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Why spend time configuring and switching between multiple data screens when you can SmartCycle? </p><p></p><p>SmartCycle intelligently displays the right info at the right time. When riding SmartCycle helps you focus on key real-time stats; when stopped SmartCycle shows you summary stats. No configuration is required!</p><p></p><p>On Edge devices Smartcycle can be paired with another data field (or more on some devices). When riding SmartCycle shows speed, cadence, power, heart rate with HR zones chart, over / under average speed gauge, compass heading, battery gauge, and time of day. When stopped, SmartCycle shows current time, distance, average speed, total ascent, average cadence, average power in watts, HR zones chart, calories burned, and Training Effect. No configuration is required because SmartCycle dynamically determines if you are using heart rate, cadence, and power sensors.

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This is the second version of SmartCycle. Highlights of this version: time of day clock is now shown on the main screen, much improved multi-field support for larger devices like the Edge series, improved battery gauge, improved average speed gauge on round devices, support for black backgrounds, and HR zones chart should match Garmin's. See detailed release notes below.</p><p></p><p>SmartCycle is a data field, not an app or widget. You need to configure a screen in the Cycling activity with one data field in it (larger devices can have more than one data field), and add SmartCycle from the list of Connect IQ data fields. See "Customizing the data screens" in your manual or the online manual for your device to see how to do this.</p>

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Prosječna ocjena: (Broj ocjena: 30)

2020. siječnja 30 | Verzija 2.3.0

one of the most beautiful apps, the only lack of lap time

Odgovor programera
2020. veljače 01, wpwoodjr

I'm happy you like SmartCycle! I don't know where I could display lap time on the SmartCycle screen. Personally I put lap time on a separate screen.

Alexander Lampert
2019. prosinca 14 | Verzija 2.3.0

I use SmartCycle on my forerunner 945 and like it very much. In the review I read about a request for displaying the slope and the answer that there is no more space left. I've a simple idea: A gauge like the comparison with average speed at the lower part. This would be beautful.

Odgovor programera
2019. prosinca 18, wpwoodjr

Good idea, I'll have to think about it! One of the issues is that it has to work on multiple form factors, eg round, rectangular, etc. Glad you are enjoying SmartCycle!

2019. listopada 02 | Verzija 2.3.0

Excellent app, efficient and clear on my 935. Thank you

Odgovor programera
2019. listopada 05, wpwoodjr

I'm so happy you like it!

2019. rujna 22 | Verzija 2.3.0

Excited to give this a shot! I found this app while trying to find a way to connect a power meter to a vivoactive 3. Question: I have a vivoactive 3 and am looking into buying a stages gen 3 power meter. It’s Bluetooth 4.0 and ant + . Will smart cycle be able to pick up the power meter? Do I have to worry about any accuracy issues? Thanks for taking the time to make the app and answer my question :)

Odgovor programera
2019. rujna 22, wpwoodjr

Hi, I'm sorry to say that from my reading the vivoactive 3 doesn't support power meters, so SmartCycle won't be able to see it either.

Robin Perkins
2019. lipnja 24 | Verzija 2.3.0

Want to use it on my Edge 1030. Not sure how to set it up, how many data fields is recommended? Do you put Smart Cycle on just one of the data fields? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Odgovor programera
2019. lipnja 25, wpwoodjr

Hi Robin, you have a lot of flexibility in configuring the field layout for SmartCycle on the Edge 1030. One, two, and three field layouts work well, but any of the "b" layouts work even better if you put SmartCycle in one of the large fields. For instance with the "4 Fields B" layout you could have two smaller fields up top, SmartCycle in the middle, and a map in the bottom field. Good luck!

2019. svibnja 18 | Verzija 2.3.0

the best APP!!! thank you for FENIX 5 compatibility!!!

Odgovor programera
2019. svibnja 19, wpwoodjr

You're welcome!

Andrew Wayman
2019. svibnja 16 | Verzija 2.3.0

Love it on the Forerunner 945. It makes the most of the available space.

Odgovor programera
2019. svibnja 16, wpwoodjr

Thanks Andrew! I have the FR935 and use it on my handlebars with the Garmin bike mount:

Marcello de Sousa
2018. studenoga 29 | Verzija 1.20-upd2

The best for cycling. Please update to support Vivoactive 3...please! :)

Odgovor programera
2019. travnja 09, wpwoodjr

The Vivoactive 3 is now supported!

2018. listopada 22 | Verzija 1.20-upd2

Is The best app for the watch please support Fenix 5

Odgovor programera
2019. travnja 09, wpwoodjr

The Fenix 5 is now supported!

