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Interval Running HR


Language available: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Sweden, Norwegian, Slovak, Finish and Japanese.</p><p>Website: Http://</p><p>Interval Running App is the only one App allowing to manage your interval running session by vibration way. Without to have a look on the screen, the app launches a specific vibration indicating the speed period and another for the slow period (management by time or distance); the two period are cycled until stop/pause key pressed (number of cycle can be adjusted, set to 0 for infinite cycling). A warm-up and warm-down step can be also adjusted. In real time, it’s reported on the screen: the distance (km and mile), the average or current pace (min:sec by km or mile) and the time elapsed (h:min:sec). When the Heart Rate monitor is connected, the heart rate value is reported on the screen in real time. A HR threshold can be adjusted; a periodical vibration warning (and a signal on screen) is activated as long as the heart rate is higher than the threshold. The session (map, pace, segment…) can be stored with FIT format compatible for Garmin Connect IQ (need to create a Garmin Connect account). For watches without Menu button, the settings menu is accessed by swiping the screen up or down for watches touch screen, or by pressing the up or down button.</p>


What’s new in this version 2.75: December 2018</p><p>• Run step index and total number of cycle displayed during Interval Running by flashing mode</p><p>

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Cette application nécessite l'accès aux éléments suivants :

  • Envoie/reçoit des données via la connexion ANT en provenance/en direction de capteurs tiers
  • Fichiers FIT (enregistrements d'activité)
  • Enregistrer des informations supplémentaires dans les fichiers d'activité
  • Position GPS
  • Données de capteur (ANT+, fréquence cardiaque, compas)
  • vívoactive® HR vívoactive® HR
Moyenne des évaluations : (39 évaluations)

11 mai 2017 | Version V2.51

Parfait pour établir mes séances de fractionnées. Remplace à mon sens la seule fonction manquante à la vivoactive HR (téléchargement entraînements). Le don au développeur vaut le coup pour compléter la fonctionnalité de l'application. Seule petite déception, j'ai l'impression que si l'on dépasse le temps d'entraînement programmé au départ, cela fausse la moyenne de la séance.

Suzi Brent
6 mai 2017 | Version V2.51

Everything you need for intervals!

Jan van Drongelen
4 mai 2017 | Version V2.51

Very usefull addition to the standard installed apps. Makes it a complete runners watch

4 mai 2017 | Version V2.51

Exactement ce que je cherchais. Fonctionne bien sur ma vivoactive HR!

Cedric GAROU
3 avril 2017 | Version V2.4

Petit bug de rien du tout, le nom de l appli se met en anglais après un redémarrage de la montre. Sinon vivement la version 3 Merci pour le job

27 mars 2017 | Version V2.4

Exactement ce qui manquait à la VivoActive HR. Je suis très satisfait et elle vaut amplement le petit investissement. Un indispensable.

2 mars 2017 | Version V2.4

It states a free donation to get code so I donated what o can afford and he's refusing as that's unacceptable and doesn't value his work,avoid at all costs

Réponse du développeur
2 mars 2017, SylvainMasaki

Your donation was 0. Your comment is unfair.

Salerno Antonino
25 février 2017 | Version V2.4

Great job, thank you. Council two updates though. 1- There isn' t the possibility of having the "duration mode" and "distance mode" for the "fast mode" and "slow mode" independently. For example; the interval training with fast mode on 400m and 1.20sec in slow mode can not be performed with this application. 2- with the LAP button you could jump directly to the next cycle without waiting for what has been set. Sorry for my english..

Réponse du développeur
10 mars 2017, SylvainMasaki

Hello Antonino, For item 1) it's planned for version 3, For item 2) I imagined for the version 3 something like "tap on screen" to go to next step. Thanks for your feedback.

8 février 2017 | Version V2.4

Jyst what ive been looking for for HIIT. I've been running regularly now for 4 months. First 3 months my times for 5 and 10k got quicker but now have stalled over the last few weeks. I still want to go quicker and was recommended to start interval training to improve heart and lung function. So today used the app for the first time. I found it really useful to have my watch tell me when to speed up, slow down and speed up again. I was so keen to use the functions not available in the lite version that I made a donation to the creator. Within a couple of hours I was emailed the code and now have the full version. Will use it in the time intervals mode on my elliptical trainer too which is well suited to HIIT.

Jurriaan Callenbach
27 décembre 2016 | Version V2.3

The perfect app for interval running! It was a real struggle to train effective intervals with the Garmin VivoActive HR, now it's easy! Great app!

Bertrand Cintract
17 novembre 2016 | Version V2.202

L'application que je cherchais pour faire du fractionné. Merci.

10 novembre 2016 | Version V2.202

Fantastic app! Downloaded recently and when I had a quick problem, the developer was quick and courteous in his response.

7 novembre 2016 | Version V2.202

Buena aplicación!! Genial para hacer series.

28 octobre 2016 | Version V2.201

very good app for the vivoactive hr, interval running app is very important for my run!!

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