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Badminton Score Tracker


Track your score when playing badminton.</p><p>Please use with the latest version of the firmware of your watch.</p><p></p><p>### Features:</p><p>- Choose type of match (double or single).</p><p>- Choose number of sets.</p><p>- Choose which player has service (you, opponent, or random).</p><p>- Show the service corner.</p><p>- In double, show your position.</p><p>- Display match duration.</p><p>- Declares the winner of the match.</p>


New version 2.1.0! This version allows to configure the number of sets for a match.</p><p></p><p>Please contact me if you have any issue or comment with this version.

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Moyenne des évaluations : (58 évaluations)

Benoit Dormont
3 août 2017 | Version 2.0.0-upd

Can we have more statistics As for exemple the longest point in min

Ove Friman
20 septembre 2015 | Version 1.1.3

Still not working on Version 4.70

6 mars 2016 | Version 1.3.2

App stops at; "who starts?" Cannot pick "you" , "opponent" or "random" :(

Jan Johannes Kyhnæb
5 octobre 2015 | Version 1.1.3

Cannot get it to work. I only get a white screen with "ConnectIQ" and an exclamation mark on a yellow circle. No buttons can change that other than the "Back" button.

Jakub Richter
11 octobre 2015 | Version 1.1.3

Does not work on my Garmin Fenix 3. I see only logo IQ.

Ove Friman
11 septembre 2015 | Version 1.1.2

Not working on Fenix 3 V4.6

Uwe Speidel
24 octobre 2015 | Version 1.1.3

Same on my fenix3, does not start. I only can see the IQ Logo. Please update. Thank you very much.

17 avril 2016 | Version 1.3.4

It doesn't work. App stops at; "who starts?" Cannot pick "you" , "opponent" or "random" :( On version 1.3.4 Fix bug with Vivoactive on "who starts" screen.

9 septembre 2015 | Version 1.1.2


13 novembre 2015 | Version 1.1.3

dear friend,i come from china and very like thx for your research and development! but the software can't be open,fix it as soon as possible pls. thx a lot again!

26 janvier 2016 | Version 1.2.0

IQ logo still ! Where can be a problem? Some times ago it was working great but I didn't see it working for a months....

František Vostál
14 décembre 2015 | Version 1.1.3-upd

Only IQ logo

Jiří Honzátko
19 août 2015 | Version 1.1.2

Looks great, but it doesn't work on Fenix 3 with FW4.40 :(

3 mai 2016 | Version 1.4.1

It is still very disappointing the app doesnt work on vivoactive, it stops on the IQ logo. I bought this app particularly for this reason, it is frustrating.

16 juin 2015 | Version 1.1.1

Impossible to reset scores after a set on fenix 3.

14 mars 2016 | Version 1.3.2

Doesn't work with Garmin Connect.......stops at Who starts ?

Jozef Harvančík
4 juillet 2015 | Version 1.1.1

After last fw update (fw3.6, CIQ 1.1.3) app is not working properly. After start default score is set to 2. Score increments is also by 2. Please correct this, it is very good app. Or it was very good app.

23 avril 2016 | Version 1.4.0

Got this app on the 20th april 2016 its still not working can somebody else write an app that works with my vivoactive could be really good.

10 octobre 2015 | Version 1.1.3

the application does not work automatically ? while manual ? the blow a bit pointless ...

Rudolf Rauch
1 février 2016 | Version 1.2.0

Still only shows iq logo

20 septembre 2015 | Version 1.1.3


11 juin 2015 | Version 1.1.1

Nápad dobrý, ale po prvom ukoncenom sete sa neda spustit ďalší. Po následnom skúšaní zapnutia nového setu resetlo hodiny (frnix 3)

24 avril 2019 | Version 2.0.1-upd6

It's a good app but a match can have many sets and with this we can only save 1 set. So If I play one hour and there is 3 sets I would like to have only one match saved to my Garmin Connect with three sets.

Bjarne Jensen
9 avril 2016 | Version 1.3.4

App stops at; "who starts?" Cannot pick "you" , "opponent" or "random" :( On version 1.3.4 Fix bug with Vivoactive on "who starts" screen.

11 septembre 2015 | Version 1.1.2

Good app, however some features request : - option for single and double - option to choose traditional or new rally scoring system

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