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Configurable data field. ( )</p><p>=================================</p><p>Do you like it? You can support my work with a small donation.</p><p>=================================


V 0.1.0 - initial release</p><p>V 0.3.0 - added HR zones</p><p>V 0.4.0 - added internal temperature and compass , small graphic improvements</p><p>V 0.5.0 - The analog pointer can now show Watts</p><p>V 0.6.0 - Added support for Edge 1000 series and Edge Explore</p><p>V 0.7.0 - few improvements</p><p>V 0.8.0 - added support for Edge 820 and Edge 520 Plus</p><p>V 0.9.0 - Changed method for Background process - it should fix problems with XERT app</p>

Informations supplémentaires


Cette application nécessite l'accès aux éléments suivants :

  • S'exécuter en arrière-plan en cas d'inactivité (réduction possible de la durée d'autonomie de la batterie)
  • Enregistrer des informations supplémentaires dans les fichiers d'activité
  • Position GPS
  • Données de capteur (ANT+, fréquence cardiaque, compas)
  • Votre profil sportif Garmin Connect™
  • Edge® 1000 Edge® 1000
  • Edge® 1030 Edge® 1030
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager
  • Edge® 520 Plus Edge® 520 Plus
  • Edge® 820 Edge® 820
  • Edge® Explore Edge® Explore
  • Edge® Explore 1000 Edge® Explore 1000
  • Edge® Explore 820 Edge® Explore 820
Moyenne des évaluations : (27 évaluations)

Charlie Kornberg
19. février 2019 | Version 0.9.2

Was worried when the Developer didn't return e-mails with V1 - now I understand as he was working on a better version ... great V2 and has fixed all the concerns raised with V1 updates. Well done on My Edge 2!

David Knight
17. février 2019 | Version 0.9.1


Klaasjan Mors
16. février 2019 | Version 0.9.1

Look good, how can i change the background color?

Réponse du développeur
17. février 2019, Stanislav.Bures

Background color is switched automatically with Sunrise/Sunset

15. février 2019 | Version 0.9.1

Great app but the average speed is too little.

Eike Haas
7. février 2019 | Version 0.9.1

I like this app! Can I change the temperature from F to Celsius at my Edge Explore? Didn´t find a way to change...

Réponse du développeur
17. février 2019, Stanislav.Bures

I really don't know how to do it on EDGE Explore because this series does not have temperature units in main menu. I will add user setting for temperature units for this series

5. février 2019 | Version 0.9.1

Great app, frankly nothing to say, better than the first version, only if we can add the option of DI2 battery charge level

Réponse du développeur
17. février 2019, Stanislav.Bures

I am not sure, sorry. I do not have Di2

30. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.1

La aplicación esta muy bien, pero incluiría ( potencia normalizada ) en los valores a poder elegir, ya que (power watts) es un valor que se repite con el marcador analogico.

Raimondo Di Bella
23. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

Very nice app. The only problem is that the Training Efectivity progress bar does not work on my Edge 820 and the little number over the bar on the right shows always 0.0. I asked to the developer and I am waiting his answer. Perhaps Training Effectivity is a data field not existing in the 820. Anyone else have the same problem? Overall I like very much the app and I sent a small donation.

Réponse du développeur
26. janvier 2019, Stanislav.Bures

It is reported to Garmin - it looks like a firmware problem

greg dantan
20. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

tres belle ecran sur mon edge 820 ,toutes les infos sur un seul ecran

Marc Jansen
20. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

same here, doesn't work on my edge 820 explore. my edge 2 works fine!

20. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

Downloaded, synchronised and still can't find it on my 1030...any help?

Jon Bekenstein
10. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

This version still causes the XERT workout player to freeze on my 1030 with the newest firmware 7.0, and also on my 1000. I am guessing it is a Garmin server issue. Hopefully it gets worked out. Otherwise, I enjoy this app more than My Edge, which is also an excellent app. Thanks for your ongoing efforts to sort this out! I just delete it before I do workouts indoors and re install for outdoor rides.

Julien LE MEUR
7. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

Super application, thank you. Can you tell me how to change the temperature to Celsius? Can not be configured on a Garmin Edge Explore.

Sébastien Lalance
6. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

Perfect, it provides all I need on one screen. Beautiful. Very good job, congratulations.

6. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

very good

Jc velo
6. janvier 2019 | Version 0.9.0

Do not work with my edge 820 explore - probably do to minor bug. The previous version 'my edge' works perfectly. I m waiting debug of this new version to try it but seems really great

Réponse du développeur
6. janvier 2019, Stanislav.Bures

Thank you for report - I tested only edge 820 (not explore). I will look at it

F. Javier Aparicio Delgado
30. décembre 2018 | Version 0.8.1

Muy buena aplicación. Me gustaría que pudiesen configurarse más campos de la pantalla, como por ejemplo la zona de la señal del GPS, la barra de Train effect por HR zones...

Jon Bekenstein
27. décembre 2018 | Version 0.8.1

Great CIQ app, but it interferes with XERT Workout Player. Somehow, if My Edge 2 is installed on my Edge 1000 or my Edge 1030 the Xert workout player freezes and cannot connect to the CIQ server. Once this app is removed from either of those devices, the XERT Workout Player works great! Hope you and Baron Biosystems can fix this. This app is otherwise fantastic.

27. décembre 2018 | Version 0.8.0

Bonjour. C'est quoi la barre de couleur en dessous de T.E ?

Réponse du développeur
27. décembre 2018, Stanislav.Bures

It shows your training effectivity progress (from 0 to 5)

andrea innocenti
24. décembre 2018 | Version 0.7.1

Non funziona su edge explore

Réponse du développeur
27. décembre 2018, Stanislav.Bures

It works perfectly - tested with FW 4.00

Pascal Broquet
17. décembre 2018 | Version 0.6.1


Danilo Mattioli
13. décembre 2018 | Version 0.6.1

Excellent application, really beautiful. I already use the previous version. The Analogue pointer show watt function I find useful but with this choice there is not, in any way, the information of the speed, I do not find any data field with the speed. It would be useful to have the possibility to modify more data fields as in the previous version (9 instead of 6), to have slightly more bright colors and I think there would still be space to insert still another 2 data fields. Anyway, congratulations and as previously will offer donation. thanks bye

Réponse du développeur
13. décembre 2018, Stanislav.Bures

Thank you. It is still under development. I will add more settings. I do not have a time before Christmas..

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