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Simple old-fashioned barometer that displays base level (sea-level) pressure as measured by the watch sensor. Supports millibars (mbar), inches of mercury (inHg), and millimeters of mercury (mmHg) as pressure unit. Pressure unit can be changed from widget settings in Garmin Connect app.</p><p></p><p>At least in my own testing the watch sensor in Vivoactive HR seems to be pretty accurate. The reading can be easily verified e.g. against airport routine meteorological reports (METARs) that are available for most airports. However, note that Garmin documentation says that accurate reading requires that a GPS altitude has been obtained, in order to take the local (ambient) pressure and convert the barometric pressure to base level pressure.</p>


Support for French language added. If you want to help me and do a translation to your own language, contact me using the "Contact Developer" button above and send me your email address.</p><p></p><p>Currently the app works in English, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, German, Slovak, French and Hungarian.

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Cette application nécessite l'accès aux éléments suivants :

  • Position GPS
  • Données de capteur (ANT+, fréquence cardiaque, compas)
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Moyenne des évaluations : (27 évaluations)

Michail Mavridis
21 novembre 2021 | Version 0.33

Complete unusual scam

Brian Swanson
8 mai 2020 | Version 0.33

It doesn't show accurate barometric pressure, it goes from 1002 to 1004 and that it

Maurice B
28 mars 2019 | Version 0.33

OK, La pression locale courante est juste. Mais pouvez-vous m'expliquer pourquoi la pression indiquée pour le niveau de de la mer (see-level) est toujours environ ~ 5.8 à 6.0 mb supérieure à celles qui est indiquée (see-level) par d'autres applications Garmin que j'ai installées sur ma montre vovoactive HR ?

22 janvier 2018 | Version 0.33

Mauvaise mesure .

17 septembre 2017 | Version 0.32

Qu'il fasse n'importe quel temps le baromètre affiche toujours la même chose. Application inutile!!!!!!

Ronald Martin
16 juillet 2017 | Version 0.32

Answer to WJORN who wrote that he can't change the units: Open Connect Go to Widgets Chose the program Open settings Chose change Units Scroll through the avala le units Highlight the unit you prefer Chose SAVE in the menu

7 mai 2017 | Version 0.27

Bei mir sind ständig 1018 mbar, obwohl sich das Wetter über mehrere Tage geändert hat. Besitze Vivoacive HR

7 avril 2017 | Version 0.27

Simple and accurate. Can't ask for much more!

8 mars 2017 | Version 0.27

Looked good at first but I can't change units. When I asked for help all I got was a message how to download app. App description says you can change units - mine won't.

24 février 2017 | Version 0.27

It works on vivoactive HR, in France

6 février 2017 | Version 0.27

Exceptional. I just downloaded today. I've compared the widget and actual forecast and it's only been off by no more than. .1 inHG, very impressive.

Peter Zvaigzne
6 février 2017 | Version 0.27

I've had this widget installed for about a week - the readings on my VAHR are very close to what is displayed on the wall barometer in the house. My only beef is that the scale is inverted... as the air pressure drops the pointer rises. Stormy (associated with low air pressure) is at the top and Dry (associated with high air pressure) is on the bottom. Not a deal breaker but not intuitive.

Merli Mirco
2 février 2017 | Version 0.27

Asssolutamente non preciso

Ragu Tirukonda
19 janvier 2017 | Version 0.27

how do I change the reading from mbar to mmHg? Where do I put in the altitude for base level pressure?

6 janvier 2017 | Version 0.27

It does not work on my VA HR. The barometer reading only ever moves between 1004 and 1010, i.e. stays between Change & Fair 24/7 despite periods of extreme dry and bad storms with 130mm rain. Uninstalling until this issue can be fixed. Maybe a bar graph with recorded readings over the last few hours might be more useful.

22 novembre 2016 | Version 0.27

In my VA HR it never Works fine. Today is a very rainy stormy day and for this app is a Very Dry day (1048 mbar.). Please, repair the malfunction.

18 novembre 2016 | Version 0.27


Liam Frauenfelder
20 septembre 2016 | Version 0.27

Very good thank you .

Paris Georgiades
1 août 2016 | Version 0.25

Nice like my old casio watch which had barometric sensor. However a grafical representation of the last 12 hours will be highly usefull.

Radek Vácha
28 juillet 2016 | Version 0.23

Thanks , exactly what I was looking for. What about storm alarm?

27 juillet 2016 | Version 0.1

I've always wanted a barometer on my VAHR and I was glad when I found this widget. However, before I can give 4 stars, the following bugs should be adressed: (5 stars when even my suggestions will be implemented): - battery life drastically decreased after installing this widget. This really is an issue -. The values are sometimes way off from the real actual air pressure - values remain the same, even on extreme wheater changes (like from blue sky to thunderstorm) Also for my suggestions: - alarm when air pressure changes drastically - graph for the last 4 hours of recorded air pressure - showing of actual altitude (with possibility to calibrate) I don't know if my suggestion can be implemented. if it's not possible at all, I'll give 5 stars as soon as the bugs are adressed.

27 juillet 2016 | Version 0.1

Cool app :)

26 juillet 2016 | Version 0.1

Bon concept et utile. Il reste un bug sur l'application. On ne peut pas changer sa place dans l'ordre des écrans de la montre. Alors l'OS plante

25 juillet 2016 | Version 0.1

Awesome and simple widget. Works nice on the vivoactive hr. Is there an option to include barometer alarm to warn for storms or such?