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Watch face that slides the time in.</p><p>Current time is shown by the red bar through the center.</p><p></p><p>Battery Bar:</p><p>- Start of Yellow is 30%</p><p>- Start of Red 10%</p><p></p><p>*v2.5.3</p><p> - Every Item can be a Different Color</p><p> - Many apologizes for making many of you mad with the secret mode, it has been removed</p><p></p><p>*v2.2.1</p><p> - Bottom Slider can now be either Steps/Calories/Off(Not Displayed)</p>

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Moyenne des évaluations : (94 évaluations)

25 juillet 2017

the best and classy face of the garmin's app ! great job !!!

11 juillet 2017

I absolutely love this watch face. One of the best I've ever seen, on any smart watch even. Classy and cool, all in one. Ok So I just upgraded to Fenix 5x, but it's not supported. Can you please port it over to Fenix 5 too??? :)

Miguel Angel
25 avril 2017

Great watchface. Love the look.

Michu Ł
14 avril 2017

Very good and clearly!

Bernd Hahn
13 avril 2017

Awesome watch face, but please, please add fenix 5 support!

8 mars 2017

I simply love it!

2 mars 2017

Great watch face. Although it has confused me a few times (eg between 7-8pm I see 19:20 when it could be anywhere in between lol) however this is my favourite. Only thing I'd like is a battery % slider bar added. Nice work

James Pickles
29 janvier 2017

Excellent watch face. I would only ask that the minute slider be more accurate, in 5min intervals not 15min. Also same with the battery indicater, the yellow represents 20% of battery and is smaller than the red that only represents 10%. But great design all the same. :)

Eric Duprat
19 janvier 2017

Great and original face

16 janvier 2017

Good copy of the - Meter Watch Face for Wear - found on Google Play store. They had the battery indicator though.

6 janvier 2017

My favourite watch face on the Store. Please design more unique and simple faces with style! Highly recommend this face.

4 janvier 2017

Gran idea. Muy fácil de leer en cualquier condición cuando te acostumbras.

10 décembre 2016

Great ! 5/5.

Alexandre Dion
26 novembre 2016

What about the move bar update?

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