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Najpoznatiji umjetnici na svijetu. Sad sviraju na vašem zapešću.</p><p>Pristupite i preuzmite svoje popise pjesama, albume i podcastove kako bi ih mogli slušati bilo gdje. Preuzmite glazbu iz kategorije Za vas ili Vježbanje kako biste pronašli nove pjesme koje će vas dodatno motivirati dok se znojite.</p><p></p><p>Napomena: za Spotify na Garminu morate imati Spotify Premium račun


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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 1.063)

Jamón Iberico
2019. prosinca 07

Update!! It works!! Found a solution by myself. It seems that the watch has s problem with wpa2/wps protection from my Router. As i made my wifi public i could synchronisize my Playlists....well thats no good compromise !!!!so i made a Hotspot with my mobile with a passwortprotection and it worked!!! Rezension 4.12.19 If i choose a playlist the APP tries to load but then i get a wifi error, even though I am conected to the Internet.

Daniel Lindblom
2019. prosinca 07

Such a poor app. Not possible to update playlist and content expires. Shitty from day 1.

2019. prosinca 07

Same as everyone else here. It worked great a few months ago now fails every podcast I try to sync. Just make a feature to sync over a cable or something! I could have saved 50$.

Laura Slebus
2019. prosinca 06

Afspeellijsten worden niet gedownload. Verbindt niet met wifi-netwerk, foutcode 0200. Hopelijk wordt dit snel opgelost anders zeg ik mijn abonnement op en breng de fenix6s sapphire (€799!) terug.

Remko De Jong
2019. prosinca 06

Ik krijg het onmogelijk voor elkaar op mijn Venu. superfrustrerend! Alles lijkt goed, maar op mijn watch blijft ie melden dat ik mij moet aanmelden in Connect, in Connect meldt ie dat ik op mijn telefoon afspeellijsten moet selecteren. Ik geeft het op...

Steve Smith
2019. prosinca 05

Fenix 5 plus . Spent 3 hrs to no effect this is nuts , reinstalled everything twice , asks permission to open then nothing happens . Pissed!!!!

2019. prosinca 05

Works great on FR245 music. I expect that functionality will improve over time. Please make it easier to skip forward on long podcasts, 15 second increments are a pain when you want to go an hour in.

Paul Stubbington
2019. prosinca 05

Spotify was working fine on my forerunner 945 until a few days ago when it asked me to update the downloads and then the sync failed. I've tried various things and this evening uninstalled and reinstalled spotify. Sounds easy but it's taken me a couple of hours to get to that point after various failed attempts. It now seems to be installed and uploading a playlist, so fingers crossed.

2019. prosinca 05

Works for me on my FR 245 Music but I can't believe we can only select a playlist and then have to manually skip through every single song to get to the later ones. Allow a view of the whole playlist!

2019. prosinca 05

Got a new gatmin 6x sapphire. Spotify iq app downloaded, login at connect but adding music just stops at searching for wifi with an 0200 error. Worthless. GET THIS FIXED ASAP FOR A 849€ watch!!!

David 🇮🇹
2019. prosinca 05

I don't understand why so many customers are having issues with this app. Works great for me (Fenix 5 Plus)!

2019. prosinca 05

Rubbish, never worked for me! Don’t know why it’s still here???

Andrew W.
2019. prosinca 05

Get used to seeing the words "Sync failed." I waste more time trying to download a podcast than I do actually using the watch to listen to said podcast on my runs. Why is the sync feature so buggy?

2019. prosinca 04

Can't sync any songs with my new Garmin venu. I hit sync on the watch and then it just sits at 0% and nothing downloads. Ridiculous for a $300 watch.

Amy Hayward
2019. prosinca 04

Useless. Felix 5S, loads the music however doesn’t play it. Try to update and it searches for WiFi, sometimes connects then says sync failed. Had this watch for 3months now and never had Spotify work.

2019. prosinca 04

Does not work - useless

Aaron Meese
2019. prosinca 04

The only reason I bought this watch was for the music storage. Now I'm seeing that there is zero effort by the company to support this issue that is obviously a problem for a lot of customers. My Garmin Venu fails to sync every single time I try to download a playlist and I am extremely disappointed.

James Davey
2019. prosinca 04

Doesn't work. Have installed Spotify but can't open or add playlists or anything

2019. prosinca 04

Blocking downloads of playlists due to low battery ( at 32%) is ridiculous. Should be a warning message at best.

Alexander Altby
2019. prosinca 04

Works perfectly fine with my Forerunner 645 Music

Niggle (Nigel)
2019. prosinca 04

Great. Took 5 minutes and works well.

2019. prosinca 03

Finally works like supposed. Also podcasts, which were not working in previous versions. (Fenix 5 plus)

Luke Palmer
2019. prosinca 03

Brilliantly done. Allows seamless sync to watch and listen to your favourite playlists. My experience is on a Vivoactive 3 Music.

2019. prosinca 03

Works awesome with vva4 and jaybird vista. Didnt work with JBL reflect.

Colin van Zyl
2019. prosinca 03

Avoid this app at all costs. It does not work. I just get “sync failed” errors like everyone else. A terrible effort by both Garmin and Spotify. I have cancelled my Spotify subscription.

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