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A meditation/yoga app that tracks as an activity the heart rate, stress, heart rate variability (HRV) and provides vibration alerts.</p><p></p><p>User Guide:</p><p></p><p></p><p>Shortlisted as "Best of the rest" by wareable:</p><p></p><p>For Fenix, Vivoactive 4, Forerunner and other supported watches see:


2.3.0: Save Meditate activity as Breathworks</p><p>2.2.1: Fixed FIT file corruption on saving session when using multi-session mode</p><p>2.2: Saving Meditate activity as Cardio</p><p>2.1.3: Added compatibility to newer Vivoactive 3 watches</p><p>2.0.1: Fixed out of memory issue on session start caused by specific session settings</p><p>2.0: Major improvements in HRV tracking. Added RMSSD and other time-domain methods. See the user guide for more info.</p>

Informations supplémentaires


Cette application nécessite l'accès aux éléments suivants :

  • Fichiers FIT (enregistrements d'activité)
  • Enregistrer des informations supplémentaires dans les fichiers d'activité
  • Données de capteur (ANT+, fréquence cardiaque, compas)
  • vívoactive® 3 vívoactive® 3
  • vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz® Collection
  • vívoactive® 3 Music vívoactive® 3 Music
Moyenne des évaluations : (33 évaluations)

14 mars 2023 | Version 2.3.0

I agree with Justin. Is it possible to include start and end stress levels? Otherwise, the app is great.

Karmen Verdnik
3 mars 2023 | Version 2.3.0

Watch show more information about meditation and app in mobile phone show less. Hope you work on this problem. Otherwise, it's ok. Work good on my vivoactive 3hr.

20 février 2023 | Version 2.3.0

Thank you for this perfect app to meditate. Unfortunately, for a while now, I have not been able to turn it on on my vivoactive 3... I have tried to uninstall/reinstall it but without success so far.

David Steigerwald
28 janvier 2023 | Version 2.3.0

I have been using for years on my Vivoactive 3, but now I had to reinstall to get it to work. Hopefully it will continue to start up (symptom was it wouldn’t start)

Jim McGowan
28 janvier 2023 | Version 2.3.0

I have enjoyed this app for some time no, but it seems to no longer work on my Vivoactive 3 Music.

Akshat Bhargava
16 novembre 2022 | Version 2.3.0

All data available in watch not available in Garmin connect. Strava syncs show meditation activities as workout which is weird

13 novembre 2022 | Version 2.3.0


25 août 2022 | Version 2.3.0

Seulement PARFAIT

30 juin 2022 | Version 2.3.0

Nicht mehr nutzbar. Am Anfang funktionierte die App wunderbar. Habe sie immer gerne zur Entspannung genutzt. Jetzt seit ein paar Monaten startet sie leider nicht mehr. Deinstallieren und neu installieren brachte leider keinen Erfolg. Schade!! Es wäre schön wenn der Entwickler sich hierzu äußern würde.

14 avril 2022 | Version 2.3.0

I love this app. But I do have but one request: When it stores the information in the Garmin Connect app, it doesn't put in the starting and ending stress levels, even though it shows stress data in the app on the watch. I just want it to show the data over time how effective meditating is before and after. I mean... There is a chart that shows heart rate over the entire meditation session, but no comparison of stress levels. PLEASE dev, add this feature! Other than this, I love this app and I use it at least twice a day. Just want more information! ☮️

14 janvier 2022 | Version 2.3.0

Super app pour mediter On peux régler plusieurs sessions avec différentes durées, couleur, vibrations Bref parfait

28 février 2021 | Version 2.3.0

It works perfect. I really love it.

Christina Gärtner
23 février 2021 | Version 2.3.0

Meditate ist gut. Man kann verschiedene Zeiten mit verschiedenen Farben einstellen. Ich hatte das Programm auf meiner Uhr „Vivoactive 3“. Plötzlich funktioniert die App nicht mehr. Wir hatten sie deinstalliert, dann wieder installiert, sie ging wieder, aber nur kurz. Keine Ahnung was da los ist. Ich hätte gerne vom Entwickler eine Info, wie ich die App wieder aktivieren kann.

22 novembre 2020 | Version 2.2.2

Worked just fine before last update. Doesn’t start antmore (Vivoactive 3)

Koopa Taroopa
16 août 2020 | Version 2.2.2

Nice, I like how you can set presets and interval alerts. However, I use this app so I can do some deep breathing to calm down before I go to sleep. You should add another mode “Breathwork” so you can set breathing modes and even set a breathing animation (like a circle that grows and shrinks to indicate inhale and exhale times). It isn’t that convenient to set up tons of interval alerts. Perhaps on next update?

13 août 2020 | Version 2.2.2

It's free and does basically everything I want. I wish it didn't automatically upload to strava as a cardio activity, and I'm not so sure if the connect IQ stats it gives you are BS or not. The stress IQ % (which may be completely useless?) you can only see once on the screen but you can't see that data on the watch itself until you sync and look on the desktop app. Not a big deal - again because I don't really think this metric actually is worthwhile. The main thing is it creates a "meditaiton" object in garmin connect that you can search for and see trends in your heart rate over time, which is all I really wanted. Would be nice to be able to track average heart rate during meditation over time on a graph but you can at least export CSV and do it yourself. So for the low cost of free - this is definitely worth a download I highly recommend it. The stuff I don't like about it I can just ignore ultimately it gives me the automated data collection that I need so I can parse and analyze w/ excel later if I choose to do so. Thanks for sharing!!!

Anders Persson
1 août 2020 | Version 2.2.2

Finally a app for meditation does all i need with a simple ui.

30 juillet 2020 | Version 2.2.2

Great app, does what is needed.

1 juillet 2020 | Version 2.2.2

Really like this app, only suggestion would be a ‘pause’ function for when you are interrupted and need to briefly stop meditating

5 mai 2020 | Version 2.2.2

I like it a lot

26 décembre 2019 | Version 2.2.2

Really happy with the app, however no vibrations on my vivomusic 3. Any ideas would be great

Todd Pfeffer
25 décembre 2019 | Version 2.2.2

Love the app, however, I wish I could use my heart rate chest strap. My wrist heart rate is off my 10bpm from my chest strap.

7 décembre 2019 | Version 2.2.2

Everything I need. Simple and good.

26 novembre 2019 | Version 2.2.1

Excellent app Started using this a few days ago and Ito is great. More than just a timer. It has a great ‘vibe pattern’ feature.

Roberto Bisceglie
4 novembre 2019 | Version 2.2

Excellent app! I love it. May I ask why the activity is registered as aerobics/cardio in garmin connect? It would be great if it were fall under "breath exercises" instead