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*** Major update, on the Fenix 5, Fenix 6 Pro/Sapphire and the Vivoactive 3 series the widget now monitors the battery usage in the background.</p><p>*** Tested on fenix 5, fenix 6 Sapphire and Vivoactive 3 Music hardware. Make sure you are on the latest firmware before updating.</p><p>*** Vivoactive 3 menu issues should be resolved now. Long press to access the menu, press button or swipe to exit.</p>

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Version 3.2 - November 23, 2019:</p><p>- On newer devices the widget now monitors the battery usage in the background, resulting in a much more accurate graph</p><p>- Currently this version is available on the Fenix 5, Fenix 6 Pro/Sapphire and the Vivoactive 3 series</p><p>- Menu issues on Vivoactive 3 fixed</p><p>- Support for background monitoring on other compatible devices coming soon</p><p></p>

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 116)

2019. prosinca 05 | Verzija 3.2

Désactive le Gps

Mikhail Shamov
2019. studenoga 13 | Verzija 2.4b

Please add support for FR 945 :)

Odgovor programera
2019. studenoga 14, torsteinvh

A new version is coming soon, hopefully next week :) I'm currently testing it on my own watch.

Steph Bishop
2019. listopada 26 | Verzija 2.4b

I like the graph and am greatly looking forward to releases of Battery Gauge 2 to have full access on my Vivoactive 3!

Odgovor programera
2019. studenoga 23, torsteinvh

Vivoactive 3 menus should work now :)

2019. listopada 15 | Verzija 2.4b

please also for the Fenix ​​6x implement

Odgovor programera
2019. listopada 28, torsteinvh

I'm working on it :)

2019. listopada 11 | Verzija 2.4b

Draining battery sometimes more then 1%/h. Tested on two watches Fenix 5 with firmware 14.20. At start I thought that's my battery problem or watch face, I removed all watch faces and it was no effect. Finally removing Battery Gauge made power consumption 2,5%/day.

Odgovor programera
2019. listopada 12, torsteinvh

That’s very strange. The widget isn’t running in the background, so I cannot see any way the widget should use any battery when it is not visible. I’ll update my own fenix 5 over the weekend and see what happens.

2019. rujna 25 | Verzija 2.4b


2019. kolovoza 27 | Verzija 2.4b

График неточный! Я поставил метку 18.08.2019 сегодня 27.08.2019 прошло 9 дней, а на графике показано что прошло 7 дней, недочет 2 дня

Andrew H
2019. kolovoza 02 | Verzija 2.4b

Data is inaccurate on fenix 5s, neither graph nor stats

Odgovor programera
2019. kolovoza 04, torsteinvh

Inaccurate how? Did you read and understand the description and limitations of the widget?

Antoni Pons
2019. srpnja 30 | Verzija 2.4b

It works quite well.

2019. srpnja 28 | Verzija 2.4b

On my vivoactive 3 the widget cannot be uninstalled, error message and the watch is frozen. The watch needs a reset to work again, widget still active :-(

Odgovor programera
2019. srpnja 29, torsteinvh

Thanks for the bad review. You could at least have given me a chance to reply to your email and let med explain that this is not a fault of the widget, neither anything I can do anything about directly. Install/Uninstall problems are Garmin Connect related. The simplest way to solve this is to connect the watch to a PC, and physically delete the widget file from the APP folder.

2019. srpnja 16 | Verzija 2.4b

Говно. На 235-х не график, а просто точка на текущем уровне заряда. А совместимость заявлена!

Ivan Dilov 🇪🇺🇧🇬
2019. srpnja 04 | Verzija 2.4b

It doesn't work correctly on Fenix 5x v.13.30. I installed the app after Fenix 5x had battery draining problem one year ago. It worked perfectly. Now it has problems in graph plotting, statistics, log

Sergey K.
2019. srpnja 01 | Verzija 2.4b

Detailed Stats doesn't work for Beta 8.1 Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Look at photos and watch the video - P.S. Thanks for the great measurement tool! Please take into account this info,

2019. lipnja 30 | Verzija 2.4b

Best battery meter app, but please add support for new watches 945 !

2019. lipnja 08 | Verzija 2.4b

Best battery meter app, but please add support for new watches!

2019. svibnja 23 | Verzija 2.4b

Best battery meter available, but please add MARQ support!!

Dani B
2019. travnja 03 | Verzija 2.4b

As a Vivoactive 3 user, I am waiting for a fix. However, I would like to congratulate the developer for such a useful app, keep up and I cross fingers!

2019. siječnja 31 | Verzija 2.4b

Very convenient! I would like to have it as app. Since it has to make some calculations, it ends up slowing all my widget "roll". If I could install it like an app, that would be perfect.

2019. siječnja 23 | Verzija 2.4b

really great App. Well done. Thanks.

Малюгин Дмитрий
2018. prosinca 10 | Verzija 2.4b

Очень хорошее и полезное приложение!

2018. prosinca 01 | Verzija 2.4b

App works great. Particularly like setting reference points.

Σάββας Σ.
2018. studenoga 28 | Verzija 2.4b

Not working (Vivoactive 3)

2018. studenoga 05 | Verzija 2.4b

Awesome work!

2018. listopada 21 | Verzija 2.4b

Very good widget, I have been using it on the original vivo-active, I just got the vivo-active 3 and can't figure out how to access the setting menu, all I get is the chart with 1 week scale but can't perform any changes.

Odgovor programera
2018. listopada 24, torsteinvh

As stated in other comments, I'm aware of the problem with teh Viviactive 3, and I am working on a fix.

Tony Dauvillier
2018. rujna 05 | Verzija 2.4b

Looks good, but on a touchscreen device (VA3) I couldn't find any ways to get to the menu, other screens etc. The graph is displayed but no setting, no next screen, no scaling of difference period (day, week etc). I look forward to being able to use this widget fully on the VA3 for now, just a passive graph, no other actions possible.

Odgovor programera
2018. rujna 10, torsteinvh

As stated in a couple of other reviews lately, I'm aware of this problem, and will fix it eventually.

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