2018. srpnja 17 | Verzija 1.20-upd2

Great app! Is it possible to support the 5x plus? Thanx in advance

Odgovor programera
2019. travnja 09, wpwoodjr

The fēnix® 5X Plus is now supported!

Corey Miller
2018. svibnja 05 | Verzija 1.20-upd1

The only screen I use!

Aleksandr Salamatin
2018. ožujka 10 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Great layout! The only one thing I need more -is the indicating the current gradient (in degrees). Are you going to add this feature?

Odgovor programera
2019. travnja 09, wpwoodjr

Sorry but I don't think there is room :(

Andreas Schrader
2018. veljače 08 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Great. I used it on my Edge 1000. Very clean data field - no distraction while riding but all data available when needed. Smart indeed. Any chance of making it available for the 1030?

Odgovor programera
2019. travnja 09, wpwoodjr

SmartCycle is now available for the Edge 1030!

Max Palatnik
2018. siječnja 23 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Works great for spinning VA HR. Two questions, what is the center colored vertical bar representative of? Second, is it possible to incorporate an estimated power meter?

Odgovor programera
2018. siječnja 23, wpwoodjr

The center colored vertical bar shows battery life. It turns yellow at 25% and red at 15%. SmartCycle will display power if there is an Ant+ power sensor, but does not estimate power.

2017. studenoga 29 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Love using it on the vivoactive HR. Can you add the vivoactive 3?

Odgovor programera
2019. travnja 09, wpwoodjr

SmartCycle now supports the Vivoactive 3!

Saša Vegi
2017. svibnja 27 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Great and clean layout! Just what I need.

Petr Mikeska
2017. travnja 09 | Verzija 1.20-upd

At the beginning very good. Please adjust the compass

Willem Knopper
2017. siječnja 01 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Great app, but the compass arrow is not very accurate, it is a good feature, but as it is now it is basically useless.

Odgovor programera
2017. siječnja 02, wpwoodjr

Thanks for trying SmartCycle! I too have noticed that sometimes the compass is accurate, and sometimes it jumps around and is not accurate. I will need to look into this further. If you could please email me your device type, that may help. Click on "Contact Developer" to email me.

2016. prosinca 21 | Verzija 1.20-upd

Nice but user defined fields is a must. There is not a single serious competitor that has any interest in MPH during a race.

Odgovor programera
2016. prosinca 22, wpwoodjr

Interesting... I'm not a racer. What fields do you like to see during a race?

Jia Shiun Chen
2016. listopada 24 | Verzija 1.20-upd

When I'm stopped, SmartCycle can't displays 9 summary stats on my 235.

Odgovor programera
2016. listopada 25, wpwoodjr

Thanks for your interest in SmartCycle! Some Garmin devices like the 235 don't have enough memory to support showing all statistics. I was really stretching the limits of memory on these devices, and was happy to be able to provide the full SmartCycle experience when you're moving, and average speed and distance stats when you're stopped. Newer devices like the 735, Fenix Chronos, vivoactives, and the Edge devices support the full list of summary stats.

2016. rujna 26 | Verzija 1.20

great idea but would be useful if you could edit which fields are displayed. also i received a quick reply from the app developer that was positive. definitely a useful download for your watch!

Odgovor programera
2016. rujna 26, wpwoodjr

Thanks for the positive feedback! In order to make SmartCycle available on a broad range of Garmin devices, I've had to choose between providing as much functionality as possible (compass, HR zones, battery, average speed over/under bar, auto display of attached sensor info, stats when stopped) vs. the ability for users to select which fields to show. This is due to memory constraints on older Garmins. I tried to the best choices possible to make your cycling experience truly "smart"!

Cory Newton
2016. rujna 21 | Verzija 1.20

Awesome job on this one. Great info and easy to read while riding. The information page that automatically comes up when pausing is great

2016. rujna 14 | Verzija 1.20

Well done, works great on the 920XT, thanks!

Odgovor programera
2016. rujna 15, wpwoodjr

Good to know, as I don't have one to test with :-)

Ian Doolan
2016. rujna 04 | Verzija 1.20

Genius upgrade when added to Garmin Cycle activity on my 235. Nice one! Don't know how I lived without it....

2016. kolovoza 30 | Verzija 1.1

This is a great cycling app: it displays all you need on one screen, with speed in large size and all the other relevant info below, including detail such as heart rate zone percentage and relative speed, without it getting cluttered. When stopped/paused, a summary page pops up with more essential info for you to process before the lights change to green. It's now my 'stock' cycling app - give it a try, and thanks Bill for putting it together.

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