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edgePower - Estimated Power Meter for Cycling


TRY EDGEPOWER PRO:</p><p>This Data Field estimates the power used in order to move your bike against air resistance, rolling resistance, accelerations and hills. </p><p>It's designed to work with road bikes and was created because I was not satisfied of the alternatives available, both concerning power accuracy and battery consumption. I'm sharing it since the results are good and it really helps to pace yourself, especially uphill, try it!</p>

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0.1.0: initial release, please signal bugs if you find any.</p><p>0.1.1: improved SETTINGS, grade graph now works in Connect IQ.</p><p>0.1.2: fixed power spikes on activity start and resume. </p><p>0.1.3: enhaced grade algorythm response time, AVERAGE POWER now shows in activity SUMMARY.</p><p>0.1.4: fixed a small bug appearing when resetting the activity


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Alex B
2021. travnja 18 | Verzija 0.1.4

Great app for cyclists who don't own a powermeter! Sometimes I get 0w while pedalling but the strong face wind maybe the cause? Regardless, it seems quite accurate.

Odgovor programera
2021. travnja 18, mfabio98

You’re right, a strong headwind and/or a sudden deceleration may be the cause of that behaviour, it can’t be perfect. However, the computed average has been shown to be quite close to other sources. Thanks for your feedback!

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