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Control ALL your Garage Doors, from your Wrist.......... </p><p>.</p><p>.</p><p>To Open/Close Garage Door, press and hold the "enter" button for 2 seconds then release</p><p>.</p><p>Garage Remote for Garmin gives you the current state of your garage door and lets you control your garage door from anywhere. </p><p>.</p><p>* Configure Garage Remote settings by navigating to Devices - Apps - Widgets - Garage Remote - Settings in Garmin Connect.</p>


* bug fixes

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  • fēnix® 5X fēnix® 5X, tactix® Charlie
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Pathik Shah
8 novembre 2023 | Version v3.4.61

Chamberlain has most likely killed off API access for MyQ devices making this app obe. Have contacted developer to see if this app has a future.

26 octobre 2023 | Version v3.4.61

Trotz Zahlung keine Verbindung absolut Müll

brandy rose
24 octobre 2023 | Version v3.4.61

Didn't work even once.

Raymond Marshall
22 octobre 2023 | Version v3.4.61

Does not work. I requested a refund. My Q works perfectly on my smart phone. But not on my Fenix 7x pro. Called up MyQ they said its the system on turner teknologies that's the issue. When i click on the app on watch all it does is say connecting.

Frank O'Connor
12 octobre 2023 | Version v3.4.61

Not really a review- app lets me add credentials but it’s just a blank screen on launch — edge 1040 solar with latest firmware

Tom Milligan
16 août 2023 | Version v3.4.56

This used to work great on my Edge 1030, but it will not install and stay installed on my Edge 1040 Solar. Even if I can get it installed, configured and working, as soon as I power-cycle my 1040, the app disappears. I've sent several notes to the developer about this, but no response.

Mr. K
3 août 2023 | Version v3.4.56

I paid for this. It worked most of the time until I had my watch factory reset due to issue. After the reset my app no longer showed that I had purchased it and turnertek has failed to respond to my attempts(several times through multiple outlets) to contact them.

Réponse du développeur
4 août 2023, Turner_TeKnologies

I dont recall seeing a email from you? you can reach me at [email protected]

Felipe Pedrosa
12 juillet 2023 | Version v3.4.56

Did not work on edge 830, could instal but confit scree would not load….

Phillip Newby
31 mai 2023 | Version v3.4.52

I really want to like and use this app, but it's just too many negatives that outweigh the positives. I keep hoping the latest "bug fix" builds will turn things around, but..... Getting it to connect is spotty at best. The developer just says to "check your registration code/login creds/etc" but I've done that so many many times and still it's spotty. Secondly I've noticed the GPS and any additional CIQ apps I use as data fields stop receiving data from their respective API calls the minute this app starts its request for auth. Cuts time and distance out of my rides and blows up a lot of my data screens. It's a great idea but just really really rough..... All for the price of $15 There's a few others on here that do the same thing better and free. Browse around

Ian 🌈 🇺🇦 🇺🇲
6 mars 2023 | Version v3.4.29

Great app! Great idea! Great utility. A little slow on startup

Imran Siddiqi
21 janvier 2023 | Version v3.4.29

I was looking for an app like this for my MyQ. But I hate that each time I run it, it goes into cycles: - finding wifi - syncing - then shows the status - user selects action - finding wifi - syncing - action starts - finding wifi - syncing - shows final status Is there a way to speed this up? With this, paying $15 seems a steep price. I could change this to 5 stars if above could be addressed.

26 mai 2022 | Version v2.5.78

Love this app. Developer was helpful to resolve an issue I had with license key and now it's working great. Very nice to go for a run and not have to bring my phone or keys for the garage.

5 mai 2022 | Version v2.5.55

They keep deleting reviews which is frustrating. I paid for this app and now when I get into on my watch it says "license expired". It worked for 2 months before doing this

Réponse du développeur
5 mai 2022, Turner_TeKnologies

Hi Kristina, If the app is giving you a "license expired" message, and you already paid for a registration key, then you entered the key incorrectly into the application settings. Generally, you will get better results if you contact support and ask for help instead of giving a bad review for a mistake thats entirely yours. Contact sup[email protected] for support

27 mars 2022 | Version v2.5.32

Paid for this and it worked great for a couple of months. Now when I go into it on my watch it says "no account found". I have checked my settings on this app and I am logged into my account.

Réponse du développeur
5 mai 2022, Turner_TeKnologies

Hi Kristina, the "no account found" message means you havent entered your MyQ credentials into the application settings so it cant connect to your account. Contact sup[email protected] for support

Dev Ramdin
23 mars 2022 | Version v2.5.32

I have never been able to successfully connect.

Réponse du développeur
5 mai 2022, Turner_TeKnologies

Contact sup[email protected] for support

22 mars 2022 | Version v2.5.32

Getting a LICENSE EXPIRED! message. Is there a fix for that?

Réponse du développeur
23 mars 2022, Turner_TeKnologies

Unless you purchased a license, the application is working as expected

6 mars 2022 | Version v2.5.32

Works great when it connects. Has not connect to be able to work in weeks.

Réponse du développeur
6 mars 2022, Turner_TeKnologies

This should be resolved, Please try again and let me know how it goes

Geir Vilhelmsen
15 février 2022 | Version v2.5.32

Does not work anymore. Connection error 9 of 10 times. IF it connects, it takes forever. Fenix 7X.

Réponse du développeur
6 mars 2022, Turner_TeKnologies

This should be resolved, Please try again and let me know how it goes

9 février 2022 | Version v2.5.32

Works as stated. I was really hoping that it would work with my 945 using WIFI, but you have to have your phone with you so it is not much of an advantage over using the phone app. I was hoping I could go for a run (not take phone) and come back and open the garage as my wifi extends well beyond the house. The only way I could do this if I put the phone on the otherside of the door so I can connect via Bluetooth. Pity

Melissa Heath
31 janvier 2022 | Version v2.5.32

I’m really disappointed! I was so excited about this, but it takes SOOOO long to connect, and then to actually open / close the door, I have to hold down the hard button for 2+ seconds, which opens my controls menu! SOOO NOT convenient! WHY NOT THE TOUCH SCREEN??? I actually downloaded this and another MyQ Garage Opener widget and the other one works PERFECTLY! It not only connects faster, but it also lets me tap the touch screen to open / close the garage, rather than holding down one of the hard buttons. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this and I will keep using the other one.

Chris Deas
9 janvier 2022 | Version v2.5.18

I've been using this app for years on Vivoactive and Venu watches. Always works great for me. Sometimes if my phone connection is sketchy it takes a bit to connect. Overall though solid helpful app. Kudos to developer to put it on Venu 2 Plus so quickly as well.

18 décembre 2021 | Version v2.5.11

Works great! It does take a bit to connect when I open ot (10 seconds or so) but other than that works like it should.

Dermot Jones
11 décembre 2021 | Version v2.5.11

Apps sucks! Not worth the money. It often times out and doesn’t work…

Ken Schaaf
10 décembre 2021 | Version v2.5.11

Works just as advertised, great app. Thank you.

Phillip Newby
21 octobre 2021 | Version v2.4.26

Works great when it actually works. It constantly has login problems, requiring me to attempt to login four or five times before it will connect. The developer is quick to respond, but since reviews of this app all consistently say the same thing, I have to wonder what is going on and why connection issues are such a big problem. If it worked and logged in every single time, this app would get a super five star from me.