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Runcasts is a podcast player designed to make syncing podcasts to your Garmin watch as simple and quick as possible, no iTunes or computer necessary.</p><p></p><p>Runcasts works by constantly monitoring your podcasts for new episodes and once new episodes appear, our servers proactively compress and store them until your next sync.</p><p></p><p></p><p>=== How It Works ===</p><p></p><p>• Sign up at</p>

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=== 4.9 ===</p><p>• Added optional Short ID to let you shorten long podcast titles for improved readability on small screens (ex: from 'Accidental Tech Podcast' to 'ATP')</p><p>• Added Hotkey setting for touchscreen watches to let you choose between 'Volume' or 'Runcasts Menu' for easy access</p><p>• No longer pre-select all episodes when Auto Sync is enabled: this speeds up the process of selecting a small subset of episodes within the Queue, aka Quick Sync. Episodes are still pre-selected in Manual Sync mode and on first sync to avoid tedious clicking</p>

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 74)

Robert Williams
2020. lipnja 01 | Verzija 4.9.0

Cool little app. much easier to navigate than spotify. If I want to listen to music I just switch back to my spotify app music playlist. Easy to download, sync and use. $5 a month is very reasonable. I will stick with this app.

Luke Shepherd
2020. svibnja 29 | Verzija 4.9.0

Decent little app, seems to work reliably in syncing podcasts across. The website interface is a bit clunky and needs refining but works ok. I was all ready to subscribe until I found they wanted $5 a month! I subscribe to Pocketcasts for only $10 a year. Please make the subscription pricing a bit more reasonable and I'll be first in line to sign up!

Karsten Dilz
2020. svibnja 29 | Verzija 4.9.0

Tolle Alternative für lange Läufe

2020. svibnja 14 | Verzija 4.8.0

Perfect app for all your podcast needs, easily sets me up for my long runs being able to load up podcasts over 2 hours long. Thanks to the Devs for making this possible

Mark Tibbet
2020. svibnja 10 | Verzija 4.8.0

There are a lot of problems with this app. I’m not going to bash the developers but I do think gamin should step up and help them figure out how to make it work correctly. I currently have to reinstall almost every run to get a new podcast, and there is not a way to choose between runcasts and amazon music.

Odgovor programera
2020. svibnja 10, rconradharris

Hey Mark, if you hit us up at [email protected] we'd love a chance to help you out. We've had good luck getting folks squared away, especially recently now that we have access to more devices.

Peter Connors
2020. svibnja 05 | Verzija 4.7.0

This works great and is an excellent solution to the mess that is Spotify podcast sync'ing. Between Amazon Prime for music and this for podcasts, have my media wants covered without needing to subscribe to Spotify. I appreciate the free option and the clarity around what's free and what's paid, both in the description (on ConnectIQ) and the dev's webpage. If other users aren't reading that material, it really doesn't seem like the dev's fault...

Marcus Jenal
2020. svibnja 03 | Verzija 4.7.0

Really good App, happy to pay for it to keep it going. Giving it 4 Stars because the website is a bit clumsy when you search for podcasts or episodes. Would be good to invest in that. Synchronisation with Apple Podcast would be another amazing feature.

Melissa Butler
2020. svibnja 03 | Verzija 4.7.0

Good idea but I was surprised to find that you can only subscribe to one podcast unless you pay for a subscription. Don't bother downloading unless you're ready for yet another monthly fee.

Mitch Lock
2020. travnja 29 | Verzija 4.7.0

Used frequently and love the app. However once you download you can’t switch between ru casts and Spotify. Annoying glitch.

Odgovor programera
2020. svibnja 10, rconradharris

Hi Mitch, we recently updated our docs at to clarify how to switch music providers. That should help some, but if you're still having trouble, please contact us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to troubleshoot.

Lisette Fabian
2020. travnja 24 | Verzija 4.7.0

Absolutely perfect for my needs, even the free version. Syncs quickly too. Thank you!

