2018. svibnja 18 | Verzija v0.2.9a

One of the best and original watch faces I tested : maybe the best!!!. More than a test I will definitly keep it. Very good job, fast and regular improvement ! Continue like that ! Idea : having current stress score beside heart rate (option to replace average) could be fun if technically possible

Odgovor programera
2018. svibnja 18, topcaser

Stress level is currently not available for developers. Maybe it will in the future. I will then implement that optionally.

User 5x4
2018. svibnja 17 | Verzija v0.2.9

The best concept in this store.

2018. svibnja 02 | Verzija v0.1.5

Hello again, I would like if it is possible when i have connect phone your watchface show me the distance,and when one notigication come change to see notification and then again show me the distance...i hope understand me...! Thanks

Odgovor programera
2018. svibnja 02, topcaser

Sure, that's possible. What you are loosing is the information that your phone is connected. Another user suggested to introduce a compact notification view instead of a notification band to show another band permanently. Maybe this is the better solution for you. Please wait until this feature is implemented and if you are not satisfied we can discuss alternatives.

2018. travnja 30 | Verzija v0.1.4


2018. travnja 28 | Verzija v0.1.4

Hello...nice the last update dont working sunset and sunrise...quatix5...thanks!!!

Odgovor programera
2018. travnja 29, topcaser

Hi, Sunset and sunrise works perfectly on my FR935. Which watch do you have? A Fenix 5X? The 5X has some problems to get the location from the last activity. Therefore I store the location, once gathered by my watchface also in the watchfaces memory. If the location is not available via the last activity I take this stored information. Please do following (you have to do that only once): start an activity and wait for GPS. Then hit back to the watchface and you are sorted. Please contact me if you still see the problem.

2018. travnja 24 | Verzija v0.0.5a

Great concept and I am really looking forward to the updates you have in store. Quick feedback: I have a fenix 5 and I don't get a customize option when I choose this watch face on my watch. Is this one of the issues you might be working on? Thanks in advance!

Odgovor programera
2018. travnja 24, topcaser

Hi Timmy, thanks for your feedback. You can customize the watchface via your mobile or via your PC. It's described generally here how to do that: Saying this, what are you missing on the watchface to give a 5 star review? As I already stated in the watchface's description: please share your ideas with me by clicking the contact developer button to round up the watchface.

2018. travnja 24 | Verzija v0.0.5a

I'm very nervous with your project. It is the best watchface that I have tried so far even though it is in beta state. I've been with Garmin for almost 2 years and your work is really good and the evolution of your work is spectacular. Please, if you can give more value to the data collection of heartbeat it would be great, max, min, weekly history, you would be a Jedi for me. Thanks for your time and your work!

Odgovor programera
2018. travnja 25, topcaser

Hi Manuel, thanks for the flowers. The release cycles with new features were really short but believe me, some upcoming features will last longer - for some features I haven't indeed a concept yet rather than some quick ideas. For example: the notification band is useless if the phone is not connected. I could either enlarge the other two bands or could enlarge the hours area or could the user let select an alternative band, like altitude. Another problem with only rough solution ideas is how to show the goals of the activity bands permenantly without decreasing readability. Another problem will be showing the inactivity. Regarding hearrate: I have already some code in other watchfaces for min heart rate and the mean value of the weekly min heart rate. Due to limited space on the watchface I could let the user configure what to show, e. g. instead the weekly means min heartrate the max of the day. Maybe you have other ideas, then give me a short wink via the contact developer button.

Vincent PERIE
2018. travnja 19 | Verzija v0.0.0

Great idea ! I used to have the Decoder F5 on my fenix 5 but it is not possible to choose colors or other cool stuff... Waiting for uncoming functionnalities :-) Many thanks to you.

Odgovor programera
2018. travnja 19, topcaser

Hi, I didn't know decoder but as far as I can rate decoder from it's description it shows different things and has a slightly different concept. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information.

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