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Ride with GPS is the best way to plan routes for your Garmin device, with multiple map types to choose from and full turn by turn navigation. The Ride with GPS Connect IQ app allows you to wirelessly download routes to your Garmin on the go, with no need for cables or a computer.

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v1.2.3</p><p> - Adds support for the Edge 1040 and Edge 1030 Plus</p><p> - Resolves UI issues on Edge 1030 Bontrager</p><p></p><p>v1.2.2</p><p>- Add support for Connect IQ version 3.1.5</p><p></p><p>v1.2.1</p><p>- Bug fixes</p><p></p><p>v1.2.0</p><p>- Fixed an out of memory issue when loading certain routes</p><p>- Improved loading times for Pinned and Recent Routes</p><p></p><p>v1.1.0</p><p>- Added support for Edge 530 and Edge 830 devices</p>


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  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
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  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 1040 Edge® 1040
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  • Edge® 530 Edge® 530
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  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
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דירוג ממוצע: (46 דירוגים)

Brian McEntire
26 בפברואר 2023 | גרסה 1.2.3

Love this app for downloading routes to my bike computer, PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR FENIX 7 WATCHES TOO.

Quinn Rohlf
12 בספטמבר 2022 | גרסה 1.2.3

Great app! The developers should really add support for Garmin smartwatches as well :)

Richard Freeth
5 באוגוסט 2022 | גרסה 1.2.3

If you are a Ride with GPS user, this is a must-have. It is so simple to download and ride your online routes. It's worked perfectly for me on my 800, 1030, and now 1040. Only one improvement I would like to see is a thumbnail of the selected route.

武者 晋一郎
29 ביוני 2022 | גרסה 1.2.2


Brad Earley
28 ביוני 2022 | גרסה 1.2.2

The 5* is for when it worked on my 530. Until the 1030+ gets it I will not rate it. Don't understand why I cannot get it on the 1030+. Not sure I would have bought it knowing that.

27 במרץ 2022 | גרסה 1.2.2

The pinning isn’t 100%. Perhaps there is a limit of the number of pins? I have had to unpin and repin to get all to work of 12 I needed. On my Garmin 1030 side, The pins show up in IQ Connect but if you use the download button they will not show as saved courses. You must use the download and ride button. The ride will show up in saved courses, however it will wipe out the previous one that you downloaded using download and ride button under saved courses, so you will have to do this daily if you have a stage race, for instance.

24 בינואר 2022 | גרסה 1.2.2

This is very convenient if it supports your device. I wrote an IQ app/widget that does the same thing (and a bunch of other things) and is available on many more devices.

Oskar van Eeden
6 בנובמבר 2021 | גרסה 1.2.2

Like other users, not showing downloaded pinned routes any longer, despite confirmation message downloaded route can be found in course menu. Very helpful otherwise loading routes to garmin edge 830 running 8.20 software.

Chip Frey
1 בנובמבר 2021 | גרסה 1.2.2

Doesn’t show pinned routes on Edge 530 anymore. No matter what I do, resets, unlink, link, uninstall, reinstall, etc. Pinned routes do not show up in IQ app on Garmin.

14 באוקטובר 2021 | גרסה 1.2.2

L'application n'est pas compatible avec le EDGE 1030 Plus, ce qui est fort dommage.

Joyell Arscott
1 באוגוסט 2021 | גרסה 1.2.2

The app was working great for my club rides with my Garmin 530. Now nothing I send from RWGPS is successfully added. I only get error codes. Very frustrating when you are not near a laptop.

7 במאי 2021 | גרסה 1.2.2

Was great but now I'm getting repeated HTTP error: 0 messages when I try to load routes on my 530. Mildly frustrating the night before a race.

Malcolm Taylor
17 במרץ 2021 | גרסה 1.2.2

This app has reduced the faff involved in loading a route immensely. IT's almost as good as automatic synchronization. I just pin the route in the app or on the web and there it is on my Garmin.

Brian Hackathorne
2 בנובמבר 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

I'd put a great rating in here if I were able to sync my Garmin fenix 5x. The watch has the same functionality as the 830 I currently have for some of my bikes. It'd be great to get this on the watch as well.

Simon Kroner
3 באוגוסט 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

Great app but not compatible with my Edge 1030 Plus. Are you going to deliver an update for this?

Fred Stucky
29 ביוני 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

Will there be an update for 1030 Plus? Wonderful app yes.

Kelvin Brewington
29 ביוני 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

Easy to install and setup. Routes download in seconds to my Garmin Edge 1000

Bruce Lutz
2 ביוני 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

Easiest app to load routes to your garmin. Best route creator software as well.

Nick Van Praag
22 במאי 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

Can you make this available on Fenix? - I use RWGPS to plot my trailruns (OSM outdoors is the best maplayer). To get the GPX on Fenix is arduous at the moment and this app would solve it...

Marek Petrik
21 במאי 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

Works really well with Edge 830. I love it, makes it so easy to upload courses.

Victor Bale
28 באפריל 2020 | גרסה 1.2.2

When will this be available for the Garmin Explore?

30 בנובמבר 2019 | גרסה 1.2.2

Me ha dejado el garmin bloqueado. Y encima en inglés. Un aplauso.

mike bennett
29 באוקטובר 2019 | גרסה 1.2.2

Used to use my mobile phone running with ridewithgps as navigation together with my 820 for metrics as I did not like the navigation on the edge. (The turn left at a roundabout when the route was straight on has added many km's onto rides). Tried the IQ app on the weekend and it worked perfectly for a 57km ride - I liked the way a route created on the computer took minutes to be included on the edge 820. Will give it a good testing on longer routes.

25 באוקטובר 2019 | גרסה 1.2.2

This is sorely needed on the 820. I can be done already on the 520 without this app.

Joseph Bovaconti
25 באוקטובר 2019 | גרסה 1.2.2

Love RWGPS..... Its been my go-to cycling app for years! I was using my iPhone for navigation (big screen) and the Garmin just to keep track of stats. So happy to have my two apps play nicely now. This is GREAT!

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