2020. travnja 18 | Verzija 4.7.0

Seems like it'd be great but you need to add functionality with the fënix 6 series watches. I have the 6S Pro and when trying to sync for the first time, get a "Use Phone to Sign In to Runcasts" during the process. Supposedly a window should pop up on my phone, but that's not the case. This needs to be addressed. Thanks. Watch: Garmin fënix 6S Pro Phone/OS: OnePlus 6T Android 9.0.11

Constantin Weid-Nickel
2020. travnja 17 | Verzija 4.7.0

It's great that we get a podcast app for free - something the Garmin community desperately needs. But why does the app description say nothing about the restrictions of the free version? You are only able to have 3 episodes on your watch at a time and are only able to subscribe to one podcast. Also, it's 2020. A quick video on how to set up the app would be really helpful and remove all the unnecessary complications. Tell your customers about the apps limitations of the free version up front and they might want to support you instead of tricking them into features that in reality are behind a paywall.

Joe Colman
2020. travnja 14 | Verzija 4.7.0

Really good app - I like the podcast queuing system and it helps take away the annoyance of managing podcasts. The compression system works well as Garmin watches are very short on memory but this does seem to result in a slight loss of quality on the audio. It's still completely listenable however and far superior to the unusable Spotify Podcast system on Garmin. Only one possible bug I might mention which is that it gives the "battery to low to sync" warning when my watch is on 50% charge - usually watch restrictions kick in when I drop below 20%. 50% seems like quite a high level of charge for syncing unless there is a particular reason for it. Great App! Thank you for creating it!

Chris Barker
2020. travnja 04 | Verzija 4.7.0

I have downloaded the app but it won't install. Not very functional.

Bogdan Znakharenko
2020. veljače 20 | Verzija 4.5.0

I am playing with Free version since yesterday. Can't find how to refresh / resync podcasts? Initial sync when it was installed was ok. I have listened to 1 dowloaded episode completely and now I want to listen to other one. How I can do it?

Odgovor programera
2020. veljače 27, rconradharris

Hi Bogdan, I believe we were able to clarify the process with you via email. Just in case other folks run into the same issue: you can manually sync using the cog / gear icon on button-based watches. In the rare event that the cog / gear icon doesn't show up in the player, restarting the watch should fix that.

Kim Lewis
2020. veljače 03 | Verzija 4.5.0

I have premie and I love it. Its so easy to sync and I'm always up to date with my chosen podcasts. They also support podcasts others don't. Excellent support, very responsive. Thanks guys! Keep it up

Jordan Carver
2020. veljače 02 | Verzija 4.5.0

Sorry to see the negative reviews. I can certainly understand peoples frustration if they blame it for not being able to access other music sources, but that seems to be confusion as to how Garmin works. For me, once I figured everything out, it has worked perfectly, and being able to listen to podcasts on long runs from my forerunner is amazing. Thank you for making this available.

Martin Otčenášek
2020. siječnja 12 | Verzija 4.5.0

Very simple application, everything is funkcional. Download podcast is very quickly, funkcional without fee.

Joshua Stillwell
2019. studenoga 18 | Verzija 4.4.0

Worked for me first time, got my favorite podcast to my my Fenix in 5 minutes. I don't know what's up with all the negative reviews, just follow directions guys! It even has album art, sweet!

Rob Rose
2019. studenoga 01 | Verzija 4.4.0

Works well for me. Running the free version. Takes a bit of time to upload, but I have not experienced any issues.

Steve Fowler
2019. listopada 30 | Verzija 4.4.0

Waste of time.

2019. listopada 30 | Verzija 4.4.0

worst music app ever!! wifi was on all the time! and still cannot connect! plus syncing 0% for the past 30mins and still at 30%!! cannot even connect to phone's network!!

John McGibbon
2019. listopada 22 | Verzija 4.4.0

The issue of being unable to access Spotify, etc, can be resolved by accessing the choice of music providers via Settings-Music-Music Providers and selecting source there. Excellent app

Andy Cheney
2019. rujna 30 | Verzija 4.2.3

Issues to begin with - the dev is responsive & app working great now. If you’re more than a casual listener of pods then this is a must! Support the independent devs- $5/month is perfectly reasonable!

James Meade
2019. rujna 28 | Verzija 4.2.2

Really struggling with it, I'm trying to remove and would advise installing for the moment. Fenix 6 Pro

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